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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is there an app or way to send a text to someone and then see their GPS location without installing any app on their phone?

My friend said he knew a general location of where I was with an app. He's never touched my phone, so I'm confused.


No, there is no app that will track your GPS location without being installed on your phone first. He is just kidding around with you since spy applications require an installation before they start tracking locations, texts, and calls.

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If you have a third party app that notifies locations he may be able to tell your location that way. Some apps post your location when you post from a specific address like at a restaurant and post on Facebook while your location is on. It will tag the restaurant in your post. You should have noticed that, though. If you use Kik, he can now request to see your location but once again you would have to give permission. Apps like Find My Phone and Find My Friend can also show location if you have either one of those installed. In the future, always make sure your location is turned off on your phone unless you are using Maps for directions or trying to locate a restaurant using GPS in some apps. Even my weather app asks for me to turn on location each time I check the weather radar so keep that in mind.

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About sending spy app and making the target install it without even their knowing?

Sir, is there a way to hide the spy software to be installed in target's phone and make that person install it without even her knowing? if so tell me who to do it


Installing FlexiSpy remotely is easy to do by using an APK toolkit to change the name of the app and then email it to the target phone. Use an image that makes the person want to download the app and then send a message such as my friend just made this app and needs you to test it. Because it is not a real app you will want to say it is something like an app that tracks how many stores you go past for 14 days so that they can use the data for surveys or use in creation for selective advertising. They will need to root the phone so put those instructions in the email. Once they download the app you will be able to use the Control Panel.

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Yes I need to be able to follow his location?

We both have Viber and I don't think he realizes it shows the location of his where about but sometimes it doesn't show his real exact location. We just got married this year in Feb. he is Egyptian and I am American and just want to know a way to track his where about without him knowing. I don't have money to pay for an app, my plate is full, cause I'm the one taking care of things not him, he only takes care of what little food he gets and power bill

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If you are paying for his phone you can ask that he install Find My Phone due to an uptick in cellphone theft in your area. This app is free but he will know that it is installed. You will have to pay for a free reliable spy app that runs in stealthmode.

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Can you help me find the best tracker?

My boyfriend leaves at night and doesn't come back when I ask he tells me he fell asleep in the truck on side of the road

Your boyfriend is exhibiting definite strange behavior. Either he is drinking, doing drugs or cheating because no one sleeps in their pickup truck voluntarily on a regular basis when they have a comfy warm bed at home. The best spy apps on mentioned on this page. Compare them and look for the ones that can take images remotely or listen to ambient sounds. It also may be worth it to ask a friend to follow him a few cars behind one night when he leaves or hires a Private Investigator if the spy app shows you no evidence.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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How to track offline iPad location?

My iPad has been stolen from my house which possesses lots of personal info. I am keeping open my iCloud account on my system waiting for my iPad to come online but it's been two days and still not any sign on finding my iPhone app. I have my serial number of my iPad. if you can help me with this please do.

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The iPad will have to be turned on and connected to WiFi for the Find My Phone type apps to work. You should lock your device from your iCloud but since it has been 2 days your iPad may be already removed from your iCloud account and sold.

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I want to track a phone location without them knowing. I pay the cell bill, paid for the phone etc. Why shouldn't I?

Got out of the hospital last night after being in for a week and no call to ask how I am, what the Dr. said, anything, just I'm going to a friend's to watch a movie.

Install a spy app on the phone. Because you are the cell service account holder, you should be able to at least see call logs and the numbers of who they are texting. It is sad that they did not want to be there for you when you got out of the hospital.

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I believe I have a cheater on my hands. I would like to be able to see his texts, pics, location, etc. without him knowing. Also, if he checks for spyware, I do not want him to be able to see it. I know the 4 digit code and can access his phone when he is sleeping?

I believe I have a cheater on my hands. I would like to be able to see his texts, pics, location, etc. without him knowing. Also, if he checks for spyware, I do not want him to be able to see it. I know the 4 digit code and can access his phone when he is sleeping

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Most of the anti-spyware are highly unreliable on finding spy apps. What you can do is download one like FlexiSpy or mSpy and run the anti-spyware program. If it finds the spy app then just allow the particular app so that it is not found in other sweeps.

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Can I please trace the owner and location of someone texted me and called with unknown identity in phone?

Annoyed receiving a text message and calls from unknown person and location

There is no way to install a spy app but what you can do is block those numbers from contacting you. This will force the caller to either reveal their phone number or leave a voicemail. Many survey and medical facilities block their caller ID so be careful to allow some form of a way to leave a message. True Caller is available in Google Play and shows who the caller is or if that number is associated with phone scams.

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How to collect information in phone location in anywhere and anytime message to my mobile number?

My friends and family members is where the information are located

You can have your family members use apps like Life 360 or Find My Friends but they will be aware the app is installed and can turn off the location service. If they are a close family member like a spouse or child you can install a spy app that runs in stealth like the ones mentioned on this page. I have an Aunt with dementia and my cousin installed a spy app on her parent's cell phone to help track in the event that my Aunt wanders off.

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I need to track my girlfriend current location as fought and c is not replying my message and block me from all possible ways?

Please help me if you can do anything on this matter. Please help me. as I can't reach her .. if I can meet her for once at least I can manage to convince to be together.

Kind Regard


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