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Secretly Spy on Someone's Cell Phone

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I caught my fiance texting her ex husband things that I did not appreciate and now makes me wonder if she is cheating. she has a pin lock on her phone so I can't access it. Is there a way around it

Her phone and tablet are locked with a pin.

she leaves her tablet out when she goes to work. can I hook it to my computer, download an app even though its locked?. I have tried: Nothing, I can't break her pin number


There are several spy apps that you can download to her device if you root the tablet. A pin lock is easier to bypass than password protection. Check out the recommendations of spy apps to determine which one works best for you.

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She texted her ex husband and you are now questioning your trust in her so even though you are trying to put a spy app on her device you need to address why you feel so insecure about your fiance. You may have misunderstood what she was texting or perhaps she was going through the regret phase that many go through before they get married. Most women do not cheat on their current partners with their ex.

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How can I track my girlfriend's text messages without her knowing?

I think my girlfriend is lying and possibly cheating. She is always hiding her texts from me, and I have been hearing from others that she's is cheating. The problem is, whenever I ask, she always has an answer that is somewhat believable. She does delete a lot of her text and I could sneak and get her phone, but I'm unfamiliar with how to use her model phone.

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You're in a tough spot, because if she's innocent, she'll be crushed to find out that you had so little faith in her, or in her ability to have her freedoms without you hanging over everything. On the other hand, if she is cheating, you'll probably feel like a fool. She could just be hiding her texts from you because she is flirting, but not cheating. In that case, she may think you would be upset, but she knows there is nothing going on.

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If you aren't sure how to use her phone, installing spyware on it is unrealistic, and would most likely result in you getting caught by her. Likewise, not knowing how to use her phone will make reading her text messages difficult. A better option for you would be to pretend that your phone is broken, and ask if you can use her phone to send a text message. After you send it, you can 'accidentally' see some of her messages. Otherwise, you're likely going to have to sneak her phone to look at it.

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Alternatively, you could just take her phone. Then, you could inspect it, and afterward, turn it into the lost and found. You could then suggest checking the lost and found, and she would get her phone back (you would be a hero too). You'd know if she was cheating, and she'd never know you looked unless you left her.

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I need to read my boyfriend texts without him knowing?

How do I access all his messages even the deleted ones? Can I do it without downloading an app on his phone?


Once the app is installed, you will see current messages and if they delete a message after the app has been installed you can monitor those as well. There is nothing that you can do to recover his deleted messages before the app was installed.

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I have GPS located his cell to somewhere far from his home. I have the address and I need to know the name of the occupant of the house?

I have GPS located his cell to somewhere far from his home. I have the address and I need to know the name of the occupant of the house

You can use a search engine to see who the possible occupant is by inputting the address in the search bar. It may show landlord or occupant results depending on what the address is.

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Hi, my partner has taken my 5 year old daughter and has left and I'm trying to find a way to track her phone so I can get my daughter back to her own home is there a legal way of doing this

I'm a father of 2 who has been for the past 4 weeks having a separation issue, now she has taken my daughter and fled and I just want my daughter back in her own bed and safe, wondering if there is a way I can track her phone

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Some states have a law against monitoring a cellphone this way. You will have to send her a link that she will download from you and if she is avoiding you, odds are she will not click any messages of yours.

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Contact all her family members and apply pressure to find out where she is. Contact the local authorities, and even though you both may share joint custody, they may make some inquiries as to where she is residing. You also could have your lawyer file an emergency hearing where if she does not appear a bench warrant will be issued and that will get the local authorities to try to find her.

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My boyfriend has mentioned that his ex has made contact, then she suddenly is on my Facebook chat?

I need to know if I can read his texts without access to his iPhone

You could send a remote spy app to his phone but he is being honest with you so why bother? Instead, you should block her from social media accounts and ask him to do so as well. Explain that you appreciate his honesty and would like to know if something else has transpired with her or if he has the intent to do something with the ex.

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The most likely explanation is that his ex is trying to cause friction between the two of you so do not allow her the satisfaction of doing that.

Hi, I hope I'm mistaken, but I feel that my boyfriend is cheating I never heard anything or see anything, what can I do to find out if its true?

Cheating boyfriend, I suspect he is cheating I'm not 100% sure, I need to find out.. I have tried: By looking at him if we are together, if he looks at someone else in a different way and how he behaves before other girls than me.. I think it was caused by: Nothing I can't think of anything that went wrong that could cause something like this.

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He probably is not cheating on you but just has a flirtatious personality. You can download a spy app but you will not see what he has done on his phone before he downloaded the app. In reality, he is probably very happy with you and just displaying his happy attitude.

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How to know the other people he is texting?

I want to know if I'm not the only one he's texting. I have tried: None. I think it was caused by: I'm just curious

If you download a spy app for a free trial you may be able to see if he texts other people. Most people text others all the time so without definitive proof of cheating, it is a lot of work just to see if he texts only you. Instead, you should ask him if your relationship is exclusive or if he is seeing someone else.

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