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Avoid receding hairline (for men)

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Is it possible to get your hair back full with a transplant?

Is it possible to get your hair back full with a transplant?


It's possible to have hair transplanted from a different area of your body onto your scalp. Only a professional surgeon will be able to tell you how much can be done in your specific case, though it should be possible to replace your hair through surgery. You should also note that it is typical for all the transplanted hairs to fall out immediately after the surgery. The hair should grow back within a couple of months, and is unlikely to fall out again after that.

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Be sure to speak to a professional if you are considering a hair transplant.

Can I grow my hairline back as a young teen?

My hair is evenly portioned but there is a bit of a bald spot on top of my forehead and I have no idea why it even happened. I really want to grow my hair back because of my face shape and the bald spot really makes my face look weird. I need help!

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The VisiHow article titled Stop Childhood Hair Loss may explain some of the reasons that could have caused this. You can try some of the natural remedies like those recommended in the VisiHow articles below:

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How to grow my hairline back after doing two procedures of electrolysis?

I did electrolysis twice and I don't really like how it looks, it's not natural and a little bit fake. what should I do, how can I grow them back faster?


After two treatments the hairline may not grow back but that is dependent on what cycle your hair was in when the procedures were performed. You can try a natural remedy like some listed above for a month and see if growth begins to happen again.

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Any hairline grow cream used across my forehead?

Hi I have a problem but its very quite different to the other issues on this page, I am very low confident an have low self esteem about my facial image mainly because I have quite a huge forehead I try and hide it but am trying to find other ways but I struggle, would it be possible to get some sort of a cream to grow along my hairline so it may look smaller or anything by any chance?

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You would need a hair transplant to that area for your hairline to be lower on your forehead. You can try shading the area with a bronzer or a fringe bang to make it less prominent or just embrace the beautiful head God gave you.

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Avoid receding hairline (for men)
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Should I get medication for my hairline?

Hair loss is uncommon in my family, but my hairline is really bad. It almost looks like a Mohawk on it's own and I'm only 22. If I grow my hair out you can barely notice unless I part my hair. I checked around my hairline and there is still tiny hairs all over right under where my hairline is.

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Castor Oil would be great to apply to those areas to strengthen and encourage better growth. You can read more about it in the VisiHow article titled Use Castor Oil to Stop Male Receding Hairline. Avoid wearing hats and try sleeping on a pillow that has a satin pillow case so that there is less damage to your hair as it grows back.

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Hi, my question is, can I grow back my hairline?

It is not genetic, but I do not know the cause of my hair fall

It is possible depending on what has caused you to lose your hair. Try some of the natural remedies or a pharmaceutical one like Minoxidil to encourage new hair growth.

How to make African American hair hairline grow faster and forward?

My friends are always saying my hairline is still not growing and I'm just going to be 13 in 1 month

Add nuts such as walnuts to your diet daily. Just a handful a day can help encourage hair growth at your age. You should also eat more oranges and other bright fruits.

Will my hairline grow back? Its been three months?

I got it cut in January and its a little back

It will but we only average about half an inch of growth each month.

Hairline problem, its stressing me?

I am losing my hairline gradually, please help me, I used to bond my hair

Bonding is one of the worst things you can do to your hair and scalp. Jojoba and Castor Oil with a bit of lavender essential oil will help you to repair the damage and get your hairline back to normal.

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My hairline is a little round. How can I make it straight?

I want to make it straight again. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Bad haircut

Because the haircut is what caused your hairline to be round, you can go get a correction cut or just wait 6 weeks for the hair to begin to grow back.

Hairline getting lesser day by day?

Even if I put my hands in my hair, they come out

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To improve hairline to get a better look when I get a short haircut?

Hi, my concern is I need to recover my hairline on the front and sides to get the perfect cuts, moreover I am using all natural keratin contents to regain black hair particularly near my side locks. I have a scar on the back of my head too, for which I met a doctor and he said he can convert the 3inch scar to merely a line, I am wondering if a hair transplant is required on that.. I have tried: I used all natural home made things to avoid white hairs like Amla powder, tea, coffee, curd, etc., which boosts keratin. I think it was caused by: Happened naturally with age , I am still 26 yet

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