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Get Your Boyfriend to Forgive You

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I ruined my boyfriend's birthday and now he won't talk to me?

I ruined my boyfriend's birthday by getting too drunk and he had to take me back too early and now he won't talk to me


You displayed selfish actions that hurt him. Although this was not your intent, he wanted to spend his birthday with you and instead you go too drunk to even celebrate his special day. This will take some time for him to get over. You will have to prove that you can remain unselfish and will not make this mistake again. I would also say that you should not be drinking in excess, not only for your health but also to show him that you do not need alcohol to have a good time. If you do hang out with him soon, even if you are at a party, you should probably not drink. He will be testing you and already be on edge because of what happened at his birthday party. Do not add fuel to the fire if he forgives you and wants to work things out.

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Write him an apology letter about how you were selfish and ruined his celebration. Express how much he means to you and how deeply sorry you are for your actions. Do not make any promises that you will not be able to keep. After you have sent the letter, wait for him to contact you. After two weeks if you have still not heard back from him then send a text requesting to meet in person. There might be conditions on getting back together that he requests. You should not blame him as there has to be some sort of compromise for this relationship to heal.

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How should I persuade my boyfriend?

The problem is we both are very short tempered and I say something which he doesn't like but then I say sorry for what I've done but it takes time. I have tried: Texting him. I think it was caused by: My habit of being short tempered

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There is a term called Toxic Relationship. This means that there are two people that can't communicate and get along properly yet are not willing to change their behaviors for the sake of the relationship. It also means that there is a pull and tug game of who can hurt the other first. Do not make your relationship a toxic relationship. If you are short tempered then work on controlling your emotions properly. Control Anger, Deal with Anger in a Conflict Situation, Deal with Other People's Anger, and Make Peace With Others are VisiHow articles which can help you begin the process.

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Saying you are sorry is not a clean slate. Especially when the apology becomes meaningless with repeated behavior. Some people feed off the anger of others and themselves and this is the only way they function. That is not healthy. If you look at studies on what anger does to your body, you will see that is has a toll that could hinder you later in life. Having high blood pressure, for instance, is a component of not being able to handle your emotions or stress. Look into taking something like Yoga. It has been proven to help with anger management. You also should consider possible counseling for yourself to see why you are so quick to anger. Although we all get angry and it is a normal human response it is what we do with that anger that matters overall.

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My boyfriend promised me that I can call him me but several times, called now and he got angry with me please I want to send him something?

I need a good answer to reply him


There is a communication issue in your relationship. He may be feeling smothered by you if there is a constant need for maintaining contact with him. You also may have him feeling that he is being controlled. It could also be that he is controlling you and how you communicate with him. Either way, begin backing off contacting him. Including sending him text messages. Just text back that you are sorry for disturbing him and will wait for him to contact you. Even if it means that you have to wait several days, do not contact him. Then gradually begin sending him up to three text messages a day. No more than that and keep them hours apart. See if he begins to relax with how you communicate with him. Sometimes we can be off balance in our relationships with others. One person may feel that they need minimal contact while the other thinks that a relationship means being together 24/7. There is also those that need constant attention to feel loved and appreciated. Look into the 5 Love Languages to see where you could be categorized then begin working off that. It really does help once you realize how you feel and express love versus how the other person does.

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I slapped my boyfriend out of insecurity at a party?

I have been dating this guy over 2 and a half years now, things have been very promising I knew he would never leave so I kept misbehaving I was always insecure instead of him not doing anything wrong. We have always been in a long distance relationship ..after the slapping incident he didn't talk to me for a good amount of time then he contacted and told me he needs some time come out of it.... we have been talking but every now and then he brings up the topic and doesn't talk for 2-3 days. I have accepted my mistake and have no inhibitions now I really love him and would want to put in all the efforts possible as this really matters to me and I value the relationship even more now. Its about changing of my personality , me being a very emotional person I look at everything from a different perspective now after the incident. I do have panic and anxiety issues but I try to deviate my mind on other activities but all I want first of all is overthinking and that has led me to bad consequences. I have tried: I have tried being patient and not clingy. I look at incidents with a different perspective now and think before reacting. I think it was caused by: My earlier relationship didn't work out and I get possessive every time and behave in absurd way. I am socially very awkward if its boys around at a party its all cool but the moment I see my boyfriend talking to other females and not being with me I get jealous and don't react weirdly. We have been in a long distance relationship always so once he is with me I want all of him, his love, attention his time and space that is where I cross my limits sometime. I used to panic when I didn't get his calls and started thinking if he has fallen for somebody or talking to some other girl which never happened.

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How to fix my biggest mistake that I did to my boyfriend?

I was texting my friend which was a girl, so I told her some by saying "Why can my boyfriend text all his hoes, but don't have time for me" , so I guess she went ahead and screenshot to him and then he broke up with me. I would let him breath more and have space and not be in business.

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