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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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I really like her but I wonder if she likes anyone else?

She always wants to spend a little time with me and a lot of time with another boy


You both may just be friends right now to her. Ask to hang out with them both to try to see if they are in a relationship that you are unaware of. If you really like her then you should tell her that you are interested in being just more than friends but make it clear that you are okay with also just being friends.

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Tell by a Woman's Body Language if She Likes You has some tips on watching her body language when she is around you. Maybe she likes the both of you and is just waiting to see which one asks her out first. You can look for ways to invite her out to see a movie or hang out at a sporting/school event without pressuring her.

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Detect if your girlfriend likes another guy

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