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Get your girlfriend to forgive

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I want to write a letter about my problems that I have been facing?

The current problems I have, what I have to do


There are times that a formula can be applied to a letter to make it better. This is not one of those times. This letter should be raw, from the heart, and be as personal as you can make it. Just go ahead and write it. You'll probably like the way it turns out.

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Writing an apology letter to a female friend?

I took a pretty great friendship with a female friend and became selfish and placed blame on her for things going on in my life and then when she started backing away, I became resentful and when I would try and connect with her she wouldn't want to, I started to further resent her and placed blame and hurt on her rather than my actions.

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It is human to deflect life problems onto to someone we care about. Apologize to your friend in a letter and explain that you know you should not have deflected your frustration onto her and you realize that it was not only wrong but also destroyed your friendship which is your deepest regret.

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She may not forgive you but in the letter there should be no expectations of reconciliation. You can mention that you would like to start the friendship over if she can forgive you but do not force the issue.

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How can I say sorry to a girl for not minding my own business?

Through a text, that I'm sorry for not minding my own business


Here are some examples of asking for forgiveness in a text message:

  • I stuck my nose where it should not be so now I ask for you to forgive me.
  • With my foot in my mouth, I had to text you because I can't speak.
  • In a text or three I hope you will see that I wish for you to forgive me.

Apology letter to my close friend who lives abroad after 6 months of disconnection between me and her?

She is my close friend and we started to like each other a lot but both of us were busy, and she was busier than me. I had more opportunity to stay in touch with her. But I have stopped talking for 6 months and now I feel so regretful for that. I want to send her a letter explaining what happened with me.

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Express in your letter that you thought of her daily but were giving her space so that she could finish whatever she was doing. Mention how much you have missed speaking with her and during this time apart have realized how much you need her in your daily life.

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I think that some misunderstanding has been taken place between us?

I love a girl and she also loves me, she gives smile to all boys and I am jealous, but I love her a lot

Your jealousy got in the way so use that to your advantage. In your apology to her, explain that you try to control your jealousy but sometimes you get insecure because you are so afraid of losing her to another guy. Play on the true insecurity you feel about losing her and that will soften the misunderstanding and hopefully, she will realize how much she really means to you. Even though you are mentioning your insecurities as an explanation, be sure to promise to work on those insecurities to avoid situations like this in the future.

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I stood up a girl I really liked?

Even ignored her phone calls because I didn't know what to say. What do I do or say to her because I really have no excuse for being quiet for 3 days in full detail. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: I ignored her for 3 days.... right now she checks in everyday trying to call to see if I'm okay

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Letter to a friend who has been having some problems?

I just wants to learn a letter to a friend who has been having some problems and ask him how he is doing and if you can help. A letter to friend who has been having some problem

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