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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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Is my wife attracted to another man?

There was a family function. My wife was talking with another man for long. Once when I had gone out for some time and returned I saw them sitting alone and talking. When I asked her after coming home, she was angry and said nothing happened between them and she was just talking with him and others were also present. I got a hard on later and now during our sex I ask her to pretend I am the other man and we do have great sex. Was she flirting or it was just an imagination of my mind? They have never met after the function which was some 4 months ago.. I have tried: Role played that of the other man. I think it was caused by: I am not sure if this was my imagination or she was really flirting with him

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Your wife was doing nothing more than enjoying the company of another person. It is you that has made this into something more with your imagination. Most people would not seek out another to flirt with at a family function. Instead, your wife was being polite and engaging with this man to socialize and nothing more. Although you brought it up later with her, that was more about you role playing than any feelings or attraction she may have had for this other man.

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Why my woman flirts another man in a party?

My woman and me were at a party and we danced a little and she made me angry and I left the party because of that and she quickly set to dance with another guy. one friend told me they seemed to be so happy and danced all the night laughing and speaking to the ear. what would you advice me?. I have tried: I talked to her about this humiliation she made me in front of everybody and she told me and I really asked her about what had happened with her while I went out of the party and she told me only lies. I think it was caused by: I have seen her so weird with me I don't know why

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She is probably becoming weird with you because she feels like she is being controlled by you. Jealousy stems from insecurity and perhaps you are constantly becoming more paranoid about her actions just from one night of her dancing at a party. You should also consider that you are basing all of this on one friend's observations. Perhaps he read into what she was doing incorrectly. She did not leave the party with the guy and is still with you.

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The bigger issue is that you had a fight and then left her at the party by herself. That is not the way to communicate in a relationship and you can't blame her for any actions after you left. Instead, this is more about you compensating for how you left her alone or what the fight was about, more than the fact that she danced with someone else after you left. You can't blame her for deciding to continue to have fun after you left her there alone. Back off those feelings of insecurity and enjoy being in a relationship with her. There has to be trust for a relationship to flourish, otherwise, you will always be looking for signs of infidelity that are only in your imagination. She will be miserable and so will you and no one wants to be in a relationship where they feel like they are constantly being monitored and have to explain every action throughout their day.

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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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