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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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If he forgives me for something really bad that I did, does that mean he loves me?

We got into an argument. I said some really horrible things but he forgave me. He knows I love him but he hasn't said it back to me.


Every couple argues -- that's just how relationships go. The real problem would be if you both argued with each other all the time, or if you didn't forgive each other after each argument. Now that he has forgiven you, sit him down and apologize one more time. Make sure he knows that you didn't mean anything you said during the argument. This will show your boyfriend that you truly care for and love him, and it will make him realize that the argument was only so bad because of the heat of the moment. After he has again forgiven you and told you that it is okay, tell him you love him and tell him that you're very grateful that he forgave you. At this point, if he truly loves you, he will say it back. However, if he doesn't say it after you say it, he might not love you after all. If he doesn't say it, bring it up by asking why he didn't say it back. It will seem a bit pushy at first, but it will let you know if he is as invested in the relationship as you are. At that point, you can make a decision about the relationship; if he isn't as invested in it as you are and you two argue often and only you tell him you love him afterwards, it may be time to end the relationship, at least to take a break and think about what both of you want from a relationship. You may be able to try it all again later, or maybe you'll both realize that the relationship just won't work, and you can go out and try to find someone else who better suits your needs.

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What should I do to win his attention again?

My boyfriend is mad at me because I forgot to congratulate him for passing the Test exam. he broke up with me and doesn't want to talk to me or even meet me


What your boyfriend is missing from his relationship with you at this point in time is some kind of congratulations for his accomplishment. It is time to buy him something special, such as a gift certificate to his favourite store or even a little trophy, mug or flowers and send it by mail along with a note that says "Congratulations. I love you." if he still does not want to see you after that, then he is holding a real grudge and it is best just to let him cool off on his own for as long as it takes.

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What to do, since he acts differently?

I went to meet a friend outside his place, a male friend, and he didn't take it well, he thinks I am cheating on because I went out at night, but it is a friend. He said he forgave me but there is too much tension? What should I do, I cry everyday at work.

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It seems that your boyfriend thinks you can't be trusted, which is not a good sign that he would thrive in a long-term relationship with you. Men with controlling, possessive and jealous traits want to know where their women are at all times, and it seems that if you want to be with him, you would have to check in with him at all times, and still maybe get resentment, passive-aggressive treatment and suspicion. The only thing you can do here is to promise him that you will always let him know about your whereabouts in the future, and if he is still giving you a hard time drop him. As for the crying every day at work, you need to have some consideration for your coworkers and clients and resolve your emotional problems with a therapist, who can help you become more independent so that others do not have so much power to ruin your day.

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I broke up with him in a rush. Could he forgive me?

It has been 5 months and I really like him still, I see him every day at college but he is kind of shy so it is difficult to talk to him. We have really distanced ourselves but we remain very similar and he has now befriended one of my enemies. I don't know what to do because I see him wandering around alone in lunch but he avoids eye contact, help

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Approach him and ask to have lunch with him. Ask him how he is doing in school and ease the conversation into how you feel that you made a huge mistake because after 5 months you still have feelings for him. Although he is shy if he has feelings for you also he will indicate them. Watch his body language. His avoidance of eye contact may just be that he is shy and embarrassed about how things ended with you. Check out these VisiHow articles:

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If you really want another chance with him you will need to make the first move. The worst he can do is say no to you and then you should ask to at least be friends.

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How to get him back, don't want to break up?

My boyfriend is upset to that extent that he wants to break up, but I don't want to break up

Use the suggestions recommended in the VisiHow article on this page. You can't force him to forgive you but you can try your best to mend the relationship. Make sure that you are apologizing for what you did to hurt him and proving that it will not happen again.

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Make a list of all the things you love about him and your relationship and send it to him. This is the time to make him feel like he is the only thing that matters in your life. Hopefully, you can turn things around. If he asks for space you will want to give it to him.

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Will he forgive me and talk to me again?

At first he was willing to be with me for lifetime but it was I who was over-text him and told his friends to ask him to call me. One of his friends told me something wrong about him. My uncle send him threatening messages and now he hates me and told me goodbye forever. It wasn't my fault totally, but he misunderstood me. I am not able to overcome this situation and I feel depressed. He has blocked me and diverted the calls

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This may have been a situation where actions went too far. You told your uncle which did not help matters. Ask your uncle to apologize for the misunderstanding. This may open lines of communication again. He has blocked you so write him an apology letter and pour your heart out. When he receives it in the mail you may be able to speak with him again.

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How do I get him to forgive me, while he is still mad at me?

He was mad at me because he wanted to kiss me and I didn't want him to, my reason was that its my first time, I wanted to be romantic.

He should understand that you were not ready. We all have different ideas of romance and he may have took your refusal as an insult. Ask him out again and see what happens. If you are still not ready for a kiss, do not force yourself into a situation you will later regret.

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What are the chances of being forgiven?

He says he is not angry, but he is disappointed in me, he will change his approach towards me and I should stop apologizing because it makes me look desperate. I have said all that I think would show him I am sorry but still no success

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The only thing you can do now is wait it out. If he does not forgive you and things do not improve then you can ask for you both to talk about what you did again. Sometimes just saying the words "fresh start" help to reset tense situations in a relationship. He says he is disappointed so prove to him that you will change with your actions and not your words.

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How do I get back in his good grace?

I told him off and I said it was over, he threw up things he did for me in my face and hurt me, and he said to delete his number, we haven't talked since

You spoke the words that the relationship was over and the fact that he took those words literally means that he was frustrated enough to leave before the argument occurred. Try to open the lines of communication by apologizing for overreacting. He may not want to date you again but at least, you can have the peace of mind that things ended with proper closure.

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I kissed my boyfriend's cousin and I told him about it?

I kissed my boyfriend's cousin and I told him about it

Unfortunately, that is not just a betrayal with another guy but a betrayal with a member of his family. It does not matter how things happened with his cousin but at least, you were honest. Think about if this relationship can ever have a future. Do you want to be sitting at the table during the holidays with his cousin and his family when they all know of what you did?

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If he forgives you, it may take a very long time. You will have to be patient because this type of betrayal is very hard to overcome even when the person wants to forgive.

I reacted before hearing his reason?

My boyfriend and I agreed to spend the weekend together and he didn't show up. I got angry and later he sent a message explaining what happened and I didn't believe him and I dumped him. Now he doesn't talk to me. I have asked for forgiveness but he hasn't responded, I don't know what to do

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Sounds like there was more to the miscommunication than you realized. He may see you as someone who is too much work or over emotional. Meanwhile, he did cancel plans that the two of you made together and you being hurt and lashing out is understandable. If he does not want to speak to you, wait a few weeks and contact him again. He may just be pouting and will get over this.

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Other forms of offering amends?

How do I offer amends for my boyfriend when I have destroyed his trust?

You will have to regain his trust with actions. This may mean letting him have unrestricted access into your private life until he feels secure enough to trust you again. Trust takes time to earn so be patient and understanding during this time.

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My boyfriend have lots of attitude for me?

I love him and he also loves me, he cannot live without me but he do not know about me

Work on him getting to know you better. Perhaps he does not understand you so try to explain things more than you normally would. If something is bothering you then speak up about it. Do not little arguments fester in the relationship without compromising or coming to a solution together.

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I cheated on my fiance (now husband)

I cheated on my boyfriend (now husband) 18 years ago. I kissed a guy in Majorca, wrote to him after the holiday and met up with him again in London a few months later (1 kiss again, nothing else!) went home after I knew it was wrong. We were due to move into our first home a few weeks later. My husband and I are together 22 years and this was 4 years into the relationship. This all came out 3 weeks ago.

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Your infidelity happened a very long time ago. 18 years of a faithful relationship after those kisses is a good foundation for proof that you want him and no one else. Express how much you have regretted your behavior and how much you want your relationship to continue to work. You may have to show him that he can completely trust you now as probably he will be putting all your daily actions under a microscope looking for more infidelity.

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Even though the infidelity did not go further than a kiss and was so long ago, speaking to a marriage counselor may help your marriage.

Is it too late? will he reply?

All along, my boyfriend have loved me very much but I took him for granted. We broke up previously in May because of my flirty ways and patched up. This time round however, I felt that he wasn't there for me when I had family issues and I requested for a breakup. I regretted however and asked to make up which he refused. Before he went on vacation, he told me it was over twice and I was upset and started to plan a mountain trip with guy that I met on a dating app. It wasn't romantic but I just needed a trip away to think. He logged into my Facebook and read everything, got angry and refused to talk. I begged and eventually, he agreed to meet. Before the meeting though, I flared up at a minor issue and he cancelled the meeting, confirming the breakup. Even when I said I would accept the breakup and we should meet to talk it over nicely, he refused. So I decided to go for the mountain trip and texted him to prevent any misunderstanding if he changes his mind. He ignored it and deleted me off Facebook and Instagram. When I came back, I sent a letter to apologize for my behavior throughout the relationship. I mentioned I still want things to work out but I will not force him and that I truly love him a lot. Its been two days and he has not responded. It has been 17 days since we last texted each other.

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No offense but if you really loved him you would not have gone on that trip with the other guy and this is most likely how your boyfriend sees the situation. You have written him a letter and it may take a lot longer than two days for him to respond. During this time, you should access why you always seem to break up with him when things get tough. A true relationship means sticking together in the good and the bad. Weathering the life storms is what makes a relationship strong and grows the emotional connection between two people.

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Why is he behaving as a stranger?

He is not responding properly and not giving me proper time. He is very angry. But this is not the way to react right?. I have tried: I have written a letter apologizing. I have written a page full of sorry. I have also accepted my mistake and I cut off contact with other boys, but he is not ready to be normal again.. I think it was caused by: This problem is due to my flirty nature. I think I flirt with boys, not seriously but yes I do, and he hates that.

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He can't trust you. Even though your flirting was innocent it caused consequences. You will have to prove to him that you are serious about not flirting with other guys anymore. You also should take all that flirtation you feel and direct it towards him even if he is acting indifferent at this time.

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I am playing with another guy true on Facebook, then he caught me, what will I do for him to forgive me?

What should I do, what message will I send so that he will forgive me

Apologize and figure out what made you want to seek out another guy over social media. You also may want to delete your Facebook account for a period of time while he is regaining trust in you and you are figuring out why you are seeking out other guys. You really can't fix things until you fix yourself and change your behavior.

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Is it over or does he need space and for how long?

He asked me a question and I lied. I called him immediately to apologize and now he has not returned my calls or texts in the last 3 days. I have tried: I called once and texted him twice. I think it was caused by: Me not being honest

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Lying in a relationship can be a deal breaker for some people. You have apologized and admitted the truth but the best you can do is now wait to see if he responds after your apology.

How to make him understand my situation?

My boyfriend is often getting angry with me for silly reasons. I can't tolerate this type of problems. but I love him more than he do. I am worrying about our love whether it ends till last.

Something is bothering him and making him overreact so ask him what it is. He may just be under a lot of stress and will begin to get back to normal. You need to assess whether you want to be with someone who treats you this way as that is not okay and a relationship like this hardly ever survives without learning how to communicate with each other better.

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How do I prove to him that he IS my TOP priority?

My boyfriend thinks I don't see him as a priority, but I do. I put him above all things. I've made many mistakes in our relationship, and he's always been kind and forgiving but this time he said he's had enough. I know he's way too good for me, but I love him and the thought of losing him is heart-wrecking. Not breaking, wrecking. He has a very explosive personality and says that he's completely saturated of me always apologizing but ending screwing up again. And sometimes I can't help it. Murphy's Law fits right into me. Even though my intentions are good, they always backfire, making him feel worse than before. I know that when he's mad he wants and needs space, but also keeps expecting I do or say something that shows I'm truly sorry. I just don't know what... Please help me.

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Plan a weekend trip for just you and him and you may get a refusal from him but at least, he will see that you are serious about him and want things to work out. If you keep screwing up either you are not learning from your mistakes or his standards are way too high.

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