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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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I'm using a GBA emulator and cheats won't work?

Its for the Android and its called my free GBA

what do I do?


If you are using Gameshark, Code Breaker or Raw cheat codes, you can use an alternate GBA emulator for your Android device. Check out My Boy! from the Google play store:


Entering the cheat codes is easy, just hit menu and then select Cheats.


Cheat rare candy and get Riolu?

Give me a cheat to get Riolu and cheat for rare candies


The Gameshark cheat code to enable a wild Pokemon Riolu to appear on wild places (grasses, caves, oceans, deserts etc.) is listed below:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

BF93F87F BC1AB791

I would also like to recommend the easy capture Gameshark cheat code in order for you to easily capture Riolu using any kinds of Pokeballs.

Master Code:

97726CAE9184 8F7AAA5C15FE B85E5A770386

Easy Capture Gameshark code:

6006D97C61CF 47C3AA0DF650

Here's a video tutorial for your reference:


Here's the "Rare Candy" Gameshark code:


Take note that the rare candy gameshark code above will change the first item on your "Item slot" into a rare candy. Before entering the rare candy Gameshark code, you need first to swap or change the first item on your "Item slot" into the item that is less important to you like ordinary potion or item. For your reference, here's a video tutorial on how to change the first item (ether) in the "item slot" into a rare candy using a Gameshark cheat code: http://screencast.com/t/esLpAD7OW

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What do I need to do for cheating?

I cannot cheat


We have a great video tutorial on how to get started and apply cheat codes in Pokemon Light Platinum. Please click any of the cheat codes referenced under the tutorial to see how to use them. To download VisualBoyAdvance, please use a search engine like https://DuckDuckGo.com. Just enter "VisualBoyAdvance download", and you will obtain the link in the top lines with the latest version. Here is one link, for example.

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After typing the cheat my GBA becomes black. Why?

Last time I played, it hanged. Why?

The fix code for Black Screen is 020DE16C E1A00000 020D3FA8 E1A00000. Input the Master Code again and then this code. You can watch how to use it in this YouTube Tutorial.

The above questions are from the following wiki...
Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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See more questions like this: What can I do to cheat when my GBA is in vizzed.com

Is there arceus in this game please I really wanted Arceus real bad?

If there is than tell me the code

In this YouTube Tutorial you can see how to catch Arceus in Light Platinum.

Can I get all of this game cheats?

Cause I always got fake cheats..

The game cheats are posted in the article and QNA section. If your emulator is not working with them then it is usually because the emulator will not let more than one line be used for cheats.

I have the john GBA emulator lite version but whenever I put in a cheat it says its an invalid codes do you have any idea as to why? Can you give me some codes that do work?

Why can't I use cheat codes on my emulator lite? Can I have cheat codes that will actually work?

Use the VBA emulator instead. It is more stable for codes and allows more than one line of cheat codes. Always put the Master Code in first before the other codes.

Entering cheat in my boy free emulator?

Well I want some cheats for Pokemon light platinum but whenever I type it I get an error message even though I typed the cheat properly, selected the right cheat type and also the description. Do you have any idea of what is wrong, please help

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The only cheats that work on the My Boy emulator are Code Breaker cheats.

Harvest Moon cheats on My Boy Android app?

I'm trying to use Gameshark codes from the harvest moon wiki on the My Boy app for Android. I've tried putting the codes in, but I don't think I'm doing it right. I've tried entering them one line at a time as separate cheats, and all at once as one cheat, what am I doing wrong?

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As stated above you will need the Code Breaker cheats for Harvest Moon.

When I put in the cheat codes and go to withdraw rare candies why does it say no items in storage?

I go to the PC, press withdraw items and it says no items

Use the code BFF956FA 2F9EC50D for rare candies. This works and shows up in storage.

Whenever I insert a cheat in my n0sgba emulator, I can't enable it. I can't remove the question mark on the left side?

If I put the master code it won't work. if I put a different kind of cheat like rare candy cheat in Pokemon it won't let me enable it

Not all emulators allow codes. Try the VBA emulator as you will have better success with cheats in games.

You are allowed to enter only one line at a time in the free version, please buy full version to have multiple lines of code in a single cheat?

Can't get the cheats of Pokemon, any other emulator where I can get multiple lines of cheats?

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