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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I will never get a hold of my boyfriend's phone so what else can I do from my phone or the internet?

My boyfriend would never let me get a hold of his phone and I don't know the pass-code so what else can I do from my phone or internet to track his whereabouts?


Unfortunately, if you can't get a hold of his device so you can personally install an application on it, you won't be able to track his whereabouts or log his calls and texts. If you are ever able to get his phone in your hands, you can read the in-depth VisiHow article below to learn how you can track your boyfriend; but until then, you won't be able to track his device through the internet or your phone without installing a spy application on his phone first.

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Can a cell be spied on using only the cell number or email address?

A person has no access to cellphone victim uses WhatsApp and Facebook


Unfortunately there is no spyware that will allow you to monitor another phones messages, WhatsApp or Facebook using only the cell number or email address. You need to have the cellphone in your possession for about twenty minutes so you can download the program secretly onto their phone and then access the information from an information cloud later.

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If you know your target's cellphone number or email account details you can change the password on their WhatsApp or Facebook accounts.

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I need something that won't charge anything or something cheap but that I can use without having access to the target phone because its in another state?

Needs to be able to use without access to target phone


Regrettably, that is not possible. All of the spy applications require

  • access to the phone with permission of its user;
  • payments (one-time or recurring). The cheapest solution is around $60, but you still need the target phone.

Estimated location without installing app on required device?

Missing family member, cellphone is the only means of tracking since the vehicle he took does not have a tracking device

You will have to pay for an app like FlexiSpy or Mspy or Auto Forward as all those can give you a location while being downloaded remotely.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Cheating lying boyfriend said he has put a tracking app on my phone?

I want to track him see his texts and calls but I don't have access to his phone. He owes me 00.00 and I have to remain civil so he will pay me back but if he is spending money on other woman I want to take him to court and get my money

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Instead of wasting money on an app to spy on your ex boyfriend, give him 60 days in a written notice to pay you back and if he does not within that time you can spend the $20 or so to file a civil suit for nonpayment. For a civil suit to go in your favor you will need some sort of signed written agreement between the two of you for the load and repayment so protect yourself with an agreement that he signs first.

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He is your ex so there is no need to see if he is seeing someone else because it is now no longer your business. He does, however, owe you money so get that agreement signed if you do not have one already and give him 60 day notice to repay you or you will take him to court.

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Is there a way to see where a cellphone is located without installing a tracking program into it?

Can a cellphone location be tracked without programming it into the phone being looked after

No, you will need to install some sort of software to find your device using the GPS feature of the device. If you have a Google account on the phone you can install GPS location software through Google play signed into the account on the phone and then enable the app on the phone remotely. But this is only if the cell is on and your Google account in Google play is the same as the phone's assigned Google account.

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Is there a spyware that actually works if you do not have the phone you plan on tracking info?

Viewing call log and text etc, while not be traced

Yes, many of the major spy app competitors all monitor call logs, messages and social media.

Is there any way I can see what is going on with my boyfriend's cellphone without having it in my possession?

My boyfriend has been really sneaky lately and not himself, and I just need to figure a way to get his locations and his text messages without him knowing so I can stop stressing or so I can figure out how to fix this problem. can you please help

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You can download any one of the recommended apps on this page to monitor his locations and text messages.

Hi, my friend and I are not talking nor do we have common friends, but I don't know how does he come to know which cities and countries I will be traveling to in advance, before my dates of travel?

I don't know how I am being stalked.. I think this is due to smart phone. All my mails, personal and professional, have my travel details. My friend is not talking to me but knows the exact dates of my travel before my travel dates? I have recently changed my smart phone handset.

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Some websites share details of bookings with connected friends on that website. If you shared any details on social media for instance your friend may know about them. Check your phone using an anti spyware app and check your applications in settings to see if there is a spy app downloaded onto your phone.

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I don't have access to phone but want to monitor text messages or use phone as a bugging device to hear conversation in the room?

I don't have access to phone but want to monitor text messages or use phone as a bugging device to hear conversation in the room

An app like Auto Forward will download with just the information of a cell number. Be warned though that bugging a room without a warrant is illegal in many locations.

I have been with my partner for 4 years and he doesn't live with me, he gets annoyed if I bring it up, I need to know if he is cheating on me that's why? Is this a free service to try first and will he know that his phone has been traced and does it work within Australia?

Need to know why he won't live with me, feel he messages and text other women. I need to know

Some apps have free trials but he may just not want to lose his freedom of living alone and this is why he gets annoyed when you bring it up. You have been together for four years so maybe you should determine if there is a future with this relationship since he does not want to move in with you.

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I need to check up on my girl's cell location. We are based in Nam-ibis?

I need to know her whereabouts all the time.

Many of the apps mentioned on this page are international.

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