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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I'd like to see my girlfriend's text messages but I don't have access to her phone?

How can I read my girlfriend's texts


For Internet traffic (not SMS/MMS), It is possible if you install a Wi-Fi sniffer on a computer, warn the person that she will be monitored, ask her to connect to your WiFi network and stay within the range and examine the packages coming through your computer. This means that the data will be examined only as it is sent or received. The old messages will not be visible.

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The other method is asking another person to communicate with your girlfriend and ask all that you need to know through communications over the phone. There is little you can do without access to the phone for at least thirty minutes.

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How can I check text messages on another phone without the person knowing?

I can't get access to the other phone


As long as you have their phone number, you can use apps like mSpy, Auto Forward or Spyera to access their phone by just using their cell phone number.

How to view text messages on someone else phone?

I would like to access my ex-boyfriend's phone and check his text messages. I have tried: Nothing


Because they are your ex, you should not be monitoring their phone. It is illegal in many locations to monitor a cell phone without the user's consent. There is nothing you can gain from monitoring your ex's device. In fact, you are behaving like a stalker if you download a spy app to your ex's phone to see who they are texting. It is no longer your business who they speak to or even sleep with because your relationship has ended. Here are some VisiHow articles that will help you move on:

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Do not become that crazy ex that stalks and is stuck in the past. Letting go will be good for you and the only way you will heal from this break up is to move on with your life.

How can I get my husband's text log to be sent to my cell phone?

I want my husband's texting log to come to my cell phone

All of the reputable spy apps will send the SMS data from your husband's phone. If you suspect infidelity it may be worth it to pay the $60+ to get the proof. Here are some VisiHow articles that can help you discern if he is, in fact, cheating:

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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I'm looking for a free safe way to get a look at my boyfriend's messages?

If possible. It seems that all of these apps are not free or take some sort of survey filling

Unfortunately, most of the free apps that advertise to spy on a phone for free are just data collecting spam sites. There are free apps in Google Play and iTunes that will forward messages but the other person would know. The only free way is to check his phone while he is sleeping or occupied. There are some apps that offer free 48 hours to 7 days trials but only use ones that do not ask for you to complete surveys.

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How to retrieve deleted text messages from my Obama phone?

I have been letting my soon to be Ex use the phone and now he won't give it back and when I tried to use it he wouldn't let me, said that he had to delete the messages so I wouldn't see them and darn I want to see them

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He is almost your ex so why bother. Take your phone back and move on. Most likely he is just deleting messages to irritate you and it is costly to see what he deleted if you are breaking up with him anyway.

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I want his upcoming messages on my phone for an hour only?

I want to know with whom he is talking with messages

First of all, make sure that you will not get in trouble with the law when spying on the phone of the person. You will have to try out one of spy products. For example, go to this mSpy trial page. Fill in your data in the required fields. After reading and agreeing to Terms and Conditions, Refund Policy, Device Requirements, and a Legal Disclaimer check all of the boxes at the bottom of the page. Click "GET FREE TRIAL", and you will be able to use the program for 7 days. Do not forget to cancel your subscription as soon as you do not need the service anymore; otherwise, you will be charged for the service after a week passes. Afterward, you will need to get the physical access to the phone on which you wish to spy. Follow the instructions on the mSpy page to install the program onto the phone. Please note that you may skip jailbreaking (rooting) the phone.

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What great app or website can I use to see my fiance's text messages without having her phone?

I want to be able to read what she is saying to other phone numbers because I believe she is cheating on me.

Auto Forward and Spyera, as well as, mSpy are some of the best to remote target and monitor a cell phone. Because she is your fiance you should, at least, give her the chance to clear up any doubts by speaking with her first. Communication is vital to a marriage and if you both can't communicate properly your future marriage will not survive.

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I want to read my husband's messages, how is that possible without taking his phone?

I think my husband cheats on me, I want to catch what is going on in his life secretly. I'm really worried, please help me. I have tried: I am trying to hack messages but useless. I think it was caused by: I can't open hacked details, it needs the activation code, but I can't download it. I'm very sick of all this

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Try an app that remotely targets a cell phone with no installation. Do not trust any so called free messaging spy apps because they are most likely a scam where they promise you an activation code after you fill out several surveys.

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How can I find out if my partner is spying on my phone and receiving my messages?

My husband is able to give details of my conversation I have with others. He also has pics that I'm sure I deleted from my phone

Install anti-spyware on your phone immediately. You also should check in your Applications Manager on your device to see if there are any apps there that you do not recognize. If you still feel that you are being monitored you can factory reset your phone.

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I am in Malawi, I want to be reading messages for my husband using my phone?

Want to access husband phone using my phone, so I can know what he is doing in secret. I want to access the messages without him knowing. All the messages should get directed to my phone. I have tried: To find his password. Searched related post but it requires more information that can make him know that I'm in a process of tracing his phone. I think it was caused by: He is cheating, he doesn't want me to know the whole truth of his stories

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How to gain access to husband's phone over WiFi or Bluetooth. I am unable to get his phone to download an app

He hides his phone from me and he sleeps with it on silent at night. He actually takes the phone to bed with him. He turns his phone over when it is charging. He also leaves the room a whole lot with his phone. He seems very secretive. I would love to gain access to his text messages, emails and whereabouts to know if he is cheating on me. It really isn't any different. I just didn't see anywhere on how to do it, like step by step. We both have a Samsung. He is an S5 and mine an S6. I have tried: I have tried to get his phone while he is sleeping but he woke up and trapped me against the wall to get his phone back. I didn't have time to see anything. I think it was caused by: I think that he is either dealing in drugs or having an affair.

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