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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone

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I want to spy my boyfriend without him realizing?

I love him and I want to hear him talking to other people. Notify me when cellphone rings and when SMS enter


You can download a spy app but it may be illegal to do so where you reside. Listening to his conversations needs consent in most locations. If you love him why do you want to spy on his phone calls and if you suspect cheating, there are better ways to go about it before you monitor all his phone conversations which is such an invasion of privacy. Try first using a spy app that monitors his locations and SMS. You will still get a call history log which should be enough for you to determine what he is up to.

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Does it really work ? or am I wasting my time?

Most of the time many apps are not supported in our country ( Ethiopia)


MSpy is supported in Ethiopia.

I want to see my girlfriend WhatsApp messages please its imp?

It is not good for me, to see all the apps are asking to do the survey


The free trial apps will ask for surveys. If you want to bypass surveys you will have to pay for a good app which will cost a minimum of $60.

Want to know about Raphael's history and background?

Raphael Mwangangi's life history and about him

There are at least 5 people using that name on social media but you can search and see which profiles are his if you know what he looks like or what he does for a profession. Most of us leave a digital footprint now and you can see history from that digital footprint by searching his name online.

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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone
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I was just want more details on Flexispy?

I was just want more details on Flexispy, how much it cost, must target phone be rooted, is it detectable, etc.... I have tried: I've tried freeandroidspy.com. I think it was caused by: I don't understand the question

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Some features work using Flexispy without rooting the phone but to get all the features you will need to root the phone. The cost of Flexispy starts at $68 a month and if you need to bypass a password the cost for the Extreme service begins at $199.

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Catch a drug dealer who is selling drugs to family?

I believe my husband is doing drugs, how do I spy on his phone without direct access to it and without installing any software

You will need to install software to track his phone. You could use an app like Find My Friends and install it on his phone and if he asks about the app you can say it is for if he loses his phone because it also works as a lost phone indicator.

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What plans do you have if you catch a dealer? The safer thing would be to notify the police if you do get a location of the dealer and not confront the dealer in person. Unfortunately, most dealers are back on the streets after arrest unless there is significant evidence against them. Your information and if your husband agrees to testify would aid in the conviction of the dealer.

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How to spy on someone WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, LINE, Facebook messenger, calls?

How to spy on someone WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, LINE, Facebook messenger, calls. I have tried: Tried to use apps but no idea how to use it. I think it was caused by: To track someone phone activity

Since you need so many messaging and social media apps monitored it would be best to install an app that you pay for and has customer support. You want to track several apps and if you are not familiar with apps like these, you should use an app that has tutorials and customer support.

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I am in Holland and need to follow somebody in Ukraine, is it possible?

We both have Windows phones and I want to follow with my Windows phone somebody in Ukraine with a Windows phone. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: There is no problem

Flexispy and Mspy work on Windows phones. It is possible to use those apps in both countries at the same time.

I want to know all about this package?

I want to know all about this package

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Hi. How do I override the password?

Its a Samsung phone belonging to my wife. She is cheating on me. I need to know who is the guy.

You cannot override the Samsung smartphone lock-screen password without explicit permission of the owner. In your case, an alternative solution is required, such as hiring a private detective who will help to look into the case infidelity, which may even be a criminal act in some areas of the world.

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How to see what my brother does on Safari?

I just want to know because I want to see what he does, I'm just curious

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