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Connect Samsung Galaxy S5 to Nearby Devices via Quick Connect

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How do I get my pics from my laptop into my S5?

Don't understand how to transfer photos. I have quick connect but says device not found


Install Samsung Kies to your PC. Then you can connect the S5. Access the DCIM folder on your phone from the PC and drop the photos that you want on your phone. Your computer may not be compatible for Quick Connect. Another option is to install Google Photos on your PC and on your S5. It is an excellent way to share photos between both devices. I have mine set up to Sync the minute I get home and connect to my WiFi so that I never lose images or videos of my children's events. It actually saved several images and videos I thought I lost forever when my Note2 fried the motherboard. Set up my new phone and synced the Google Account with Google Photos pre installed on the new device. They were there when I checked my Google Photos on the new device. The final option is to install OneDrive on your PC and phone. The only drawback is that you have to occasionally clear out the storage and save to your PC hard drive because it gets full. It is not difficult though. I use this as a secondary backup.

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S5 Mini WiFi Unable to connect to a Sony Bravia TV?

S5 Mini WiFi Unable to connect to a Sony Bravia TV.


You may have to update your Sony Bravia:

  1. 1
    Press Home on the remote for the Sony Bravia
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  2. 2
    Go to Settings.
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  3. 3
    Select Set-up in the Settings Menu.
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  4. 4
    Look for the Updates feature and click it to see if there are available updates
    Your TV will need to be connected to the WiFi for this to happen.
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You have to enable the MiraCast/ScreenMirroring app on your TV first before you begin the connection. If you still can't connect then download WiFi Display from Google Play on the S5 and Sony Bravia. There are also additional MiraCast apps that you can install on both devices as a troubleshoot function.

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Hi, I have pictures on my Samsung S5 phone which I want to transfer to my laptop HP pavilion entertainment PC, but the Bluetooth does not pick it up, so what can I do?

I just need to know how to download my files to the PC. I have tried: I have tried to pair both equipment but no positive result. I think it was caused by: No Idea


You have to enable Discovery in the Bluetooth settings on the S5. Also, sometimes if you turn the WiFi off and then attempt the launch it will work better. Some users noted that when they put their phone into Airplane Mode it recognizes the PC but otherwise, never finds it.

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