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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Kik spy?


Yes, there is an application that you can download to a device so that you will be able to spy on their applications but the application will need to be downloaded to the device directly in order for you to be able to begin the tracking process.

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Simply follow the link below in order to download the application/software to the device in order to begin spying on the devices applications:

1. Visit this link on the device's browser http://www.gizmoquip.com/smslog/

2. click on the download link in order to begin downloading the software

3. Once the download is complete you will then create an account with the website

4. After creating the account you can begin monitoring from either your computer or device through the website.

Here is the video on the applications capabilities and downloading procedure:


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I need Kik spy tool?

I need Kik spy tool. How to download please explain


Unfortunately, Kik Spy is not released yet, but the developer has said it will be out soon. This program is a free spy tool and has many great features including:

  1. 1
    Monitoring Contacts
    With this feature you can monitor his or her contact list and you can make sure they're not hiding something.
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  2. 2
    Monitoring Chats
    Another useful feature is that you can read incoming and outgoing messages sent from his or her phone.
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  3. 3
    Monitoring Photos
    You can view the photos that he or she is sending or receiving.
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  4. 4
    The developer promises more great and useful features.
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If you'd like to use this tool, you can enter your email address in the Kik Spy website and they will send you an email as soon as the program is released.

What is the best text spy software?

I downloaded my mobile watchdog on my son's phone to see what was up with him and his friends. I soon learned that then can text on other apps so that I can't see what they are saying, apps like Kik. He is 13 and making some bad decisions so I temporary want to monitor what is going on with these "new friends" any Android app I can download that will let me monitor ALL texts regardless of the app used to send and receive?

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FlexiSpy, Spyera and mSpy are all good reliable apps that can monitor Kik. It is good that as a parent you are proactive in monitoring your son's cell activity. Use one of the apps mentioned and he will not know it is installed. Kids often outpace us in our technical skill and it seems like there is always a new SMS app once the others get covered by a spy app. Make sure the app you choose has a keystroke feature because this will give you a complete picture. With some of the apps like FlexiSpy you can record phone calls with certain numbers to review later. You can also take remote pictures and listen to ambient sounds if he is at a friend's or hanging somewhere else.

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My Kik Account's Missing Password?

I logged out of Kik and don't have the password to the account or the email account and I want to talk to someone who I knew on it, I don't remember their username either.

If you ever logged in on the computer or in Chrome there is a chance you saved the password and email which could be found in your Google account settings. If you do not remember the email or password then you will not be able to log in on Kik because all websites that require passwords have this is a security feature. Otherwise, any novice hacker would be able to access your account.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I need to spy on people Kik conversations?

Any help? I would like to see what people message each other and creep them out

It would be illegal to spy on Kik and use it this way. Especially to spy on people that you do not know or friends on Kik that you want to scare. That is stalking and harassment which are crimes punishable with jail time. Pranks are one thing if you do them in person but getting someone's intimate messages sent to another person and using it maliciously is a crime and not a prank.

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I need a download to a Kik spy software can you help?

I won't go into too much details but there's some relationship issues at the moment and I'm looking for a direct link to a Kik spy software and I can't find one anywhere

TruthSpy has a 48 hour and can spy on Kik messages. mSpy, FlexiSpy and Spyera also monitor Kik messages. These are all complete spy apps and monitor far more than Kik. None of these spy apps are free and they also need to be physically installed on the target device.

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I need to spy on someones Kik, I don't need to control it I just need to see what's being said and shared?

So, there is this girl I like. my intentions are clean, but I don't know about her ever since I told her that I like you she's being acting weird.

and now I don't know if she likes me or not there are those mixed feelings that she expresses but I can't get a good grasp of her true feelings. I know that she likes another guy, now I just need to know if she still loves him or was she honest when she said that there is nothing for me to be worried about. Can you please help me to spy on her conversations with this guy?

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Please be very careful when installing any spy applications on anyone's phone, as it requires not only an explicit permission of the person but also the knowledge of any other extra laws in your area regarding privacy and private life. If you violate some of them, you might be convicted of felony.

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This only works for the Android phones specified in the link. When you obtain the permission to install the software on her phone, install any spyware like MSpyPlus.

  1. 1
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  2. 2
    Click a payment option from the Gold package (the third column).
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  3. 3
    Click any card icon
    You will be redirected to PayPal. After you process the payment, you will be able to install the spy program on the phone.
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  4. 4
    As you will be given full permission to do so, ask the person to unlock her Android phone.
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  5. 5
    Then, follow the procedures shown on the official MSpyPlus web site
    http://mspyplus.com/install-mspyplus-android-spy-app. This will install the application and activate it on the phone.
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  6. 6
    You will be able to monitor the Kik activity in the control panel.
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Is there a Kik tracker, so I can know where the person is?

I need to know where my boyfriend is, I am worried?

With the latest Kik update, you can request to see someone's location using the Glympse app feature that partnered with Kik. The person would need to send the location though. If you know their login for Google and they have an Android then you can install remotely a program like Find My Friend which will give the location.

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If you have not seen your boyfriend for more than 48 hours and even his friends and family do not know his location then you can contact the police if this is unusual behavior for him.

What am I supposed to do? how do I use this software?

I want to spy on Kik. Thank you very much

You need to go to the websites of spy apps mentioned on this page and purchase them. Instruction links are provided on the websites.

I need a monitoring program for Kik?

I need to log sent and received messages on Kik that can be downloaded into a word or .txt file.

Some of the spy apps allow you to download the data from the Control Panel in a .txt file. Another option is to copy and paste the content into a .txt file on your computer. These spy apps give you far more than just Kik messages. GPS, Call logs, SMS, Emails and Social Media are also monitored.

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How do I find out the person behind a Kik name (Location, Name, Email.. etc)?

A person has been texting my friends and also texting me telling me bad things. The name is a boy I use to be friends with but I know for sure it isn't him because he kinda gave himself away. I know it's probably someone I know but I just want to make sure, because it could have people out to get me, with the lies being spread.

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Contact Kik and report the abuser. If the messages are threatening or this person is bullying you, the other option is to also contact the police with your friends. The police and Kik can both stop this person from doing the things they are doing. You should also contact the original friend and let them know someone is using their details on Kik to pose as them. If your friend's account was hacked the abuser could be using his account without your friend even knowing.

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How to find someones name or other social media accounts from their Kik name?

Hello, I need help to find a Kik user's either real name and/or their other social media account names or cell number. do you have any idea how to do a 'reverse Kik username search"?

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Do you know who is behind each name. Can I check how long an ID has been set up and also What I can do if I have been hacked or someone is pretending to be me?

My partner has received a message on the Kik app. It says it is from (their name). However I am (that name from same town) and I don't have a Kik account. Could someone be hacking my details to make a fake account? This is very worrying. As I don't want to think of my details being used by someone else. Is this something that you have heard of before. I am not a user and couldn't find a q&a section. I am worried that someone is pretending to be me, by sending people that I know messages. I have tried: Nothing as I only just found out. Googled What the app was. Have never heard of an app before. I think it was caused by: I don't know. The only electronic device I use is my iPhone. Have I downloaded an app and someone had seen my details and started using them for God knows what!

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