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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is there any spy software to see my ex girlfriend's SMS?

I want to read my Ex girlfriend's SMS. but I cannot access her phone


You won't be able to spy without an app installed to the device. It is probably illegal in your location to spy without her permission and you are coming into dangerous stalker territory. Take this opportunity to walk away. Breaking up is never easy, but you'll be making it harder on yourself if you don't let go of the past. Here are some VisiHow articles that can help you move on past that relationship:

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I want to know what kind of conversations are taking place between two people?

Can't access either one of their phones but I want to receive their texts to my phone or computer.


You would have to remote target one of the phones. You can do this with an app like Auto Forward, however, it is illegal in many locations to monitor cell phones without the user's consent. If one of the people in question is your child under the age of 18 you do not need permission. You seem to not trust what these two people are saying so the better avenue would be to try to persuade one of them to tell you the truth before you go about targeting their cell phone.

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How can I spy if he has a password protecting his phone?

There is a password on his phone and I do not have it.


Many of the reputable spy apps now bypass passwords by remotely targeting the cell phone. Some of the apps have a feature that you have to call the person and remain on the phone for 30 seconds. With that feature, even voicemail will target the phone. Read the fine print of these apps to make sure that you do not have to root the phone for more access like monitoring social media.

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Mom bought me a new iPhone 6 plus and is paying for monthly charges on her Verizon plan. My question is this, can she track me and find out where I am or where I have been going?

Mom bought me a new iPhone 6 plus and is paying for monthly charges on her Verizon plan. My question is this, can she track me and find out where I am or where I have been going ?

Yes, she can track your locations. Verizon offers a feature called Family Locator which allows a parent to monitor the locations of their children within their cell phone plan. She also could have installed a tracking app on your phone before she gave the phone to you. If she is paying for your plan or you live under her roof, suck it up and accept that she has the right to monitor you. Even though it may seem like an invasion of privacy, she actually is being a great parent and if there ever is a situation that you are in danger, she would be able to alert the authorities of your location and those precious minutes where the police did not have to find your location could be the difference between life and death. Parents are supposed to be the ones that care about us more than anyone else. Be thankful that you have a mother that is concerned about what you are up to instead of a mother that could care less about you. When you have your own children some day you will understand what she was trying to do.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Does Cydia stop monitoring on my iPhone 6 if installed?

Stop sprint family located when I'm not the primary account holder

You would have to use a lock app like iLockApp to stop Cydia from allowing spy app installs. Sprint locator may still be able to overrule that though as one of their selling points for family plans is that they can monitor the family phones with no spyware installed.

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Is there a family plan sharing on iPhone spy app?

I need an app that I can install on one of my iPhones that can not be detected and I can check on texts and or locations of the device

I don't want to pay any subscription fee since the iPhone is in my family plan I have the apple ID passcode is there an app to fit the bill

There are two excellent spy applications for iPhone devices with a one-time payment for tracking location and monitoring text messages: there is no need to pay for a subscription with those. Please navigate to http://www.highstermobile.co/how-it-works/ and http://surepointspy.com/how-it-works/ to see if you like either application. If you do like one of these, then click "Buy Now" to proceed to the checkout. Then, you can install and use the application on your iPhone. Both applications are in constant development to stay as hidden as possible on various devices.

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I want to spy on my girlfriend for free but I just can't find a way to do it?

I think she is cheating but I really love her so I just want some closure that she is really not cheating.

You can install spyware on her phone but first you should have another conversation with her about your doubts and give her a chance to prove herself to you. If you really love her, installing a spy app onto her phone could ruin and end your relationship if she finds the app and has done nothing wrong. Make sure that there are several reasons why you suspect cheating and here are some VisiHow articles that can give you things to look out for if you think she may be cheating:

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