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Use Phone Screen Sharing in Samsung SideSync

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Is SideSync compatible with the Galaxy S3?

I've tried downloading the app but it keeps telling me it isn't available on my device


Your S3 should be able to use SideSync. According to Official SideSync site SideSync (FOR MOBILE DEVICES) OS Smartphone : Android Kitkat(4.4) or higher Tablet : Android Lollipop(5.0) or higher

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  • SideSync may not work in some device models.

Your best bet is to download Samsung Kies and update your firmware through that software, and then attempt to use SideSync on your device.

If that doesn't work, you might want to contact your carrier to see if there are any restrictions against using SideSync. There are occasionally blocks put up by carriers to prevent some functions from being used by owners of a given device.

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Galaxy S4 phone cannot find Galaxy tablet?

I purchased a Galaxy tablet model SM-T800 yesterday. I have a Galaxy S4 smartphone. The tablet includes SideSync. I downloaded and installed SideSync 3.0 on the phone. The tablet finds the phone instantly but the phone never finds the tablet - times out. What more info does the phone need to use SideSync? Thanks

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There are WiFi bugs in the SideSync 3.0. Also, the tablet has less running in the background. Because the tablet has SideSync preloaded it will be less buggy. Depending on what you would like to do, it might be better to use a third party app for both of them. Also if your S4 does not have Kitkat 4.4 or Lollipop 5.1, SideSync will be less reliable.

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My Galaxy S3 Neo won't load SideSync3. Operating system is 4.4.2?

How do I get SideSync3 to load on my S3 Neo?


See if you can upgrade the OS to Lollipop 5.1. These are the newer OS versions that Samsung is using in addition to Marshmallow OS. Technically your OS is two versions behind which in the technology world makes it extinct in terms of apps fixing bugs and more for those versions.

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I can't find the more menu in settings on my Samsung 5.0?

I can't find the more menu in settings on my Samsung 5.0

Press and hold the multitask key which is in the white portion left bottom corner of the screen. The Settings will pop up and you can navigate from there. It was hidden with the S5 from the drop down style of the other Samsung Galaxy phones.

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Use Phone Screen Sharing in Samsung SideSync
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I have to copy videos from Samsung Galaxy S5?

I am able to view my messages in the Samsung laptop, but I am not able to move my videos from gallery to laptop. I connected my mobile using WiFi. Please give a response as fast as you can. Thank You

Use Samsung Kies to transfer videos. An easier way is with Google Photos or DropBox but Kies is the best and still a reliable way to transfer videos. Consider that a video is far bigger than even 10 images in terms of over the air transfer using SideSync. It is still better to use your USB cable and Kies to transfer videos.

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Hi, its a Samsung Galaxy core prime?

Hi, its a Samsung Galaxy core prime

SideSync is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. If it is not pre-installed on your phone, get it from the Galaxy app store instead of Google Play.

Is there a version of SideSync that works with Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S3?

I have a Galaxy S3. I went to Google Play Store, searched for SideSync, and I think I only found SideSync 4. I tapped on it, and I was told that it wasn't compatible with my "device". I don't even know if I have updated my phone lately. I think it does this on its own.. I have tried: I looked again at the Google Play Store, and when I searched for SideSync, the results that came back specifically say Galaxy S4 SideSync.. I think it was caused by: I am thinking more and more that there is no SideSync app for the Samsung Galaxy S3 ... at least not for Verizon's version.

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You can go into Settings and then About Phone to find updates. The phone does not always update the OS on it's own and you would need to OK with permission before it is done. It is likely that your S3 does not have the required OS which is why you are not finding a compatible version.

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SideSync will not stay connected to any device (PC or S2 Tab)?

I installed the latest version of Samsung SideSync on my Windows 10 64-bit machine. When I tried to connect using both WiFi and USB, it would connect and then drop about every 15 seconds in a continuous cycle. When I tried to connect my S5 phone to my S2 Tab, it wouldn't not even connect. Running SideSync v. 4.2. Have had zero success in connecting any Samsung devices together.. I have tried: Uninstall/reinstall on Windows machine.

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First download the Samsung drivers for the PC and Kies. Then install SideSync for Windows 10. As for your phone and tablet, put them in Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition and then Dalvik Cache for both. Try connecting again. You may want to see if there are available updates for SideSync for both devices as there were bugs via WiFi with SideSync that have since been corrected.

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Synchronizing Samsung Galaxy S5 active with the Samsung 10.1 tablet?

Hi, I had an 8" Samsung tablet and now I have a 10.1 tablet. I assuming that when I activated the 10.1 all of the apps would load on it from my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone as it did with the 8" tablet. This is not the case. I know I can use SideSync mirroring, but once I do that, will the phone and 10.1 tablet automatically sync when I update either of them or do I have to manually synchronize them periodically? Sorry...I hope this made sense. Thank you.

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Syncing can take a few hours up to a few days. If you want things on the tablet immediately, then it is best to use Kies to transfer to the PC and then the tablet. Even when I switched from one phone to another using my Google backup, I did not see contacts for 24 hours. Also, apps like ES File Manager make transferring easier. Keep in mind that your 8 inch tablet may have had more room or capability than the 10 inch tablet. All tablets even Samsung models are not created equal.

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Hello! I am trying install SideSync in my Samsung model (GT-I9300) but a can't find it in Galaxy apps or in Play Store. Could you help me?

I don't know if my model....Galaxy iii is compatible with the SideSync

SideSync in Google Play may not be showing up if your device is not compatible. Check this link on the PC and it will tell you if your S3 is compatible when you are logged into the same Google Account as the phone. If you are compatible then remotely install the app from the PC.

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How to use drag and drop to get files off my Android 5.x to my computer- do I have to USB debug?

The connection between PC - an older HP machine and Galaxy S5 works but drag and drop won't work.

Yes, you will have to USB debug within the Developer Options in order to transfer files this way. You should also be using Kies as the most reliable means.

Using WiFi to connect. Connection achieved but the phone's screen is not visible on computer's monitor. It shows a phone-shaped blank space?

I've deleted the software from the phone but it occurred to me that I might be able to upgrade or remove some interfering app to make it work. If so, then I'll reinstall the SideSync app. Sure. I was reading the article when this popup showed up. I didn't ask for it. Goodbye.

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