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Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone

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I need to see the text messages of someone whose phone isn't a smartphone?

This person has been involved with a theft/breaking into and stealing from a friend's home. I want to help this friend recover his stolen items and help get this person sent to jail. The police don't seem to care about this robbery. I don't have physical access to his phone but could possibly get it for a short amount of time.

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Because this person does not have a smartphone there is no spy app to use. What you can do is go to the District Attorney's office and make a complaint and see if that can speed up the investigation. Your friend can also file a civil suit in Small Claims Court against the person that took the property and ask for the items to be returned or monetarily compensated. If it was furniture/clothes you will not get what you paid for the item originally but there will be a dollar amount awarded if the person does not show up to court or you can provide some proof that they took the items.

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How can I see his text messages from my phone or laptop when they are sent and received?

Is there something I need to do with his phone or is his phone number enough?


It is much easier -- and much more reliable -- to install a spy application directly on your boyfriend's phone to spy on his phone calls, text messages, and internet usage. You will need to be able to unlock his phone to install a physically-installed spy application on his device. Provided that you have his device in your hands and are able to unlock it, you can use any of the spy applications listed in the great VisiHow article below to see his text messages from your laptop or phone. If none of the spy applications listed below are what you're looking for, you can also try these spy applications:

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If you do not have physical access to your boyfriend's phone, you will need to use a remote-install spy application. As its name implies, a remote-install spy application is remotely-installed to allow you to spy on your boyfriend's text messages, phone calls, and data usage without ever having to touch his phone. The list below includes some of the most popular remote-install spy applications available:

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It's important to remember that these remote-install spy applications are generally not as reliable as their physically-installed counterparts. In addition to reliability issues, they may or may not be illegal in your area. Before you ever try any of these remote-install spy applications, contact your local law enforcement to learn about your area's laws regarding cell phone spying.

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My boyfriend has a Blu phone and I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy CORE PRIME. I want to have his text Messages sent to both my phone and his when he receives incoming text messages for free no card# needed?

I have no hands on contact with his phone how can I make this happen?


It can't. Not with no credit card and physical access to his phone. Some of the reputable apps offer free trials but you still would need to download it onto his phone.

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How do I see my husband's Straight Talk messages?

He left me. I need to know why and who he is texting

Unfortunately, it is hard to say if his Straight Talk is unlocked/jailbroken but many of them are to accept previous SIM cards from other carriers. Auto Forward can target his phone with just his number so you could try that. Before you do anything rash please take a minute to evaluate. The end of your marriage is painful and it is understandable that you want to see if he left you for someone else but the real issue that you need to deal with is that he left. There is no point in chasing him down because that will just drag out the pain. It is not easy to move on from the end of a marriage but many of us have done it and survived. Hold your head high!!! It is his loss that he walked away. If he comes back on his own that is a different situation and you can handle that if it happens.

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How do I view text messages incoming & outgoing from my child's phone?

My teenage has been hanging with different friends, lying about those friends, lying about her whereabouts, coming home whenever she feels like it. I have overheard a conversation of her's and it sounded like drugs may be involved.

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First, get one of those over the counter pee in a cup drug tests. Even if she is clean it will let her know that you are serious about no drugs. Put a spy app onto her phone. mSpy and FlexiSpy are two I would say that you should look into as they have features like recording calls and taking pics remotely or turning on the mic so that you can hear background. Think about taking her phone for a bit if she removes the app and if she does not turn her phone over to you or you can't access it, pause her service.

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If the drug test comes back positive for marijuana do not panic but instead, calmly show her that recent studies have proven it literally dumbs down a teenager. Ask her where she is getting her drugs and explain to her that marijuana bought off a street corner is not always pure herbal plant but instead laced with other drugs or chemicals.

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Now, this is not to say that your child is doing drugs but this will help you to learn more about what to do. Teenagers have medicine cabinets everywhere with prescription drugs. Your parents, you, your friends and others all can give them access to prescription pain medications. Unfortunately, those medications are far more damaging to their bodies than marijuana yet they think it is safe because Nana takes them so why not sell them to friends and take them.

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My husband has a blackberry I would like to read his text using my computer without his knowledge?

Reading text without cell phone

Spyera and other apps support some versions of Blackberry phones. With Spyera, you would be able to monitor the app from your computer. There are other Blackberry compatible spy apps but read the features because some of them you have to click the app on that target phone to read all the data.

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Is there a free cellphone spying thing I can download just on my computer for free and see her text messages remotely?

Is there a free cellphone spying thing I can download just on my computer for free and see her text messages remotely

Not for free and any that tell you they are free are scam websites. A few reputable spy apps will offer free trials but those need to be installed either over the air using the same WiFi network or physically.

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I believe my husband is cheating. He works in another state. So I don't have access to his phone. I would like to be able to read his text messages even the deleted ones. I beg for your help. I also need it for free or very inexpensive. I only get an allowance from him?

Inexpensive or free help reading text messages from husband's phone. I believe he is cheating

The apps you will need like Auto Forward are $60 to purchase at least. Especially the ones that can monitor remotely like what you need. Long Distance Relationships can make us go crazy with over analyzing every little detail about our significant other. A missed phone call or two hours to respond to a text may not worry us when we know they will be home in one hour but when it happens 200 miles or more away from that person we start to imagine all sorts of things.

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