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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I am a guy who's girlfriend is in the Philippines?

Hi, I wanted to know if there is any way to spy on my girlfriend's text, and calls in the Philippines, I am in the US, so I do not have access to her phone, hope there is a way


You would need to install an app to her phone in order to spy on her messages. Something like TheTruthSpy would likely work well for your purposes.

You should really consider, though, whether you're cut out for a long distance relationship. Trust is a big part of that kind of commitment, and spying is about as clear a sign of a lack of trust as there can be. Have a conversation with your girlfriend and explain your worries to her. This is a talk you need to have.

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Is there any way to track apps my partner has downloaded?

How can I see if my boyfriend is cheating? I mainly want to see track his grinder app. I work away and I don't have access to his phone, but I have caught him out in a few small lies already. What can I do?

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You can download an app like Auto Forward to remotely install onto his phone. You also can spoof your location on your Grinder app to monitor where he is. Grinder is well known to easily monitor someone this way that has the app. What you do is input several locations and bam you can see where is his located in the app.

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He only uses at work and always switched off in pocket?

All bill being used to full amount and in daughter's details and could not even set up until day out with mate, he says nothing on it, 2 years hidden, how can I remote any access, I can phone him at work on phone.

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If he always has his phone, you won't be able to install anything on it, which means you can't spy on him or track his calls and messages. However, if you can get access to his phone for ten minutes, you will be able to install a spy phone app like My Spy, Stealth Genie, or FlexiSpy. To do that:

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  1. 1
    Register for an account with My Spy (make sure to get the 7 day free trial)
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  2. 2
    Set up your account details.
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  3. 3
    Get his phone for 10 minutes, and download the application.
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  4. 4
    Make sure the application is registered to your account.
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  5. 5
    Log into any web browser to track his phone calls, text messages, and more.
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Just use the My Spy link provided above, and read about how to use the product before you set it up.

I am in a two year marriage. My mate has always had his phone and I mine. Recently I had an accident (broke my phone) so I asked to use his to make a few calls. He abruptly shoved his phone into his back pocket and said, (no). Caught off guard I was shocked. He never let me even make a call to my parents . Mean with excuses now we are fighting everyday. He must be hiding something, please help I already gave a commitment and my heart at stake?

Married and scared new husband cheating on phone

Forget the cheating and let's focus on the fact that he would not allow you to call your parents. This is a significant control tactic of isolation in relationships. He could just not want to let you use his phone because he thinks you irresponsibly broke yours however, you still should be allowed to use his phone to call your parents or others to notify them that your cell is broken.

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You could download a spy app onto his phone but perhaps be more worried about how he is trying to isolate you. One tactic you could use is to go stay with your parents for a visit and inform your husband that you have no means of communication currently and since he won't let you call his parents, you will not be calling him from your parents. See what his response is after a few days and it sounds like you both could use some time apart anyway.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Can I listen to call details of any number?

I want to listen about the gossip in my boyfriend mobile SIM

Guys are not known for gossiping. You could use an app that monitors calls by activating the mic but perhaps instead you ask him for a print out of his call logs for free.

Can I track where my wife goes without her knowing through her iPhone 6?

My wife is consumed with what I'm doing all the time. It's to the point where I'm starting to ask myself if she can be trusted. Does this make sense?

It does make sense. One of the signs of a cheater is that cheating spouse suspecting the other spouse of cheating since they cheated. You can track where she goes using several of the apps recommended on this page and other VisiHow articles on spying. Another suggestion would be to suggest you both download the app Find My Friends. Tell her that you want to do this to give her peace of mind so she can monitor where you are going but in reality you will also be able to monitor her location as well.

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I need to see if my wife is cheating on me how can I find out, she has hid all passwords and clears phone every night. All texts and phone numbers talked through day?

What do you need to find out if my wife is cheating

FlexSpy Extreme would be a good option for you to monitor her phone and the cost starts at $199 for one month. You also could look into other apps like mSpy and Auto Forward as both of those can be downloaded remotely as well.

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I want to install "WhatsApp" on my Mac for a number from the Dominican Republic?

The Dom Rep # is active, but the person that was using that phone now lives in Canada and has now a local number in Ontario with the same phone. I would like to install "WhatsApp" using the Android/stack emulator and submit the Dom Rep #, but they send a text code to the number to verify. Any ideas how can I get this to work?

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The verification text would be sent to whoever now has the Dominican Republic cell number assigned to them. It would not go to the person who had the phone number but now has a different number. It goes to the current cellphone assigned that number.

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I need to know who is she texting with. She is changing a lot?

Please let me know if there is a way to check without installing the program on her phone

People change for a variety of reasons. Even stress can change a person's personality. To monitor her text messages you would have to install software but you can for free read these VisiHow articles to determine what is going on with her:

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How do I get access to my girlfriend's text messages and call log?

My girlfriend is very secretive and always has her phone by her, so there is no way for me to read her text messages. Is there any report or app that I can use to see them? She has an older Verizon phone, it can get a few apps so it might be a smartphone. Any advice?

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There are no spy apps that work on older cellphones unfortunately. If you think that she is secretive just ask her why she is afraid to leave her phone down around you. Ask her if she distrusts you. She may just always have her phone with her out of habit and is hiding nothing.

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I think my wife is having an affair and wish to access her iPhone messages, pictures and videos is this possible?

Can I monitor her iPhone activities without her knowing

Mspy, Flexispy and Auto Forward are all apps that can monitor an iPhone like you are requesting. These are pay apps so you will need to make a payment to gain access to the cellphone.

I'm an Android user, can my rooted device get into his/her phone (but their isn't rooted)?

If I have a rooted device (Android) can I get into the person's non jailbroken phone and see their messages while my phone is rooted?

Not sure why you would not just download a spy app. You can root your phone and try to spy on hers accessing the WiFi network but really it is a real hassle instead of just downloading a spy app.

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