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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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I want to get rid of my Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner but it's not working?

I tried using the scanner but it's not recognizing my fingerprints anymore. I tried everything and I cannot get rid of it unless it uses my fingerprints. I have also forgotten my alternative password on top of that. I really don't want to do a Factory Reset.

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Try a few more attempts to unlock your phone with your fingerprints. If you are still unable to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S5 with your fingerprint, try entering the wrong alternative password up to 20 times. Your phone should now ask you for your Google account information. Enter it; your phone will unlock to allow you to remove or change the password to something you can remember. If you don't remember your Google account information, you can try to recover it here. If you are unable to recover your Google account information, your phone doesn't ask you for your Google account information, or if you never signed into a Google account in the first place, you will unfortunately need to perform a Factory Reset. As you already know, this will wipe all of your phone's data. To learn how to perform a proper Factory Reset on your Samsung Galaxy S5, read through and follow the steps in this great VisiHow article. When the reset is complete, set up your fingerprint scanner again. This time, though, make sure you write down your alternative password in case you forget it in the future. This way, you will have the password written down so you can quickly refer to it in case you forget it again.

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Lock and Unlock Samsung Galaxy S5's Screen Using the Fingerprint Scanner

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