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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Can the apps I download to my phone get the information when she texts a message?

Its about my wife cheating on me.


As long as you download the application on her phone, too, then yes, they will send the information to your phone. However, if you can't install the applications on her phone, you won't be able to read her texts.

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If you're worried about your wife cheating on you, you should bring it up to her. She'll either tell you she isn't, or she'll come clean and you can decide what you want to do with your marriage after that. Spying will just lead to more problems if she finds out that you are doing it.

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Spy Apps to Consider:

  • Spyera
  • HelloSpy
  • Appmia
  • FlexiSpy
  • Auto Forward
  • mSpy
  • TruthSpy

Yes I want to be able to read what my boyfriend is texting others?

I want an app on my phone, can you help


You install the spy app on your boyfriend's phone but can access a Control Panel link from your phone to see the information. Choose one of the spy apps mentioned on this page to get the data information you are looking for. TruthSpy offers a 48 hour free trial.

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I'm worried that my girlfriend is cheating on me with her Ex, I want to go through her phone without her knowing?

Not sure if she is telling the truth about seeing her Ex or not


Identify you are in a rebound relationship is a VisiHow article you should read. If you question her truth, you should ask to see her phone. If she refuses then you can install a spy app. She may be lying to you about running into her Ex innocently but if she has been messaging or calling him even on social media, it will show up if you have a spy app installed on her phone.

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My boyfriend gets all my Facebook messages on his phone, its driving him crazy and I don't know how to stop it?

I set his phone up when he got it and somehow my Facebook is synced to his phone.

Uninstall Facebook and their Messenger app. If he uses those apps then go into the app settings and log in with his credentials. You can also go into settings and switch the sync to "never" but sometimes the app overrides that never option. If you used your Google account to set up his phone and have associated your Google Account with Facebook using the PC this may also be your problem.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Does this program have remote access?

I don't have access to the phone, it is password protected. Is this program remotely installed

You can try Auto Forward for remote access but until you root the phone it will not give you the full capability of the spy app. If you are seriously dating this person or married to them, you should ask for the password and they give it to you. At least if they have nothing to hide. I know my husband's and he knows mine by default like we use passwords for our keyless entry door lock and wireless Thermostat that are ones we always use. Also because neither of us have anything to hide, we have each other's passwords in case of a death of one of us or an emergency. It is completely about trust and dishonesty and if they deny you then you know something is happening most likely. Especially if you ask to borrow their phone while you are out and they deny you.

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How do I get text to be transferred to my computer?

I want to know how can I get messages to be transferred to my computer, maybe a site or a software just to check text messages in case I am not close to my phone. I have tried: None. I think it was caused by: Distance from my phone

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Mighty Text is personally one of my favorites to use and is available in the Play Store. When I receive a text message or phone call it appears on my PC. It is excellent if I am at my desk working and my phone is in the kitchen charging. You can also send out text messages from this program and message multiple people at the same time.

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Husband out of town and he is cheating, how am I able to view his texts?

Husband out of town. I think he is cheating, how am I able to view his texts from where he is at. I have tried: Going on his Facebook to find out info but found nothing. I think it was caused by: He is out of town and is able to cheat without me finding out

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You may be able to find out using an app like Auto Forward but if you wait until he comes home then you can install anyone of the spy apps mentioned on this page. Even if he deleted messages and call logs before he walked in, as long as they are not overwritten you will be able to see them with the initial install of the spy app.

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Just because people travel for business does not mean that they are cheating just because they can. If you think about it, he is gone so you can cheat right now. Many remain faithful because they love their spouse and value the relationship that they have. Unless there are other signs, you should not worry too much.

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Here are more signs:

Just need to know if my husband is hooking up with whomever he is texting?

I simply want to know if I can tap my husband's iPhone in order to catch him cheating

All the spy apps mentioned on this page are compatible with iOS. mSpy can even monitor an iPhone with no jailbreaking required. If you suspect that he is cheating, you need to tell him about your distrust. Make a list of things you have noticed and bring them up to him asking for clarification.

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I want to see where my husband goes without using iCloud?

My husband has been keeping things from me so I was wondering if there is a way to see where he has been or at since he turned his iCloud off. He also has changed password on Verizon which we share and I'm not allowed to touch his phone. I'm confused with all this secrecy. I have tried: iCloud only. I think it was caused by: He shut off his whereabouts on iCloud

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It seems you are out of options with installing any spyware programs onto his phone. You have two solutions now: hire a private investigator who will look into this matter for you legally or just use your own phone, connected to the Internet and GPS, and put it into a case or bag and give it to him. You can track your own phone with such services as [www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone.html Find My iPhone] and Android Device Manager.

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