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How can I find out if my boyfriend is cheating for free

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Is he talking to someone else or hooking up with someone else?

I do trust him but I have been hurt so many times, I'm scared


You say you trust him yet you can't let go any doubts. Even though you have been hurt but others in the past, do not make your boyfriend pay for all that hurt. Take a calendar and circle the date that is two weeks away from today. Every time you begin to have a doubt, write down your doubt and put it in a box or jar. At the end of two weeks, go through those notes and you will see that many of your doubts are not worth dwelling on. Work on your self-esteem. After the previous two week challenge, write down empowering phrases about yourself. I am an awesome cook! My eyes light up when I wear purple. At the end of two weeks go over those like you went over the doubts to remind yourself. Finally, daily say to yourself that if he cheats, he will lose the best thing that ever happened to him. Do this for 90 days. You will completely change your thought process and will finally be able to enjoy being in a relationship.

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Can you see who she is talking to and help me out on this?

I feel like she is cheating on me. I need you to search her phone can you do that? I have tried: Talking to her but she won't respond. I think it was caused by: I'm not good enough anymore


We are just contributors on VisiHow. To search her phone you will need to install a spy app and they are listed below in the VisiHow article on this page. You do not feel good enough for her but that is not always a reason that women automatically cheat. For most women it takes a lot more than irritation with someone for us to cheat on our significant others. Take her out on dates. Send her love letters. Begin to woo her romantically again and see if any of your relationship issues begin to change. You both may be in a relationship rut and nothing is going on and your relationship just needs a jumpstart.

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Find out if my boyfriend is cheating for free

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