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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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Can I do cheats on my iPod without a PC or computer?

Can I do cheat on my iPod without a PC or computer


If you are referring to cheating on the Pokemon emulators, then as long as you have an emulator on your phone you should be able to access the cheat menu. Now you may end up having to manually type in the codes for each cheat, but otherwise it should function just the same as it does on a computer.

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If I use a Pokemon cheat like to get Lugia how do I get it in the game?

I did the cheat, but it isn't working or I don't know where to get Lugia



The Pokemon Lugia is one of the mystical legendary pokemons available in Pokemon Light Platinum. If you entered the gameshark code correctly, a wild Pokemon Lugia will certainly appear in natural Pokemon habitats like in tall grasses, oceans, caves and deserts. To properly get the mystical legendary Pokemon Lugia, you need to actually go to the above mentioned places where wild pokemons usually appear and you should prepare the master ball or any powerful pokeballs to capture it. Before capturing Lugia, you need to weaken him first to increase your chance in capturing him. If you are using the master ball or the easy capture cheat, simply throw the pokeball the very first time it appear and you should easily capture it. For your reference, please see this video: http://screencast.com/t/M6rL1rBE

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How do I get the codes to work?

I have entered the codes into my phone and for some reason they do not work they say they are enabled but nothing happens


Not only codes will work for all types of devices. Your codes may have been installed and enabled but it may not be fully compatible with the device you are using. This will prevent it from working properly. The best is always to do a trial and error first. If one code does not work right away, you have to search for the next one. It is normal that some codes won't work for some people.

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How do you put a randomizer on light platinum I have a mac?

I need help and I don't know what to do

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