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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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Is there common code for testing original phones?

I need to know a common engineering code for knowing whether the phones are original or fake?


There is no unified code to test if a smartphone is legit: this is why we have a comprehensive article that helps to identify the signs of your smartphone being original or fake step by step. Please note that if your device is nonresponsive to a certain code, then it does not immediately mean that it is fake. Other factors from the article should be included in testing the device.

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What code to use to prove an original Tecno or itel phones?

What code could be best to prove


There are not codes for the Tecno or itel that are not universal on other phones. Your only way of really knowing will be to buy from a reputable dealer and inspect the phone thoroughly in person. You can go into the phone settings and compare the About Phone specs with a print out online of the actual model phone specs.

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Checking the originality of smart phones?

Good morning, how can I check my phone is genuine or fake?


The fastest tell of real or fake is the screen and camera quality. If you can look at several models of the same device and actually feel them then when you are looking for your new phone, it will be easy to spot a fake based on feel of the casing and buttons.

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How to check original or not when I bring the phone?

I'm going to buy a Samsung Galaxy J2

The article on this VisiHow page can help you determine of your Samsung Galaxy J2 is real or not. It most cases, it will be real because the J2 is not an expensive Galaxy phone. Most clone manufacturers go after the newest higher end phones to replicate such as the Galaxy Note 7. It is also rare that a clone will be purchased during the launch phase of the phone as clones need to get a real phone and then spoof it which takes some time. Buy new and not used. If you do buy used then ask them where they purchased the device. Major cell phone carriers do not have clones unless it is clearly stated that the device is a clone.

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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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