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Grow a Beard

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My age is 18 just came (July 11th), can you suggest me some remedies for fast growth of beard?

My beard is incomplete exactly under my nose no growth of it


You are 18 so your beard potential has not fully developed yet. Mustard leaves and Alma Oil will help you to boost the beard growth under your nose but do not despair if you still do not get the desired amount you want as you have not fully developed your beard growth potential. Many men do not reach their full bear growth until they are past the age of 25.

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The remedies in the VisiHow article below on this page can assist you in increasing your beard coverage.

How should I Grow a beard in 3 weeks?

I have started growing beard since last 2 weeks, beard is growing no doubt but I need faster growth within next 24 days. I am applying coconut oil daily at night on beard but I need quicker growth. I have tried: Coconut Hair Oil on Beard Area. I think it was caused by: No Problem I just need quicker growth

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Add Mustard Leaves and Alma oil or Hibiscus leaves which can read about in the VisiHow article titled Which hibiscus flower is good for hair. Any remedy you use will show results after consistent application for 30 days so start as soon as possible adding the additional ingredients to your coconut oil regiment.

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