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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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Is it cheating if your girlfriend doesn't know you are on Kik?


Kik is a messaging platform app and if you are on the app seeking out girls to message then you are on a path towards cheating. We all have apps on our smartphones that we have not discussed with other people. For instance, I have Facebook Messenger on my phone and although I have not told my husband about it, I am not hiding the app either and it is simply an app I use to keep connected with my friends on Facebook. 

Everyone has different theories of what constitutes cheating. Hiding a messaging app would be a red flag warning of possible cheating behavior, but if you just did not tell your girlfriend because it never crossed your mind then that should not have your girlfriend worried.

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Looking to catch husband cheating?

But do not want to download on his phone


If you wanted to know if your husband is cheating or not and wanted to check his phone without installing an application to his phone. Unfortunately, you really need to install an app to his phone for you to check his email, SMS, call logs and any other. Spying app or tracking app must be installed to the main phone or computer and to the other phone to spy.

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Think of like having a car without a wheel and steering, basically, you cannot drive it. Same goes with the applications for spying your husband. If you do not want to install an application to his phone, then you can do it the old school way. Such as:

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1. Check the phone while he is asleep. Make sure that you know his phone lock number or pattern

2. You can pretend that your phone is not working well and you need to borrow his phone just for a day as you need to meet up some people. Like high school reunion, small business meeting etc. This way, you can check his phone logs and email messages on the phone. If he won't let you use the phone or when you get it all the texts are gone, then you will have to use a software program like Dr. Fone to undelete the messages. Get a technical friend to help you if need be but the installation of this program is easy and I have personally used it. It does take a couple hours to retrieve all the deleted info. The trial version is great because you can read all the messages but you do need to buy it to save them to file. I ended up buying it because in my case we needed evidence for the police. But if you are just using it to see if your husband is cheating, then, of course, you don't need it. You can use "Print Screen" to capture some of the more pertinent messages you want to keep possibly to confront him if you choose to do so.

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3. Follow him wherever he goes. This way, you can have a real-time information where he goes and who are the people he will be meeting with. Just make sure that he will not see you, or your plan will be messed up.

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4. This is only optional. You can hire a detective as a look out for your husband and to take photos to where he goes and people he will be meeting with. This is also a safe move where the person you will hire is not acquainted to your husband.

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Remember that in a relationship, the most important note that you need to remember is trust. If you do not trust your husband in any sense, it is best that you talked about it to resolve and if you cannot open up to your husband then do the old fashion way to spy him.

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If your husband's phone is set in a way that there is a preview of messages on the lock screen, then you have more chances of indirectly spying on his activities to check if he is cheating. If you are willing to spend on certain apps that allow you to monitor his activities via your computer, you can do that as well. However, more importantly, when you are having any doubts like this, it's best to have an intimate conversation with your husband instead to be able to sort out the issues. Obviously, both of you have issues with trust and fidelity and no spying apps will be able to solve that better than just talking and looking at the marriage and relationship together.

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Trying to find best monitoring software for iPad?

Specifically monitoring software that works with Kik messenger and VOIP if possible


Look into Spyera for monitoring an iPad. They monitor VOIP and other third party messaging apps like Kik Messenger. The app runs in stealth mode on the iPad so that you can monitor without detection. To install a spy app on an iOS device, it always helps if you know the Apple Account credentials. The iPad will have to be jailbroken. mSpy claims that you do not need to jailbreak an iOS device, you should research what this spy app can do to see if it fits your needs.

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How do you send spyware to partners phone without them knowing?

I don't have access to the phone that I want to track, and can you do it by sending a text or email? Is it free,

There are no reliable free spy apps. Some of them will have a free trial period, though. To send a Spy App remotely, you would have to embed it in an image or another download that you know the intended target will install. This can be tricky. One suggestion is to purchase your partner a new phone as a gift. Before you send it to them, install the spy app. This way you can install the app, and do the process of Allowing from Unknown sources. The only drawback would be in they hard reset the device when they receive it. This would remove a spy app. You could ask for their Google Account and let them know you are setting up the device before you send it in the event it gets lost for easier tracking.

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How can you tell if someone is cheating on you over Kik?

The best method is the Trojan Horse method. Sign up for a Kik account yourself under an alias and put up a super hot photo of someone else on your profile. Contact him in Kik and see how he reacts. If you know her name or Kik ID (if you don't find out from the suspected person's friends if you can) then make a very similar Kik ID. Contact him as if you were her. See how he responds. Alternatively, install a spy program on his phone or a keylogger program on his computer. you will see all the types and if you choose the right program you will be shown screenshots too.

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How can I track my girlfriend's SMS messages from her cellphone?

I want to track and read my girlfriend's cellphone messages

You would need about 15 minutes of access to her device to install a spy app. These apps are not cheap, so before you make the leap of monitoring her, ask yourself what has you so suspicious. You will want the grounds for installing a spy app and invading her privacy to be rock solid in the event she finds out. If your reasons are superficial, this would be the end of your relationship or a major crack. You should make a list of your suspicions and see if you can speak with her about your insecurity in the relationship. To justify the purchase of a spy app, your list should have at least 30 instances of suspicion.

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My husband received a text from a woman after vacation?

She wrote "nice to know you made it home safely without saying goodnight? This is the response he received after he sent the text but did not see his text

The "goodnight" in the SMS says that he and this woman have some sort of emotional connection. You need to confront him immediately. His reasons for receiving the text may be innocent but he really needs to convince you of this. Be prepared to be even more suspicious after you speak to him or deeply emotionally wounded if he comes clean that he is seeing someone else. Was her name saved in his contacts? If so, then it was not a random wrong text meant for another phone number.

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