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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is there no way I can send my girl a spy app without her knowing?


No, the spy applications that are being used at this time need to be downloaded directly to the device. Now when it comes to sending the application to her device, understand that she will see the name of the software or application when it is first downloaded to the device.

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The application does not become hidden until after it has been downloaded to the device successfully. So, in your situation you would not be able to perform the action you are asking about without having the device to download the application.

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Is there a free app to spy on my girlfriend's phone?

I'm searching for an effective app that grants me the ability to tap into my girlfriend secret life


You can tap into her secret life if you have the right tools. Having those tools starts with an app like the My Spy cell phone spy app. You just need about ten minutes to install it on her phone, and you can then download and track SMS messages, or other secret items you'd like to keep track of. They also offer a free seven day trial, so you can test it out before you actually spend any real money on the app.

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Is there any free way to spy at least for one day?

Is there any free way to spy at least for one day


There are several apps that offer free trials. You will be required to complete surveys usually to get the free trial.

Please tell me how can I read my girlfriend WhatsApp *.db.crypt7 file on my computer?

I have some backup file of my girlfriend WhatsApp account in *.db.crypt7 format. How can I convert this file into text format.

First you need to convert the CRYPT7 to CRYPT and can do that using Whatcrypt tools. Whatcrypt can also convert the CRYPT once you use the tool to convert it from CRYPT7.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I need an app that will work to be able to see what my boyfriend is texting other girls. which is the best to use?

He's been really secretive and shady lately and I really want to get to the bottom of it. is there any app I can get that won't have to be installed on his phone? I wouldn't want him to see it and then delete it. He is a nerd when it comes to his phone and knows every single inch of it, what can I use that will be hard to detect?

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Any spy app can be found by someone that checks their phone all the time. You have to install software to be able to view text messages. You can download a spy app and play clueless if he find it though that is still risky.

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My girlfriend has a Samsung Galaxy S4?

My girlfriend has a Samsung Galaxy S4 and she has changed her 4 digit pin to open the phone. Along with this she has changed her Facebook and email passwords too. She is acting very suspiciously. I really would love to see her WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook messages. Is there any possible way of doing this without using her phone because it is always on her side lately. Thanks

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You can purchase Auto Forward, mSpy or Flexispy Extreme which all can bypass the pin but they start at around $70 a month to use. Did you ask her if she had a security breach and that is why she changed her password? I change all mine each month after I was hacked into once just so that I can have better peace of mind. She may just be changing hers to switch up any access points for hackers.

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I'm afraid my boyfriend is cheating how do I find out if he is?

I've caught my boyfriend twice, now with pictures of another woman and the last time they were nudes and he has a story for each one and I just don't trust him anymore and I want to read all of his info so I know the real story and he doesn't just delete it and hide it from me

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You can put a spy app on his phone, however, he sounds like a shady person to begin with. Sounds like you would have to monitor him for a long time before you began to trust him. Not many guys in committed relationships carry nude pics of another woman on their cellphone. In fact, I can't think of any men that are not cheating is some way that have naked pics of other women on their phones.

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How can I know the calls my girlfriend make each day because I suspect she's cheating on me. can I know her calls without touching her phone?

My girl seems to be hiding things from me. she answers her call outside when I'm around

The next time she goes outside, sneak up behind her and listen. If you still suspect something is unusually happening with her you can download a spy app like Auto Forward which works without touching the phone.

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I would like to see if my girlfriend is pregnant with someones child and whether or not he is a Muslim?

My girlfriend have been together since 99 and she has been acting very strange and I have tracked her actions on my laptop, why she used mine is beyond me but I have been finding things referring to pregnancy and Islamic culture

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Ok, these are two completely random searches to put together as cheating. She may just be wondering about her monthly cycle and if she is searching for pregnancy perhaps she knows someone who is pregnant. As for the Islamic searches, with all of the new reports about ISIS perhaps she was just curious about what a Muslim is. Although Muslims denounce the ISIS movement, we are talking about Muslims more than we ever have before in the past. Perhaps she was just curious. If she was trying to hide something, she would not have used your laptop.

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Hi, how are you? I want to know how to spy on my boyfriend?

How are you? I think my boyfriend is cheating on me. What do I do?

If you think he is cheating, to make sure check these VisiHow articles:

Is this a free app? how can I know if my boyfriend is calling another woman?

I want to know if my boyfriend is calling another number or sending messages to another woman in any Android application

Some spy apps offer a few trial if you complete surveys. You can read about them in this VisiHow article on this page.

How can I spy on my boyfriend, using a third party device?Lately he has been acting very shady and I am concerned he is sleeping around. I don't want to catch a STD?

How can I spy on him using a separate device not his iPhone ?

If he has a tablet or computer you can put keylogging software on there that will give you his passwords and sites he frequents. If you ever have a doubt about STD's you should get checked out and many locations offer free STD checks.

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I believe my wife is cheating on me and I would like to be sure?

Long story, short she hasn't slept with me in 8 months and said she is done with me.

She is emotionally done with you and once we as women give up emotionally in a relationship, we lose sexual desire for that person. At this point, you need to ask her if she is willing to go to marriage counseling to determine what the issue may be for her to give up on your marriage.

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How to find out who is calling and texting my girlfriend?

Not responding, acting distant, making excuses not to be alone with me, suddenly changed from loving to distant

Download a spy app onto her phone although she most likely is not cheating. Sounds like instead she may be stressed out by something happening in her life or your relationship. Check out this VisiHow article titled 117 Sure Signs That Your Wife Is Cheating on You and if she has several signs on there, speak to her.

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How can I see my girlfriend SMS without her permission?

Actually, I have a bit of doubt about my girlfriend, so I want to check her inbox

You would have to download a spy app and that will be expensive just to quell a bit of doubt. Try having a conversation with her instead and let her know you feel a bit insecure about your relationship. This is a much better way to find out what is going on if you have just a slight doubt about her. Downloading a spy app and she finding it would be disastrous if you have no good excuse for violating her privacy.

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Want to spy on him because I know he's cheating, he lies to me all the time. Do you use me for my money and I know it?

I'm tired of his lies, his voice on the phone 24/7 just take it in the bathroom with him too'

Since he has the phone every waking minute, you can try to download a spy app while he is sleeping or remotely download one like Auto Forward.

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