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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I want to see my boyfriends text messages online without installing software?


The only way to see your boyfriend's messages is by getting a peak of it by using his phone. In order to see the system's messages on the phone, you need to infiltrate it by using an app that is hidden from the phone's owner. Without infiltrating the system, you cannot see the messages without touching the other phone. You may want to try Mobile Spy app/software that can get all information from the target phone. However, it comes with a monthly fee and you will have to install the said app on the boyfriend's phone. You can view it online or by using your phone. You can read more about it here:

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No, this is impossible to do for Android OS or iOS or any phone OS. No One can do it. Phone OS is a dual layer security OS that requires user permission to allow the phone app to access the OS functions. Anyone claiming to be able to do this is not telling you the truth. This is like asking a mechanic to fix your car remotely. My preference is Win-Spy does not have a monthly fee. More info in the link below:

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Is there any way to see somebody's cellphone texts without access to their phone? Just using their phone number?

No access to target phone. Only phone number and details.


While most spy applications require that you have physical access to the device to install them, there are some spy applications that allow you to remotely monitor the phone you want to spy on without installing anything on it. These generally aren't as reliable as their physically-installed counterparts, but they may work for you:

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Remember: these applications may or may not work for you. In addition, they may be illegal in your area. Before you try them, contact your local law enforcement to learn about your area's local laws regarding cell phone spying.

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He is always hiding his phone, turning it a certain way so I cannot see anything, sometimes has two locks/passwords on phone?

Is there any device I can get without having physical access to his phone where I could see text messages, phone calls, websites, photos, etc


Flexispy will bypass passwords if you purchase their Extreme service which starts at $199 for the first month.

I want any online free site to check SMS without knowing her?

I want to check and read my Boyfriend's SMS from his mobile number which are sent by him. so please let me help on this

There are no free apps unless you take surveys and then it is only free for a short period of time. Remote download apps start at around $60 a month.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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Is truspy a free way of receiving text without being detected or a scam?

I pretty much know my bipolar fiance is seeing someone and only her texts will tell the truth. I really need to know

Truspy is a decent app and does have a free trial. It is not a scam but you may have to answer surveys to get your free trial. Someone who is bipolar can develop a sex addiction or just exhibit their manic phase by seeking out sexual attention from strangers. If you do find out she is cheating you should ask that you go to a psychiatric counseling session with her or the marriage is off. She will need to learn how to manage her mental health while avoiding the path of destruction.

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How can I track my boyfriend's messages?

Hi, I've got a huge problem, my boyfriend has a system where he can see all my messages, emails, chats, Facebook and even calls I received. I also want to do the same thing as I feel trapped and not free, I want him to know how it feels for someone not to have any privacy. Please help. I need your urgent help.

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He downloaded a spy app onto your phone. Check in your application manager for the name of the spy app or download anti spyware to find the spy app. You can put the app on his phone and spy on him but that is retaliation and once a relationship has retaliations like this, it is doomed to fail. It is also illegal in many locations such as California to download a spy app without the device owner's consent. Have a conversation with your boyfriend about why he can't seem to trust you. What has him so insecure? This will be the only way to resolve the issue like two adults.

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Nowadays he is not replying my messages?

I want to see his text messages but he not allowing me to do so

You can download a spy app but first, you should determine what has him so distant. Could he just be busy or is he mad at you? People can view their messages like someone would their private diary and allowing others to see their messages in unthinkable. Maybe he just wants to protect the privacy of a friend that texted him about a personal issue. He is not responding to you though so either he thinks the relationship is over or he is just too busy when you text him.

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Hi, I need to see if my girlfriend is cheating on me by monitoring her text messages and calls but I was wondering if there is a way I can get all the info I need for free

She has been acting strange lately

There are apps that have free trials but you will need to answer surveys usually. Here are some VisiHow articles to help you determine if her strange behavior is caused by infidelity:

I am married but suspect my husband is cheating on me, I know he receives text messages and delete them immediately after reading them?

My husband keeps his phone by his side so I cannot get hold of his phone, he will sometimes just disappear for a few hours with no explanation. This is driving my crazy, I don't just want to divorce because this is my second marriage. Can you help me find out if he is really cheating please?

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The unexplained absences for a few hours are a good sign that something is going on. It may not be cheating but instead something like a gambling addiction. I had a friend that thought her spouse was cheating because he was doing exactly what your husband is doing but instead he was gambling using a bookie and deleting those messages so his wife did not find out.

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Download one of the apps mentioned on this page and in the VisiHow article and see if he is deleting anything that has you suspicious.

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How can I track and find out if he has hidden something, and see his text?

My boyfriend has been very strange, I've noticed him positioning his phone a lot and also constantly make stupid excuses to expose ourselves constantly, he had an app that he uses for text through WiFi as a messenger but is always so secretive and defensive.....

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Download a spy app but you may want to use one that has a fee so that you can also see his photos that he sends in messaging. It might be that he is positioning his phone to record you during intimate moments and sharing those videos or pics with others. There was a popular game amongst guys not that long ago where friends would get points for pics of girls and certain body parts or situations were high points.

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I want to see what my wife is doing with my messages and see what she is saying about me. We have Verizon. She is hurting me bad. I am 52, not 21. I have three kids and want to know what is she up to, I have no money?

Can I see if she is talking to the other phones on our plan?

Create an online account with Verizon and you can use Verizon's feature Family Safeguards and Control to view who she is calling. You can also block calls and other features for free and pick and choose extra features that do not have a high monthly expense fee.

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How can I get into someone's Snapchat?

I want to be able to access their Snapchat account.

mSpy can monitor Snapchat but comes with a fee. I would recommend only using a paid app if you are planning on monitoring Snapchat because their deletion method makes it difficult to track the chats.

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How do I go about doing this far keeping tabs on him like he's doing with me?

He tapped into my iPhone but is very secretive with his I'm only doing this to return the favor

In this situation, perhaps he has downloaded a spy app because he is cheating so now he is suspicious that you will cheat. There are many spy apps that are compatible with iPhones.

How can I do it from my office PC right now?

I need help now, how can I do it from my office PC right now

Auto Forward spy app is a good one to use to remotely install and monitor from a computer. If you are using your office computer, some office firewalls will block you accessing a spy app website page and downloading from there.

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What type of services do you provide?

I believe my girlfriend whom I am planning to marry might be having an affair.

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Want to see who husband texting for free I have no access at all to his phone and can't afford to pay for these apps?

I need to see if there is a reliable FREE software or app that I can use to get my husband texts and calls since he been very secretive with his cell and leaves room when he gets call and never keeps cell off of him always has it with him no matter what room he's in, even in the shower. I can't afford these ones you have to pay for I don't want to do offers cause I was already ripped off on that and I have no physical access to his phone to install anything on it. Already explained in the previous area of this.. it is different because I can't afford these offers and I need to find out if he talking or cheating, our son is a mess over the things his dad has been doing and canceling on him and says his dad always on phone.

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HI my ex has been hacking into my emails and I have been changing my passwords 3 times a day?

I want to do the same to him either spy on his email or on his messages on his phone because he blames me all the time when I haven't done anything. Now that we are on a break, I want to see if he is actually the suspicious one

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Yes I need help looking at messages on Verizon billing is this something you can do?

Can you help me me tell me what can you do to help me out

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