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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is there an app that will let me know when my boyfriend gets a text or a call?

I think my boyfriend is cheating, but I need to see his calls and texts so that I can be sure. Is there any app that will let me do this without him seeing it?


Yes, there are many applications you can download to his phone that will allow you to track all of his calls, and read every text message or SMS message he receives or sends. You can get a free 7-day trial to use the app, which in most cases will be enough time for you to see whether there is anything to worry about or not. One of the applications we have reviewed is known as My Spy (mSpy). To learn more about mSpy click here.

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You can also use other spy applications to track your boyfriend, such as BosSpy, Mobile Spy, and Stealth Genie.

I want to disguise my number and send a text to my boyfriend. Is there an app that will let me do that?

I think my boyfriend is cheating, but I want to be sure. Is there any way to hide my cell phone number and send him an SMS message?


Yes, there is an application you can use called "TextPlus" which can be downloaded from the app store. The application will give you another number, so that your text messages will show as unknown.

Is there a stealthy way to get boyfriends texts?


Yes, the best way to do this will be for you to download a text message monitoring application to his device in order to successfully monitor his messages on his phone. One application that is available for download will be SMS Tracker from the Google Play store.

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What is the app called when your boyfriend is cheating on you so the app makes it so you can see the text message they sent to the girl?

There are a number of applications that you can download in order to view all of their text messages that they send out and also receive. Below are the steps to downloading the application called SMS Tracker so that you will be able to track properly.

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1. go to Google Play store on the device

2. download SMS Tracker which is searchable in the Play Store application

3. download the application

4. enter your email address and password in the register section

5. from here you can monitor the tracking from your device through the SMS tracker website

These steps will help in order to ensure that you perform the download process correctly to begin tracking messages.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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App that secretly sends your boyfriends text messages to your email?

There are no free apps to do this. Most of the ones that promise to be able to do this are to be paid on a monthly basis, and there's actually no guarantee that it will be able to do it as you wish. Also, keep in mind that almost all of the smartphones available today, as well as the corresponding service providers, do not tolerate violation of privacy. Therefore, what you'd like to do may be technically possible but it remains to be not accepted well.

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I am trying to see his social media messages and his snapchats as well as anything else such as secret apps or accounts he may be using?

We had a problem in the past with him sending pictures of his "you know what" to other girls... and he is constantly adding women on social media. he never lets me near his phone and I'm not aloud to be on it. what is he hiding? I didn't completely read the article. I am at the point of either trying to make this work with him or cutting things off. if he is cheating I need to know

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