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Sober yourself up

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If you wake up in the middle of the night and threw up after drinking do you throw up alcohol?


Yes, you definitely throw up alcohol along with the food and other drinks you have ingested. Vomiting is a warning signal that the body has reached its maximum level of tolerance for alcohol and the only way to protect the organ systems from further degradation is for the person to vomit excess alcohol. However, most of the alcohol content has already been absorbed by the body at the time you start vomiting. In fact, the blood alcohol content (BAC) levels circulating in the bloodstream can still increment even hours after you have slept or stopped drinking.

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Many people try out varied ways to get sober or reduced drunkenness but the only way to get sober is to stop drinking or a time off from alcohol. No coffee, cold showers, or aspirin could prevent the nasty hungover or lessen the drunkenness you are experiencing at the moment. The only way to get sober is to stop drinking altogether. Drinking more water in between or after drinking alcohol is recommended to prevent dehydration which is the main hazard of drinking too much alcohol.

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If you or your friend passes out or sleeps due to excessive drunkenness then you must make sure to position him or her on the side and never leave your companion lying on his back or even the stomach to prevent alcohol poisoning or getting asphyxia over inhaling or choking on his own vomit. Call 911 if you suspect that he is in serious respiratory distress or if he has signs of severe alcohol intoxication and dehydration.

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I'm feeling weak and numb in the joints after drinking beer?

I just don't feel like doing anything even eating after drinking on an empty stomach. I threw up all all over the place and the next morning I could not even get up now 2 days later I still feel nausea ,numb and weak in the joints. I've tried bananas and stuff to retain the calcium I lost but to no avail. I just want to know if there is a connection between this and the continuous flank pains?

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Sober yourself up

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