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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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I put a password on my Irola Tablet and I forgot it?

I put a number password on my Tablet an I forgot it and I didn't have a Google account with it. How do I reboot it or unlock it?


Since you didn't associate a Google account with your Tablet, you will need to perform a Factory Reset. This will wipe all of your data, but it's the only option available to you at this point. To learn how to perform a proper Factory Reset, follow the steps in this VisiHow article. Once the reset is complete, be sure to log into a Google account on your Tablet so you won't have to reset it in the future.

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Android phone Samsung, forgot password - opening without data loss?

Android phone : Samsung s7edge, model: SM-G935FZ. I bought this phone about 8 to 9 months ago. . I was using only the swipe left to right option for opening the device up to a few days ago. I recently added another security feature - fingerprint recognition.. The phone asks me to input a password instead of fingerprint to open after a recent software update downloaded and installed on Sunday 25.12.2016. I do not remember the password. In fact, I do not even remember whether the device prompted me to create and register such a password at the time of scanning the fingerprint which was done only a few days before. Please help me open the device without resorting to erasing/formatting. My device is recognized and listed but it is not giving any option to go to step 2 i.e., revoke access and then step3 generate a new password. I have tried: 1. Several possible passwords which I generally use

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2. To unlock through Google account. 3. Through Android device manager. I think it was caused by: 1. Not remembering the password/backup password for fingerprint loss. 2. Not being warned about the possibility of the device not recognizing the fingerprint after software update

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Use Samsung's Find My Mobile. Through their website, you will be able to remotely unlock your device.

More questions and answers on this topic can be found here: I have locked my tablet and now I do not know its password

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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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