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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids

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Is ice cream good for vocal strain?


Ice cream can be either good or bad for vocal strain. Some doctors recommend eating ice cream if you feel a sore throat brought on by vocal strain. It can numb your throat and relieve the pain. Additionally, soft foods, like ice cream, can go down without straining your throat, so it can be helpful to your vocal issue. To some extent, eating ice cream can help your throat to recover quickly. Solid foods should only be consumed once your vocal health problem resolved. Ice cream, on the other hand, is also bad, especially if you have vocal cord polyps or nodules. It can worsen your condition because ice cream contains dairy ingredients. Dairy products can cause mucus buildup in the throat IF consumed too much. A little ice cream does not hurt your throat, and the coldness of it can help soothe your larynx. To be certain, always consult your doctor before choosing any treatment you may find on the internet. There are many solutions you can find online, but only some of them are effective, and many may even be unsafe. Remember that when you use a method to treat your vocal cords and then you cough, then it is an indication that the method does not work for you.

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Do e-cigarettes cause vocal polyps?


It has been thought by some that e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are good alternatives for real cigarettes. Some people believe that these e-cigarettes are safe to inhale. As a matter of fact, smoking e-cigarettes are as dangerous as smoking real cigarettes. E-cigarettes are plastic gadgets that look like a real cigarette with a small battery. The battery powers an e-cigarette up and heats the liquid chemicals inside. This liquid contains nicotine and other substances, such as propylene glycol (PEG) as well as flavorings. These are turned into vapor for inhaling. The only difference between e-cigarettes and real cigarettes are its outside features. Still, they both have the same functions for bringing perils to humans' health, including their vocal cords. One of the causes of vocal polyps is smoking, and the major reason for this is a great deal of chemical fumes that are inhaled when smoking. An e-cigarette contains nicotine and other harmful chemicals that can greatly affect one's vocal cords. Nicotine, flavorings, propylene glycol, and other substances are considered harmful chemical fumes. The final verdict is that e-cigarettes can cause vocal polyps. It is not the smoke that causes vocal polyps, but the chemicals inhaled.

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Currently with how new e-cigs are, there is very little in the way of studies that are completed. Just like cigarettes, they aren't healthy. They both have their pro's and con's, its just up to you to weigh them and see which is better.

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Can a vocal scar form from one time yelling?


Jmgf Shout.jpg

It depends on the gravity of the yelling activity. Although yelling one time will not automatically cause a vocal scar, the excessive or abused yelling can cause permanent damage to the vocal cords, especially if it will cause the tearing of tissues. If the one time involves yelling and screaming that will cause the tissues to go beyond their limits, then the one time screaming and yelling can cause a vocal scar or a permanent damage to the vocal cords.

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Yes, if the yelling or screaming continues to a certain extent it can form into a scar in the throat. Also, if you are not taking care of your throat by eating and drinking the right things you can cause a number of problems within your throat or vocals.

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How to get your vocal range to heal faster?

In order for your vocal range to heal fast, you need to drink hot water with honey in it. Also gargle with hot water and salt. Do this as many times as possible within a day.

I believe that you are asking for how to get your vocal strain to heal faster? In the article ice cream or anything cold on your throat can help you to heal your vocal strain. Along with your vocal strain you will need to stop all activities that can strain or harm your throat even more in the process.

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Prevent vocal cord damage and protect your singing voice by drinking the right liquids
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Does Bruce Springsteen do vocal exercises?

Virtual.marian bruce springsteen.jpg

The legendary music icon Bruce Springsteen sounds way better now, more than ever in his career timeline. Age and experience definitely give a singer's voice that distinct sound over time. He would not be coined" The Boss" in the music industry for nothing. This singer-songwriter icon and Hall of Fame award winner has popularized "Born to Run" and "Born in the USA" albums which sold more than 64 million copies in the United States alone. Many critics and fans alike adore him up till now and say that he is definitely in his best form today on his 60's. He does vocal warm-ups or exercises, like any artist who aims to perfect their craft and work hard on it every single day. Many singers belt out songs without using the proper technique and not doing vocal warm-ups which can be hazardous to the vocal cords and do extreme damage to the voice over time. In fact, there are popular singers that rust with age because they were doing all the wrong techniques just to hit the high notes.

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Yes, this rock icon superstar regularly do vocal exercises and maintain good vocal hygiene to give out his best performance each and every single time. What makes Bruce Springsteen truly enticing and coveted up to this modern day and age of rock and roll is his ability to break barriers and connect with the audience. His every single performance is marked with that raspy powerful voice that conveys every thread of raw emotion as he sings like it's his last performance on stage - every single time.

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Since, it is a known fact that he has had nodules and he underwent treatment, it could very well be possible that he is doing vocal exercises. Moreover, his voice seems to be holding up very well and that is all the more a reason to believe that he does vocal exercises.

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Does vegetable oil help vocals for singers?

You can use vegetable oil as a lubricator in general, but it does not do anything with your voice. You will have to know the following to keep a good singing voice:

  • drink water at room temperature
  • stay away from spicy food before singing, risk of irritation
  • same goes for dairy products, risk of mucus
  • caffeinated food or drinks, risks drying the throat
  • fizzy drinks, risk of burping while singing
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How can I reverse vocal deterioration?

Try not to worry too much and rest your voice. By rest, I mean no singing, no talking for a couple of weeks. You will have to drink fluids in room temperature, absolutely no coughing, yelling, screaming, throat-clearing, loud whispering or even humming. If you are still worried, consult a doctor to have your vocal chords checked.

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Do lemons improve your vocals and do they make you slim?

Yes, lemons will help your singing voice in terms of killing phlegm that is possibly in your throat so that you will be able to sing perfectly fine without having phlegm ruin your voice. The acid from the lemon juice will break down phlegm in your throat.

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In regards to lemons helping you to lose weight this is true. When you drink lemon water the toxins in the lemon water will help to break down waste in your body and also helps to give you a boost of energy.

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Is it bad if my vocals make me throw up?

Yes, if you notice that when you talk or sing that you feel as if you have to throw up then you may have a serious medical condition. You will need to visit your doctor in order to gain help about your specific situation.

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Do chillies ruin your vocals?

The answer depends on how you use chillies. If you use chillies in moderation, they can improve the quality of your voice. If you use chillies in excess, they can irritate your vocal cords and can ruin your voice.

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Positive effects of chillies to you voice:

  • Rich in Vitamin C. Chillies actually have twice the amount of Vitamin C compared to citrus fruits. Vitamin C improves the immune system and prevent sore throat.
  • Rich in Vitamin A. According to Medline Plus, Vitamin A found in chillies are essential in maintaining the mucus membrane especially in the vocal cords providing moisture which reduces throat irritation.
  • Pain relievers. Chillies have pain-reliever properties because of their capsaicin compound which is usually used in reducing pain.
  • Enhances circulation. Chili has capsaicinoids which bind to the receptors of the lining of the mouth which gives the burning sensation which effectively stimulate the body resulting to improved circulation. Enhanced circulation in the body improves its natural healing ability which efficiently aids in healing sore throat.
  • Has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Effectively reduces bacterial infection and promotes cleansing of toxins in the throat especially in the vocal cords.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties. Effectively reduces inflammation in the throat.

Negative effects of chillies to your voice if used in excess:

  • Irritates the throat. The burning sensation caused by eating chillies in excess greatly irritate the throat which makes it more dry.
  • Irritates stomach which causes gastric reflux. The acid in the gastric reflux irritates the vocal cords resulting to hoarseness of voice.
  • Makes saliva more sticky. The vagus nerve reacts to the acid resulting to a more sticky saliva which makes the vocal cords harder to vibrate.

In regards to your query, chillies can ruin your voice if they are taken in excess, or chillies can improve your voice if they are taken in moderation.

Lost vocal range post nasal drip? How do I fix it now?

Post-Nasal Drip is caused by excessive production of thick mucus secretions in the throat which greatly alters the vocal range of a singer. The proper way to treat post-nasal drip is to manage the factor that's causing the excessive mucus secretions in the throat leading to the lost of vocal range. Below are some of the factors that causes post-nasal drip:

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- Colds and flu

- Allergies

- Cold temperatures

- Foods

- Hormonal changes

- Medications

- Throat infections

Management to treat post-nasal drip:

  • Throat infections can be properly treated with antibiotics or natural home-remedies like taking a sip of a hot cup of ginger tea and honey. Ginger has a antibacterial properties and loosen thick mucus secretions in the throat while the honey also has an antibacterial properties and effectively soothes the throat.
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  • Allergies can be correctly treated with anti-allergy medications like over-the-counter antihistamines. In taking a medication, always refer to the proper dosage of the medicine to ensure the effectiveness of the medicine.
  • Avoid certain foods, especially spicy foods that causes post-nasal drip.
  • Nasal decongestant medications or nasal-sprays are also effective in unclogging mucus-blocked nasal airways.
  • Avoid cold drink or food because they will only constricts the airway passages on your upper respiratory tract. Instead, drink warm fluids to help liquefy the thick mucus secretions and to help dilate the air passages on your throat.

In general, to properly fix your post-nasal drip, you need to properly treat the factor that is causing you your condition in order for you to improve your vocal range.

What kind of liquids are best for your vocal chords?

I have a singing audition on September 26, 2015

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I want to become professional singer, I take green chilli, but, for some extract. I can't sing much. I take plenty of water. Can I take ice-cream, only when I feel roughness on my voice?

Whether green chili is good or not, and can I take ice-cream when it is needed

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