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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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How can I get my WhatsApp account?

My lumia520 get formatted , now how how can I get my old WhatsApp account with full back up


You can only reinstall your WhatsApp account on your newly formatted lumia520, but you won't be able to retrieve all previous messages. It would be the same WhatsApp account, especially if you are registering the same number, and your contact remains intact as saved on your phone. However, you are basically starting from zero, which means that you will only begin having chat histories as soon as you begin making conversations with your contacts after you have reinstalled WhatsApp.

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How can I download and install the WhatsApp on my phone on Nokia asha 200?

How can I download and install the WhatsApp on my phone on Nokia asha 200


WhatsApp has in fact been taken off the Windows store due to issues with the application on Windows devices. The application for the Windows OS has in fact been removed at this time until the bugs are fixed for the application.

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At this time the Windows OS has eliminated the option of downloading the application and the use of the application if it is already downloaded onto your device.

I have located a link that will be able to in fact view in order to see the breaking news on the app being removed from the app store:


Has UAE service provider has banned WhatsApp software as it can not be downloaded?

I can not download WhatsApp in Lumia 920 and 520


It is not more likely because of your service provider but more likely because of the device you are using. It may not be compatible.

However, you should also check the policies in UAE as there are indeed some Muslim or communist countries that regulate these medium of communication.

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Download and install Whatsapp for windows phone

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