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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone

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Is it possible to get an app to know when your boyfriend messages girls?


Yes, this application is called SMS Tracker which can be downloaded onto his phone through the Google Play Store. This application will need to be downloaded to his device in order for you to be able to properly monitor his device from your device.

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There are a lot of applications that can help you spy your kids, family members, boyfriend and any. These applications are free but only limited. If you wanted also to check their text messages, emails, listen to voice calls and what not, you can download or purchase mobistealth as this program can help you track where they are, read emails and text messages and listen to phone conversation.

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I need to track my partners movements texts and emails with absolutely NO TRACE of what I am doing being sent to him?

My partner is a Windows Technician and is very knowledgeable with regards to networking, servers, managing our online home network and anyone else's I suspect come to that (without me even knowing what was going on!) But recently I found a subscription by him for eHarmony.com. I am devastated but obviously the first rule of thumb - for me anyway - is to find out who where and when...... I need a reliable, stealth, accurate software app that is going to tell me everything that I need to know so I can make an informed decision about the future of my relationship and basically kick him to the kerb

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This will be tough because he is so savvy with tech. People like me that are more knowledgeable about tech regularly run anti spy software on our devices. mSpy is one of the best spy apps that can be downloaded remotely and is reliable but I tested my anti spy ware on my cell and the minute I tried to download the app, my anti spy ware app notified me via email and blocked the download. You certainly should still try though if you need further proof. How long have you been together and is his eHarmony pic a current one? You also could create an eHarmony account yourself and see the last time he was active.

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Do you know if there is any possible way that I could track my stolen cellphone? Which site or app would you prefer?

My phone got stolen yesterday and I'm trying to locate it, but I do not know what app or site I could go on to find it.


Most apps will have to have been downloaded previously like Find My Lost Phone. If your phone is connected to a Google Account you can download {https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidlost Lost Android] and register your device remotely by sending an SMS with the text "androidlost register" to your phone from any phone you have access to. This will register your lost phone and you can now begin tracking your device by logging into the Android Lost website using your Google account.

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I think my boyfriend lies about everything how can I get proof?

I want to know, how to get solid proof where he is, and who he is really talking to

You can download a spy app but what lies do you think he is telling? Because of spy apps many people that are cheating are starting to use burner phones that their significant other is unaware of. If he is cheating there will be other signs and those you should pay attention to because you may be able to catch him with the other woman and that is the most solid proof there is.

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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone
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How can I trust my boyfriend when he is texting people on Facebook?

I can't trust my boyfriend while he is texting other people. Can you help me? I love him so much I just don't want to lose him for that. He's all I ever wanted.

Do you know who he is messaging on Facebook? Could it just be one of his friends? You can download one of the spy apps mentioned on this page but this will not help you with your trust issues. Has he exhibited any other behaviors of cheaters like making and receiving calls only when he leaves a room you are in or lying about working late? Look for other signs before you spend money on a spy app. You also should sit him down and ask him to show you his messages on Facebook. Go through his friends list to see if there are any suspects on there. Friend request all the women on his friends list as well. All these can fish out any cheating.

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