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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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Is my phone fake? Because when I look at the IMEI it is registered to Samsung WIN?

I bought a Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos.. Is It really laggy?


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    An IMEI that shows another phone is one of the reasons to worry about the authenticity of the phone, but it is quite often not a proof
    It can be just a database error on a third-party web site.
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    Compare the IMEI number in the operating system and the one under the battery
    To find the IMEI in the phone, dial *#06#. If IMEI numbers do not match, then someone has interfered with the phone.
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    Check the article and see if something arouses suspicion.
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    Lastly, visit a Samsung official store or, if the phone is locked to an operator, an official store of your carrier to confirm if the device is genuine.
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To eradicate lags, you may work on uninstalling unwanted applications or hard-reset the phone, which will erase all of the data.

How to install operating system for my Galaxy Grand 19082?

I have purchased a Galaxy mobile, when I started it, it was on screen Galaxy Grand 19082, but on the back cover it is written model: 19060, any way my mobile is not working and has lost the operating system so please help me on how to reinstall the operating system?. I have tried: I tried and downloaded many software but was not correct?. I think it was caused by: It was just restarting by itself many times

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Contact Samsung and request the official OS. It sounds to me like you have a refurbished phone that had operating issues in the past. Also, the wrong OS can brick your phone so you will want to be completely sure it is the 19082 and not the 19060. ROMkingz generally has good OS to install but always check with Samsung first. I was able to install new OS from the Samsung website for me Galaxy Tab 2 for instance.

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Samsung Galaxy Grand not charging? Can you help me?

Can you help me please? Samsung Galaxy grand not charging.


Check your charging port. These become lose and not connected. To correct this, remove your battery and then take a paperclip or toothpick and slowly put the charging port back into place. If it is still not charging, check to see that your USB cable is not damaged by connecting the phone to another charger. You should also inspect the battery when you remove it to check the charging port. If there is any sort of ripple or bulge then your battery is damaged. Take a can of compressed air and blow it into your charging port and back of your phone. You will be surprised at the amount of dust that appears when you do this but this can also help with connectivity issues. I once had a phone that was only 6 months old and stopped charging. I replaced the battery and it still would not charge. The issue was the my USB cable and power box were no longer working properly. Once I swapped out the charger everything was back to normal.

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I feel that my Samsung Galaxy grand neo gt-I9060 is fake?

When I boot the phone , I see Samsung Galaxy GRAND , and when I watched some unboxing review on YouTube I see the first logo that I see it before isn't the same"Samsung Galaxy grand neo" , this is what I see in unboxing review so I need help, thank you .. I have tried: I tried to play games, and the phone made some bugs when I play , and the battery was so bad too. I think it was caused by: I bought it from an unknown person

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On YouTube instead of how the screen appears, you need to be looking for external hints that it is a clone. Depending on the cell provider where the phone was purchased the startup can vary. The lag could be because there is still tons of cache in the background from the previous owner. Wipe the Cache Partition and Dalvik Cache while in Recovery.

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