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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I want to know how can I get my husband's text messages and phone calls to cellphone?

I want to get the text messages form my husband to my cellphone because he's always erasing them. Or could they be forwarded to his Gmail account?


You can in fact forward your husband's text messages to his Gmail account. Download and install the Relay ME, SMS via Email application from the Google Play Store. Once it's installed, just enter your forwarding information to start forwarding his text messages to his Gmail account.

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If you want to monitor his text messages on your phone, however, the process becomes a little trickier. You will have to get a hold of his phone so you can download and install one of the apps in the VisiHow article below. Stealth Genie will be the easiest application to use to monitor his text messages; however, you'll still need to install the application on his phone, and he may or may not decide to delete the application after you've installed it.

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You also won't be able to monitor his text messages if you can't get a hold of his phone, since all of the spy applications available today require you to personally install them on the device you want to monitor.

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Remember: your husband has the right to refuse you access to his phone in some jurisdictions; in others, it's illegal to install an application on someone else's phone without their knowledge. Check your local laws to determine whether installing an application on your husband's phone without his consent is legal.

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Find out what he is doing on his phone and who he is calling everyday?

I think my boyfriend is cheating, so I want to know everything he does without taking his phone


If there are other definite signs of cheating you can install any of the reputable spy apps mentioned on this page and in the VisiHow article. You should have a conversation with him still as you have insecurities that he should have the chance to address.

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My boyfriend has a Straight Talk phone and I just want to make sure he isn't cheating. How can I do this without him knowing?

I want to try to look at my boyfriend's past texts/pictures/calls/voicemails that he has deleted.. is there a way to do this?


As long as his phone has an iOS or Android operating system you can use a spy app. They will not show previously deleted items but once you are monitoring with an app you can see what he deleted as if it was never deleted.

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I need to know how did my girlfriend get a complete history of my text messages?

Old very old text messages in and out going messages there were two that were made when we separated 3 months ago that annoyed her, she has accessed my prepaid Straight Talk account in some way, I do not think she can go through the same scrutiny. I want to stop this invasion of privacy and help her off her hi horse, she changed phone numbers a year ago when we started dating, but yesterday admitted that there were only text messages of her turning down advances from other men! I wonder how they got her new number to start with

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First, you should install anti-spyware on your phone and you can read about how to do so here:

It is pretty impossible to get deleted messages from 3 months ago but once you put a spy app on her phone such as Auto Forward, you will be able to see all the data on her phone including any older messages still there. Auto Forward will be your best option because you do not install anything on her phone which means you do not have to physically have the phone. The tit for tat game that you want to play can be dangerous. Instead, if you do find spyware on your phone you can see if it is illegal to monitor like that in your region. If you can prove it was her she could be charged. That means that if she catches you doing the same thing you could also be charged.

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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone
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How do I find out the phone numbers that he's been calling and the text messages with this content in his phone?

He receives phone calls at 2 o'clock in the morning, he doesn't come home after work and when he does come home he's intoxicated, two girls came to my house last night looking for him because somebody else one of them downstairs by the name of windy. This is been his friend for years but yet she comes around and she starts trouble and there was almost an altercation I know that you're something else going on

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Walk away from the dramatic mess of this relationship. If he is coming home every night intoxicated then he has some sort of alcohol addiction issue. The calls at 2 a.m. are either other girls or friends he has been partying with. This guy is not ready for a relationship and you are just enabling him and wrapping yourself up in an emotional ball by staying. When you do break up, suggest he consider alcohol intervention. Do not be surprised if he denies he has a problem and tells you he can stop. Be prepared to walk away no matter what and if he does promise to stop then tell him you can consider getting back together after he shows you that he can stay sober for 90 days.

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Possible cheating spouse need remote access to his phone?

I need to access my husband's messages without him knowing. He changed his lock code so I could not gain access and he never lets it out of his sight anyways, also I am not able to jailbreak phone. Is there such a remote program I can buy?

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You can use a spy app like Auto Forward which can bypass any locks and passwords. Here are more VisiHow articles that can give you more information:

Although a spy app can give you possible clarity on your doubts, you first should decide what you will do if you find out he is cheating. Make a plan while you can still think clearly.

Actually I just need to recover text messages on my phone, I was told you can do that by just entering your phone number on a PC?

Just don't know what software to use

Because you did not specify what type of phone you had here are some VisiHow articles with information on retrieving text messages:

Question about tracking my physical location from my phone?

My girlfriend has been tracking my phone through Viber messages, somehow she has been able to find my location, which is fine because I have nothing to hide, but some of the locations are not where I am. Can someone be using my phones IP address or in some other way using my phone in someway. Because I live on the other side of town where in the one case she saw I was at someone's house I have never been before. It's strange, but as I said she has sent me screen shots of what looks like I'm at someone else's house when actually I'm sitting in my own home. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Locations from social media applications like Viber are hardly reliable. Unless she is using a reputable spy app she will not be able to really know where you are. Viber can use current location or previous where it last saved if your location is not checked on in your phone.

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I know his Apple ID and password to access iMessage on my Mac but I know he will get a notification if I do. Is there any way I can make it so that he cannot get a notification?

My boyfriend and I live 1,000 miles apart and not knowing if he is messing around with other girls is killing me.

Using an app like mSpy or FlexiSpy will be easier to use if you have his log in details and he will not get notification. You also could just check and if he is cheating he has to answer for it and if he is not you can say that you logged into the wrong account by accident because somehow it was saved in your Mac under his iTunes account.

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So he isn't even here can I track his phone without having the phone or get into his phone account to see who he called or texted?

I know he is cheating and he blocked my number from calling so not to interrupt his cheating. How can I find out with whom and where so I can have closure once and for all.

If he blocked your number then you have your answer already and he is done with your relationship. If you mean that he has turned off his phone and you are still together then you can use an app like Auto Forward without having his phone in your presence.

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I have bought a new iPhone 4. Never put an apple ID into it but I suspect my girlfriend has, how do I tell what has been done to my phone?

I noticed that I had music on my phone, and other settings like find my phone and I had deleted some contacts, now this has all disappeared and I have contacts back that I deleted. Can I tell if she has added any apps or getting a copy of my messages

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You can detect spyware on your iPhone and here is the VisiHow article that tells you how to do that, Detect Spyware on Your iPhone. There may be no spyware on your iPhone but you could have a phone that was returned to the store with another iTunes account still associated with it and there was a delay in removal or the phone reverted to the previous iTunes account since no new account was assigned.

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Is there an app way to spy retrieve view boyfriends text messages?

Is there an app or by using kindle anything that can allow remote viewing or send me cc of his texts

You can use any one of the spy apps mentioned in this VisiHow article on this page. They all have a control panel that you log into from any device that is internet compatible.


Want to know why he is always on his phone until I come into the room then he puts it away. Want to see who he is messaging, emails, and Facebook?

Want to know if it is another woman, it looks so guilty

If you can get his phone while is he is otherwise occupied that would be a free way to check or you can install a spy app. Just because he puts his phone down does not mean that he is doing something bad. It could just be his way of paying attention to you immediately. I pause something I am watching or put down my phone if my husband enters the room and it is so that I can give him my undivided attention for whatever he wants to ask for instance.

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I've found out that my wife is talking to someone she met while we were on vacation. She accidentally backed up her pictures to a dropbox that was a mutual one and I saw several pics of him and her. My daughter's are suspecting as well as she will not let anyone have her phone and is very protective. We know something is going on but would like to see the text messages like everyone else. She currently has a new phone HTC 831C?

I would like to see if I can see her text messages from another device without her knowing it.

Oh my! You have seen pics already of the two of them together and could they have possibly been innocently taken while you were on vacation? You can use any one of the spy apps mentioned on this page or in the VisiHow article to monitor her phone for further proof and she would not know.

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I was on a site that claimed they can remotely access text messages without the owners knowledge, is this true?

Can I access a phone without an app and see its messages?

With a reputable app like Auto Forward, you can see text messages without touching their phone to install an app. Any reputable app like the one mentioned will cost you money. Do not trust the so called free ones that need you to just answer a few surveys. Those are usually just sites phishing for data and any activation code is fake.

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How can I see, without touching the phone, who's been e-mailing my boyfriend or calling his cellphone?

I've lived with this man for more than 14 years in a common-law marriage, though my state doesn't recognize common-law marriages. Out of the blue, he tells me he's going to sell his home in 6 months, that though he is the owner and has paid it off in full, since his mother never had a Will, the house was "part of the estate" and "in effect, a rental property all these years", so he "owes his three siblings $260K split three ways, and has to sell the house in six months, and is ending our relationship, which came totally out of the blue because we sleep together every night and snug before falling to sleep, him holding my hand. Suddenly, out of the blue, he tells me, I've not been in love with you for many years, and "I will help you with money to help you transition like a divorce."

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I have been totally faithful to him for all these years. Now I want to see if he's been cheating with another woman. How can I check his e-mail and his cellphone records, without him knowing. (if that can be done)? He is a very private person and computer savvy on most things, even has his own web site)

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His abrupt change in behavior might have been a long-planned move or just a recent desire. There are three main actions you can take to fulfil your curiosity and find out what has happened.

  • The first one, as you have been in a common-law marriage and might have purchased the SIM card for the phone for your name, is calling your carrier up and requesting the itemization of the call and message numbers for a certain range of dates (you may also be able to do that on the web site of the carrier or at the office of the carrier).
  • The second one, which is less likely to be true in this case, is using a shared computer: he might keep his email logged on, and you can just open the email box and read his messages (considering he did not mind that in the past).
  • The third one, which should definitely work, is hiring a private investigator who will, over time, find out more details and even look into the past about your partner.
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How can I get into my husband's cellphone without him knowing or detecting?

I have a cheating husband and he's doing it on his phone. I do not want to use an app. I just want to track his cellphone from my own.

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