Install TWRP and the CWM on Your Oppo Find 7

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Did you know that the Oppo Find 7 is still a baby in the market? The phone was first released in March of 2014 and has a 13 MP Camera, but has the power to shoot a 50MP image. This article will show you how to install the TWRP and the CWM for your Oppo Find 7, and how to root. You might be wondering what TWR and the CWM recovery are, and what they do. Before you read the instructions on how to install them on your Oppo Find 7, understand what they are, and what they do. See below for a brief explanation of TWRP and the CWM:

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CWM (ClockWorkMod) is a type of recovery software for Android devices. The ClockWorkMod can do many tasks like: Recovery, Restoration, Installation and Maintenance for your Android device. It can also be used to Back Up Data, Root Access, Themes and Mods, Install customized ROMs, Kernels and a lot more.

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TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is much like the CMW, but it is a custom recovery with ease for customization. The TWRP is fast, user-friendly, easy to customize and reliable too. The TWRP is much of touch wiz for it's graphical interface for easy access and the GUI is fully XML.

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Before doing anything else, first do the following on your mobile phone:

  1. 1
    Backup your data.
    If you don't want to lose any personal information, Apps, Contacts, SMS and any other stuff on your phone, connect to your computer and backup all the data you want to save. After you've installed CWM and TWRP on your phone, you'll be able to restore all the saved data back to your phone.
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Here is how you backup your contacts and logs on your phone:

  1. 1
    1. 2
      Go to your Google Play store and search for the application called "Super Backup:
      SMS & Contacts. Download and install this app.
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    2. 3
      After you've installed the application, launch it to start using it.
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    3. 4
      Select the things you want to make a backup of.
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    4. 5
      Make sure to select your SD card as the destination to backup to, or your Gmail account.
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    5. 6
      After the process of backing up, you need to re=download the app installing TWRP, CWM and rooting the phone.
      If you don't have any contacts on the phone yet, you can ignore this step.
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  2. Do not forget to enable the USB debugging on your phone. If you do not know how to enable the USB debugging on your phone, please follow the instructions below:
    1. 1
      On your phone, go to your phone Settings
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    2. 2
      Tap on About.
      On the about look for the Build Number and tap it seven (7) times. You can tap it continuously and the developer options will come onto your phone screen in the Settings.
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    3. 3
      Go back to the Settings menu again, then look for the "Developer Options" and tap it.
      Make sure that the USB debugging is checked before exiting.
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  3. Make sure the battery on your phone is at 100% or at least 70%. You do not want the phone to shut down in the middle of the process, as it can cause a ton of problems.

The next steps will only work for an Oppo Find 7, the X9007 manufacturer's model. If you try it on another Android device, it may or may not work or even worse, it might damage your entire system. It is not recommended you try this with any other device, and to do so, would be very risky.

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  1. First, download the for your Windows computer. Click on this LINK to download it.
  2. After you have downloaded the Go to your downloads folder and look for it. Once you found the zip file - AndroidSDKSlim. Right click it and click on extract here, or extract to where you want to place it. Look for the folder that has the name "Android-sdk-windows". Move the folder to your desktop screen to have easy access to it.
    Oppo 1 1.png
  3. Download the recovery .img. You can do that via this LINK and also the TWRP file.
  4. Download both files; the CWM_recovery.img and the TWRO file on your computer. Go to the Downloads folder again on your computer and move the file to your desktop for easy access again.
  5. Remember the first folder that you downloaded, open that folder and open the second folder in it called "platform-tools".
  6. Leave the folder open on your computer screen. Now, copy or move the two files in the platform folder, namely the X9007_CWM_recovery.img and the X9007_TWRP_recovery.img
    Oppo 3.png
  7. After doing the steps from 1 to 4, go to your mobile phone and shut it down (turn it off).
  8. Once the phone has completely shut down, boot the phone in fastboot mode. While the phone is off, you need to press and hold the Volume Down, the Volume Key and the Power button at the same time and wait - or let go after 15 seconds to gain access.
  9. Once you have the Fastboot mode on your phone screen. Get the USB (it's best to use the one that came in the package). Connect your phone to your computer.
  10. Once the phone is connected to your PC or Laptop, open a command prompt from the "platform-tools" folder. You just need to right click the white page while holding the Shift button on the keyboard then click on " Open Command Window Here", and you should see a command Window on your computer screen (The black CMD window).
    Oppo 4.png
  11. On the command Windows, you need to type in the following commands:
    1. 1
      fastboot flash recovery X9007_TWRP_recovery.img then press enter and wait
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    2. 2
      fastboot flash recovery X9007_CWM_recovery.img then press enter and wait
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  • After you have gone through all the steps to install the TWRP and the CWM, you can proceed to rooting your mobile phone. By the way, you will see a message on the command letting you know whether it succeeded or not, which is similar to 0.628 finished time. You can now unplug the phone from your computer and reboot it.
  • How To Root your Oppo Find 7

    These are the steps that you can take to root the phone and have the ability to modify its system and customize your device. See below:

    1. Turn off the phone again, but this time you need to remove the SD card you're your phone. You can insert the SD card to a card reader if your computer doesn't have a built it SD card reader.
    2. Download the developer tool from this LINK which is called the "UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.94."
    3. After you've downloaded the file, simply copy and paste it in your SD card, or move it. Do not unzip the file on your computer.
    4. Once the file has been placed on the SD card, insert it back on your phone but do not turn the phone on after you've inserted it.
    5. Reboot the phone in recovery mode by doing the following: Press and hold the Volume down + the Power button at the same time then let go of it once you feel a vibration, as it indicates it has accessed the recovery.
    6. Use the volume keys to move and highlight the option for "Install zip from SD card" and use the home button as OK.
    7. Select the Zip from the SD card, the one you moved earlier (UPDATE-SuperSU-v1.94). Select the file - tap YES and wait for the process to complete its setup.
    8. Once it's completed the process of installing from zip file. Select the "Reboot System Now" and the phone will restart itself. Your Oppo Find 7 is now rooted. Enjoy!

    Benefits for Having a Rooted Phone

    1. It frees up space on your phone by allowing you to remove pre-installed applications and other services that the phone manufacturer installed you may not want on your phone, making room for what you do.
    2. Boosts the battery life of your mobile phone because you can kill or remove applications that are constantly running on your phone, using up the battery.
    3. You can modify or tweak your phone to increase its performance
    4. You can flash thousands of custom ROMs after you root the phone for better performance, and to just look really cool.

    Warnings for Rooting

    1. Voids your manufacturer's warranty. You will lose your warranty when you perform this unauthorized process. You will also lose support and service for your device.
    2. Puts your device at risk. Performing a root on mobile devices or tablets can cause hardware malfunction and damage to your device. All actions you perform will be at your own risk.
    3. You will not receive any future updates for official firmware or software from its manufacturer.

    Questions and Answers

    I have an Oppo N1, can I follow these steps to install TWRP and the CWM then root the phone?

    As per mentioned in the important section, this can only be applied to Oppo Find 7 phone, the manufacturer model is X9007. Otherwise, the steps are not applicable as it can damage the phone. The N1 has different method for rooting, so this article will not apply to your phone.

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    Thank you, I have come to hate my find7a. I cannot fast-boot a recovery.

    I cannot get fast-boot to work today, and my apps will not load or show in downloads. It says it cannot open. I am on gummy ROM and latest TWRP

    Roll back to the original ROM if you saved it in TWRP. Otherwise, install the latest for your device. The Gummy experienced several bugs with yours being one of them.

    Oppo Find 7 bricked after failed Kitkat install?

    The phone will power ON, but the screen is blank. By starting it with no battery but USB connected, I can get Fastboot to recognize it and I am now trying to flash it so that it will start up into Recovery Mode. At present, holding volume buttons while powering ON will not put it into Recovery Mode.

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    Hold Volume Down and the Power buttons. You may have to remove the battery and try again since you have soft bricked the device.

    Download link is dead, so how can I proceed?

    Please re-upload the recovery file

    The link worked for me. I copied and pasted into my browser and then it installed immediately. I then was able to go through the process with no issues during my test to make sure the link was working. Try it again by copy and pasting into your browser. Your firewall may be stopping the download so check that if it refuses to download immediately.

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    Sir, I have oppo a33f model, can I follow this procedure to root?

    I have oppo neo7 a33f model, how can I install CWM recovery in my phone?

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