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Disable Talk Back Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3

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I want to disable the TalkBack on my phone but I cannot find my application features?

The features in my settings are now limited


If you wanted to disable TalkBack on your phone, you need to double tap to access certain path. Go to Accessibility under settings where you can find there the option for TalkBack and disable it. Just Double tap the settings then double tap accessibility and disable the TalkBack.

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In order to disable TalkBack you will in fact need to follow the below instructions so that you will be able to turn of the feature effectively. A lot of users have problems with turning off this feature but by following the steps below you will be able to perform this process successfully:

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1. Go to settings (double tap)

2. Tap on the My Device tab(double tap)

3. Tap on accessibility (double tap)

4. Tap on TalkBack (double tap)

5. Tap on the off tab at the top to turn off the feature (double tap)

6. Tap on the OK button (double tap)

This will turn off TalkBack, if you need further help refer to the video below:


How do I get through the home screen when it's locked?

I have tried double tapping, it speaks to unlock, then I use two fingers to swipe the screen. Still unable to get through the home screen


It is not necessary that you use two fingers in order for you to be able to swipe across the screen so that you will be able get past the lock screen on your device. Follow the steps below so that you will be able to get past the lock screen while TalkBack is activated on your device:

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1. Visit your lock screen

2. Double tap on the screen

3. Swipe across with one finger to gain access

If you have a password on your device then use the following instructions:

1. Double tap on your screen

2. Long press on the letters to make the selection

3. Double tap on done when you have entered all of your information

Here is a video you can also refer to :


I'm trying to disable my TalkBack on my Samsung Galaxy and I don't know how?

How to disable TalkBack feature on my Samsung Galaxy


To disable TalkBack on your Samsung Galaxy, you just have to do the following.

  • Go to your apps list and open Settings by double tapping on it.
  • Double tap on the My Device tab
  • Scroll down using your two fingers then double tap on Accessibility.
  • Double tap on TalkBack.
  • Double tap on On/Off switch.
  • Double tap on OK button.
  • That's it.

How do I disable the TalkBack mode?

I need the TalkBack turned off

The TalkBack option can be disabled from your phone's Settings>accessibility menu. You will need to tap on Settings once to highlight it and then tap on it again to select. Once in settings, you will need to use two fingers to swipe on the screen to scroll down and find the accessibility option. You can watch a demonstration video on how to do this here:

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Disable Talk Back Mode in Samsung Galaxy S3
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Hello I'm trying to turn off TalkBack, however it won't show my devices and I can't swipe?

Can't turn off TalkBack, it won't let me show my devices, I can not scroll down to it.

In order for you to be able to disconnect the TalkBack feature you are going to need to follow the steps that I have laid out so that you can begin the process of disabling the feature on your device successfully.

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On each selection ensure that you double tap selections to make them

1. Tap on settings

2. Tap on my device

3. Tap on accessibility

4. Tap on TalkBack

5. On the top of the screen double tap on the on switch to in fact be able to turn the option off on your device

Also you can visit the YouTube link below so that you will be able to view the process being performed:


I can't disable my TalkBack mode on my Note3?

I tried what was said to disable this, but all it does is say "settings" when I double tap it. I can't get anywhere on this phone...Please help me!

In order to disable TalkBack mode on your Note3, please do the following:

  • pull down the notification bar using 2 fingers wide apart
  • tap "TalkBack has been turned on" which looks like this:


  • double tap it
  • on accessibility, use two fingers to scroll for "TalkBack"
  • double tap on TalkBack
  • switch it off

If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please post in the comments section below.


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