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Choose Clothes to Match Your Eyes, Skin Tone, and Hair Color

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Unlock Samsung ٍ6 without deleting any information?

My brother died and his phone has a fingerprint unlock on it and we need information out of his phone but can't get into it without wiping any data on his Samsung S6


Because this is your deceased brother's phone and the data on there is one of your most recent personal connections to him, you should bring the phone to a cellphone repair shop. There are programs that can be used to unlock a device without losing data but if the USB debugging is not set then it gets complicated. Dr. Fone is an app that you can download on the PC and connect the phone. You could see if this works first before sending it to a repair tech. Your final alternative is to contact Samsung directly with a copy of the death certificate and request removal of the lock but this might entail a court order before it is done through Samsung.

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I have deleted data in Samsung GT E1252?

Please provide me a solution on how can I recover my lost data


As long as you did not do this when you were factory resetting your phone, you can try an app like Undeleter from Google Play. You will only be able to recover data that was not written over.

Why is my Samsung not operable?

I bought Samsung Galaxy Note2 last year in Italy, and it was working fine but after I reset it this year in Nigeria, it does not show service when I put my Nigeria SIM card. please help me

, thanks


Because you purchased the Galaxy Note2 in Europe, it has a region lock enabled. This means that you will only be able to use a SIM card from a European country which would entail roaming charges while traveling. This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to remove the region lock in under 10 minutes. Once this is removed your Nigerian SIM should work.

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I am trying to copy all data from my Galaxy 4 to my computer so that I can put it back on my new Galaxy 6?

I have tried using Samsung Kies with no result.

Use Samsung SmartSwitch. This will be the easiest way to transfer over your data. For images and contacts, back them up to your Google Account. They will appear on your secondary device within 24 hours of the last sync.

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Choose Clothes to Match Your Eyes, Skin Tone, and Hair Color
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I have rh-01 ERROR TEXT on Galaxy S3, I just did a back up on my computer. What I need to do next is to get Google play services start working again? thank you?

I have Google service error text (error, try again, error RH-01) just done back up on my Galaxy S3 and need to know what to do next to put Google play services to work, Thank you

This YouTube Tutorial shows you how to fix your error RH-01 Failed to Retrieve from Server. Sometimes going into Settings and clearing the Cache and Data for your Google Play account and Google Framework Services solves the issue.

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