Introduce Your Newborn Baby to Your Dog

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When you have dogs, they are obviously your babies. You treat them like gold, they sometimes eat much better than you do, and you spoil the heck out of them. That all changes when you have a baby.

Of course your dogs will always be your babies, but now your priorities have changed. When you have a baby and you have a dog, the first thing that pops into your mind is whether or not they will get along. Will the dog tolerate the baby? Will he bite him? Will he growl at him? Or will he just lick him to death? These are the questions that come to mind when it is time to introduce your new addition to your little pack. But how do you do it properly?

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Is there a certain way that you should introduce your newborn baby to your dog? In fact there is, and here is the step-by-step guide on the proper way to do it.



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    While at the hospital, wrap your newborn baby in a receiving blanket.
    For at least 24 hours, use that same blanket. Doing this will leave your baby's scent all over the blanket.
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    Have your spouse or family member bring the receiving blanket home.
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    Place the receiving blanket on the back of a chair.
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    Let your dogs smell the blanket.
    Let your dogs smell the blanket for as long as they want. This will allow them to begin to familiarize themselves with the baby's scent before he even gets home. You can use this time to begin setting boundary lines for your dog. You can begin having them stand a certain distance away from the blanket so that they know that when they smell that scent that they have to remain at a distance.
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    When you are released from the hospital and you go home, leave your baby with your spouse or family member.
    Enter the house alone and calmly greet your dogs. No doubt they will be super excited to see you after your time apart. Love on them and then either place them in the back yard or take them for a walk. The key is to get them to a calm state of mind before they meet the new addition.
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Introduce your Newborn Baby to your Dog

Couples with dogs are not new sightings. Many of these couples even consider their pet as their child. Thus, they pamper their pet just like parents pamper their babies. They give their pets lots of attention, as if they were their kids. However, what if one day, a couple decides to add a member to the family - a baby?

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For some people, introducing a newborn baby to their pet is a frightening idea. They're imagining what the pet will do to the baby. However, there are ways for couples to prepare their pet for the coming of the additional member of the family. According to animal experts, the introduction of newborn babies to the pets will be much easier if the couples are able to prepare their furry friends.

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If the preparation is done properly, then couples can have peace of mind that their newborn will be safe and sound. The sooner the preparation begins, the higher the chance is to have an easy and successful transition once the little one comes into the scene. Below are some tips and tricks on how to introduce the newborn child to the pet dog.

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  1. 1
    Couples should make a conscious effort to lessen the attention they give to their pet all throughout the day. Instead of giving short amounts of divided attention. It is much better to give the pet undivided, long periods of attention, like going for a walk. This could help the dog prepare for the necessary decrease in terms of attention once the baby arrives. Couples should slowly begin making changes when it comes to schedule before the little one comes.
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  2. 2
    Desensitizing to baby smells and sounds.
    Expectant couples could play recordings of a variety of baby sounds, yet at low volume. They can begin to increase the volume if the dog is calm or not stressed. Couples can also utilize a realistic baby doll, which makes noises and moves. This is one way of preparing the dog properly for the arrival of the newborn child. The dog will see and hear how a real newborn sounds and see what one looks like. Couples can praise, and then give their pet a reward if it is polite and calm whenever the doll is around. While walking the dog, you may walk past a location with lots of children, yet remain at safe distance. If the pet renders a negative reaction whenever it sees children, it may be best to seek the assistance of an expert in animal behavior.
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    Once the Baby has Arrived.
    Couples can have someone else help them in introducing the newborn baby to the pet dog. Let the pet greet all and smell each and every member of the household before bringing the newborn infant inside the house. If the dog displays unpleasant behavior upon seeing the newborn, take the baby away and seek assistance from an expert in animal behavior.
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Questions and Answers

Pampered dogs with a newborn baby? Are they safe?

If a pampered dog is prepared early for the arrival of the newborn baby into the house, it would be safe to have him around. But do not leave them together without watching both of them because a dog is still a dog even if he is pampered. He may think that the baby is a toy doll which he could bite or chew on. And the smell of the milk on the baby's mouth or fingers would invite the dog to lick and nibble on so it would be better not to let your dog stay at your baby's room.
You could observe on how your dog responds to your newborn baby. Some dogs are not welcoming to young children. They would think that the baby is a threat to them especially when they hear them scream. And if you will find out that the dog would growl at your baby, it would be better to let him stay out or give him away.

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