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Hard reset your Android phone or tablet when you forget the passcode or lock pattern

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I tried to unlock my daughter cellphone, she put a password on and forgot it?

I trying to reset my daughter phone because she forgot her password


You did not mention what type of cellphone your daughter has because there are different methods of performing a hard reset. It is also important to mention that if you purchased this phone within the last two years, it is likely to have the Lollipop or Marshmallow Android OS. This means that when you hard reset, you will still need the Google Account last synced on the device.

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Since you need that Google Account, if she does not know what it is, then try to recover the details with Google Accounts Recovery. Then you can attempt the password until you see the option for Forgot Password and use her Google Account. Data or WiFi will need to be turned On for this process to unlock the password.

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Please help me, my screen is locked and I cannot use my email address it doesn't give me an option to use my email address for my tablet. I forgot my tablet screen pattern password?

When I turn on from the power button and I press volume up button it doesn't do anything. I see the same screen with password code but I forgot my pattern password. I have tablet, God I need help to reset everything but my screen is locked, and it doesn't let me use my email address please help me. I have tried: I turn off my screen, pressing the power button and volume up button and after that I could turn power button while I'm pressing the volume up button, I still see the same screen

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Not all tablets are created equal. For instance, if you have a Polaroid tablet the only way to reset is to connect the tablet to the PC and install an update from Southern Telecom. If you are not getting into the Recovery Menu then try holding down both Volume buttons in addition to the Power button. Then when the Android man appears on his back, some tablets need you to press Power or one of the Volume buttons to enter the Recovery Mode. There are even devices that require buttons to be held for 15 seconds then hold down other buttons for 15 seconds and so forth. Most tablets, however, have a little hole somewhere on the back or side that is a reset option. You sometimes need to push down on that several times before the tablet acknowledges that you want to reset.

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Can't get by forgotten password on my zeki tablet?

Have zeki tablet, it won't let me hard rest. I have tried: Everything, every site said, and still won't reset. I think it was caused by: Forgot finger password


You should still be able to use your Google Account to get past the password screen. Hold down the Volume Down button and get a small pin or needle to tap the reset hole. Keep holding the volume until it shows the Android man. You get into the Recovery Menu, by quickly pressing the power button while still holding the volume to bring up a list.

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How can I enter my tablet if I forgot my password?

How can I enter my tablet if I forgot my password

If you have WiFi enabled you can use your Google Account when you click Forgot Password. If the WiFi is off, you will have to perform a hard reset which will wipe all of your data off the tablet.

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Hard reset your Android phone or tablet when you forget the passcode or lock pattern

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How do I unlock the lock pattern for an LG US cellular phone, model number US670?

Having problems hard resetting. Can you help me hard reset my phone? I have tried: Volume down and home key. I think it was caused by: I bought the phone and it has a lock code, the seller did not remember

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You DO NOT want to reset this phone. Contact the seller and tell them that if you hard reset you will need their Google Account because the phone has either Lollipop or Marshmallow and will need the Google Account last synced after a hard reset.

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If you can't contact the seller perform a hard reset but be ready to have to bypass the Google verification. There is a way to bypass the Google Which is shown in this Youtube Tutorial.

To hard reset the LG 670:

  1. 1
    Press and hold the Power, Volume Down, and Home Buttons.
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  2. 2
    Release the buttons when you see the LG logo appear.
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  3. 3
    Wait for the Recovery Menu to appear.
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  4. 4
    Use the Volume buttons to navigate the menu and Power to confirm selections.
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