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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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It is my husband, is there any app I can use to spy without having to download to his phone?

I want to spy but don't get access to the phone long enough to download an application, is there any other way?


There won't be a way for you to spy on his device without downloading an app to the device. The act of spying on his phone is likely illegal as it is, and it would be even worse if it were possible for anyone to go and spy on another cellphone without even having to install software.

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You'll be best served with having a conversation with your husband about why you're having difficulty trusting him.

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How bi can track my boyfriend phone?

Please help if you can't ......


There are several apps you can use to track your boyfriend's phone mentioned on this VisiHow page. If you do not trust him you can try to get him to first download an app like Find My Friends which seems like a harmless fun app yet you will be able to monitor his location from the app. If you need to go deeper there are apps that will monitor his call logs and social media messages.

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Is it possible to get the conversation or text messages on a cellphone?

I am afraid whether someone will get to know to whom I speak for hours. If it is possible please tell, so that I can take some precautions.


It is possible to listen to calls and read text messages using a spy app. To take precautions you need to have anti spyware on your device. The VisiHow article titled Know if Someone Is Spying on My Phone will give you solutions to use for your worries. Locking our devices is not enough to keep spy apps off our phone so make sure that you have peace of mind using an app to detect.

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How can I track call log of an airtel number?

I want to know last 2 days call history of a number

You would have to access {https://www.airtel.in/myaccount Airtel's online billing] portal to see the call history and they charge a fee for previous call checks. The laws have become quite strict on checking prepaid devices like those on Airtel and unless you have access to the phone and the passwords to the online billing, it will be difficult. You can try converting the prepaid to a postpaid number but it is very difficult to just see two days of call history.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Want to check to whom my girlfriend is talking?

Want to check to whom my girlfriend is talking?

You can download a spy app. Some have free trials to use for a short time. You need to do a checklist first of why you think your girlfriend is up to something as a spy app may be illegal in your area and if she finds the app, there will be consequences to the relationship especially if she has done nothing wrong.

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Can I track my boyfriend incoming & outgoing calls?

Can I track my boyfriend incoming & outgoing calls?

Truthspy and other apps like it monitor the incoming and outgoing calls.

Number detail and SMS history of my friend?

I want to check my friend number and SMS history

A spy app is invasive enough to monitor a significant other. You would need to use an app that sends an attachment which your friend will have to download. If you are true friends why can't you just ask them who they have been talking to? If there is distrust then the friendship is finished and there is no point doing something possibly illegal to catch them in a lie.

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How to find my girlfriend text/call list?

Want to know her call list and messages

Most spy apps only monitor current data once they have been installed on a device. You can monitor his phone using those types of spy apps.

Is it really possible, without touching her phone that I read everything?

I think my girlfriend is cheating on me. She doesn't show her cellphone to me. I want to read her text messages.

Yes apps like mSpy can be downloaded remotely. Just because she is not showing you here phone does not mean she is cheating. Many people feel that what is on their phone is private and she also may be protecting the confidence of her friends that message her.

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How can I view the calls made & received and texts made & received of a certain cellphone number?

Can I track calls & texts made & received by a certain cellphone number?

Any one of the spy apps mentioned in the VisiHow article on this page will monitor calls and text messages. Most have an ongoing or one time fee and some have a week trial that you can use to see a short history sample of the calls and texts.

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Can I see my boyfriend's call, text, history without touching his phone or him knowing?

I think my boyfriend is cheating on me and I need proof immediately

You can download a remote spy app like mSpy although you will only see the current history once you download the app on his phone. You feel that you need proof immediately so the signs of other cheating that are causing your urgency are probably proof enough that it is time to end the relationship. Seeing who he is calling or messaging will only cause further pain for you and if you are wrong about his cheating a spy app invasion can destroy your relationship when you could have just sat him down and expressed your doubts to him.

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Can I track my wife's Samsung phone location when is overseas without her knowledge, and without any apps but her mobile number?

I believe she is cheating on me and going places with her scandal. I want to track her location, calls and texts. I have tried: None. I think it was caused by: Beauty and money

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