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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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My boyfriend promised me that I can call him me but several times, called now and he got angry with me please I want to send him something?

I need a good answer to reply him


There is a communication issue in your relationship. He may be feeling smothered by you if there is a constant need for maintaining contact with him. You also may have him feeling that he is being controlled. It could also be that he is controlling you and how you communicate with him. Either way, begin backing off contacting him. Including sending him text messages. Just text back that you are sorry for disturbing him and will wait for him to contact you. Even if it means that you have to wait several days, do not contact him. Then gradually begin sending him up to three text messages a day. No more than that and keep them hours apart. See if he begins to relax with how you communicate with him. Sometimes we can be off balance in our relationships with others. One person may feel that they need minimal contact while the other thinks that a relationship means being together 24/7. There is also those that need constant attention to feel loved and appreciated. Look into the 5 Love Languages to see where you could be categorized then begin working off that. It really does help once you realize how you feel and express love versus how the other person does.

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How to fix my biggest mistake that I did to my boyfriend?

I was texting my friend which was a girl, so I told her some by saying "Why can my boyfriend text all his hoes, but don't have time for me" , so I guess she went ahead and screenshot to him and then he broke up with me. I would let him breath more and have space and not be in business.

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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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