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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone

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I want to know the original Galaxy S5 phone model number?

Which country made the original version and was it made by Samsung or Korea or Vietnam? Please tell me.


There are a number of model numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S5, and they are made in different places. However, they're all built by Samsung. The list below contains every Galaxy S5 model number.

  • SM-G900F
  • SM-G900H
  • SM-G900R4
  • SM-G900V
  • SM-G900W8

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Samsung made "Samsung S5" vs Korean made "Samsung S5"?

How can I distinguish between original Samsung S5 (made by Samsung) and a Korean made Samsung S5?


Samsung has a big manufacturing operation in Korea. However, the location that the phone is made doesn't verify it as original. There are many ways that you can identify a cloned phone. You can start with comparing the physical differences between an original and a fake phone:

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  1. 1
    A fake Samsung phone is made of cheap and low-quality materials.
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  2. 2
    Often the price of a cloned phone is cheaper.
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  3. 3
    The screen of a fake Samsung is darker than the original screen.
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  4. 4
    The buttons are not in the exact spot as on the original phone.
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  5. 5
    Usually fake phones come with fewer sensors than the original phones.
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However, there are many other methods such as using the IMEI code and Kies program to identify a genuine phone. You can learn more about these ways in our main guide. You can reach these instructions by clicking on the title of this Q&A page or the link below the article summary.

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Want to find out about Samsung Galaxy S5 which is original and which is fake, I bought the phone a few days ago?

I bought Samsung S5 4g with some Chinese alphabet when booting. The back cover is labeled Verizon. It doesn't have many functions and also the screen is quite dark. Finally, you see keypad marks on the screen. IS IT FAKE?

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Take the IMEI number and run it or try to register on the Samsung website. You should do that anyway so that you can use Samsung's Find My Mobile. Verizon does put their logo on the back of their devices that they sell to customers. But this can easily be duplicated on a cloned device. The OS from a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S5 should be Lollipop 5.0 or higher. Your OS can be found in the About Phone section of Settings.

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A friend of mine in the UK will purchase Samsung S5 for me and then will bring it? How can I recognize that it is original or clone?

I do not really know how to compare original S5 vs fake?

The UK has some fairly strict laws on counterfeited items going through Customs at a port of entry. You could ask them to register the device on the Samsung website with your Google Account, in the event that they lose the phone or need to use Samsung's Find My Mobile. If the device fails to register then it is a clone.

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Identify a Genuine/Original Versus a Fake/Cloned Samsung Galaxy Phone
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Galaxy S5 Korean copy G9600 full model No I want please?

Galaxy S5 Korean copy G9600 full model No I want please

There are many cloned versions of the Galaxy S5. If you are looking for the full specs of your device, the Samsung website will have it listed specific to your region. Star is one of the cloned names. This YouTube Tutorial discusses the cloned device performance.

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How do I know which country made my S5?

How do I know which country made my S5?

Remove the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy S5 (check our tutorial for a similar phone to see how it is done). Then, remove the battery. Look at the label on the smartphone under the battery. There should be "IMEI" followed by numbers. Now, the 7th and 8th numbers represent the country. Here is the list of the numbers and countries:

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  • 01 or 10: Finland;
  • 02 or 20: United Arab Emirates or India;
  • 03, 04, 30, or 40: China;
  • 05 or 50: Brazil, USA or Finland;
  • 06 or 60: Hong Kong, China or Mexico;
  • 08 or 80: Germany;
  • 13: Azerbaijan;
  • 00: the original factory.
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ORIGINAL Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H?

I what to know about the phone features to be checked to verify that it is original phone

Here are the official Specifications from Samsung of the Galaxy S5 SM-G900H.

I'm buying an S5 for R1000 but it's made in Korea but the touch is gone can it be fixed & is it original?

Can it be fixed and is it original

Can't guarantee that the phone is real, but you can do some fact checking based on suggestions from the article on this page. Touch screens can be replaced for about $100 USD. They are repairable, but keep in mind, that if the touch is not responding due to further hardware issue the price can go up fast.

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What's the big difference between original S5 and high copy S5 phones on the service they give?

I want to know that if I have all the service that the original one gives. Do they have much difference on giving a service? Thanks, I will be so grateful for your help in advance

There is a YouTube Tutorial posted in an above answer of the "best" cloned version of the S5. The clones are not bad if you can't afford a real Samsung. But the speed and graphics can't come close to a Samsung. Also, you will not get the OS updates from Android without installing them yourself. If you can't afford a real Samsung, look into other devices in the price point of the clone. You might want to purchase and older Samsung such as a Note2 that is better quality than the cloned S5.

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My S5 is made in China, G900v by Verizon, I am buying it 2nd hand ! is it genuine or fake?

My S5 is made in China, G900v by Verizon, I am buying it 2nd hand ! is it genuine or fake?

Here is an example of a Samsung S5 by Verizon. All the specifications have been posted on the Samsung website. If you are buying the device second hand, check in the app drawer for the Samsung Galaxy App store. If you can pull it up with available apps, then the phone is likely genuine. You can also request the IMEI number.

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