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Cheat on your GBA emulator

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I want to enter a cheat code for Mortal Kombat X on my iPhone 5S. I don't know how to though?

I searched it up and it said "GBA" emulator, which I assume is for a DS or Nintendo device.. I have tried: Searching things up, I have zero idea of how to enter a cheat code. I think it was caused by: I just want to get a lot of souls for MKX

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Mortal Kombat X for iOS is not running under any emulator, including GBA. To get a lot of souls for Mortal Kombat X for iOS, you will have to either earn them or buy them with in-store purchases. You can get a vial of captured souls, a jar of imprisoned souls, a bottle of nameless souls, and a dread flash of warrior souls, each varying in price and number of souls purchased. To buy those, tap on "STORE" in the game. Then, tap on "COINS & SOULS". This will let you official cheat in the game and progress faster.

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Cheat on your GBA emulator

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