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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)

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I need a newer working walk through walls cheat for light platinum?

On my VBA8 emulator on my surface rt, I am stuck in Pokemon light platinum at the 2nd gym of the lauren region. I cannot get out, and I can't get any of the posted walk through walls cheats to work


I think the problem is in your emulator cause there might have some problem while you where actually entering the codes, to do so you can try to close and restart the emulator and delete the codes and re-enter it again, if still it won't work you can try these codes.

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  • 980546BA4 420980CB1
  • 94000130 fcfd0200

12060c20 00000200

d2000000 00000000

94000130 fcfd0100

12060c20 00001c20

d2000000 00000000

00000000 00000000

to activate this code you will need to activate it after entering it on the cheat codes by R + B to deactivate this L + B.

How do I get Walk Through Walls to work on GBa4ios 2.0?

At M.t Vulcun there is a guy that sits in front of the entrance and I can't get in to give the gym leader the super repel so I need the walk through walls cheat to get past him? Cheers mate.


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I am trapped in water gym of Pokemon light platinum?

In third gym I defeated the gym leader, that gym contained many bridges. When I tried to get out after completing the gym the first bridge had disappeared, so I cannot get out of gym. Please help me. I am playing this game in an Android phone with my boy advanced emulator

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Cheats not working in Pokemon light platinum?

Cheats not working in Pokemon light platinum please help

If you are using gameshark cheats in Pokemon Light Platinum, these are some tips to properly help you troubleshoot your gameshark cheats:

1. Enter the gameshark codes with no spaces in between the characters.

2. Enter the codes in "CAPITAL" letters.

3. There are other Pokemon Gameshark codes that require a "master code" for it to properly work. Try to enter these master codes before entering the regular gameshark codes:

First master code: 9E6AC862823AB7A8

Second master code: 46B7D9E4A709E9E1

Alternative mastercodes:




4. If you are inquiring on how to get the specific Pokemon after you entered the code, simply go to places where wild pokemons usually appear like in grasses,waters and in caves and avoid using the item "repel" for it to work.

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5. If you entered the master ball cheat, simply visit any Pokemon center and open your personal item storage by using the Pokemon PC. The master balls should appear in your storage.

6. Change your gameshark setting from "auto detect" to "Game shark v1/v2".

7. Avoid using cheats for legendary pokemons especially from Regirock to Deoxys. There are instances that these cheat codes for legendary pokemons will only make your game to freeze and corrupted.

8. If you used cheats for rare candies, they usually appear in the first top item in your bag. Take note that before using the rare candy cheat, deposit first all your items in your storage.

9. Check your gameshark code's compatibility. Some codes works only for the newer version of gameshark (version 3) while some gameshark codes works for the previous versions (version 1 and version 2).

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The above tips will help you properly troubleshoot your gameshark cheat codes on your Pokemon Light Platinum and before entering any codes, always save your game first.

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Cheat Pokemon Light Platinum (on GBA Emulator)
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Is there any fast exp in Pokemon platinum?

Any 5k exp in every fight or etc.

There is actually a gameshark cheat code that will enable your trained Pokemon to level up faster from level 2 to level 12 or 13 in a single Pokemon battle. This cheat is very useful in staring a new game that will easily level your starting Pokemon or any new low level pokemons you have into higher levels. However, the 5k experience in every fight is not easily attainable in this cheat because the battle experience you gained is also dependent on the level of the Pokemon you fought.

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The gameshark cheat code for faster Pokemon experience is:

8855D2F00807 BFF831C27DD9

this is the Pokemon gameshark master code:

97726CAE9184 8F7AAA5C15FE B85E5A770386

Take note that in order for this cheat to work, you need first to enter the master code before the easy experience code.

Here's the procedures on how to gain easy battle experience using the above gameshark codes:

1. While on your game, click "Cheats" in the above window then click "Cheat list".

2. Click "Gameshark" then add the master code and the description.

3. Then click "OK".

4. If an error occur, simply ignore it then proceed to the next step.

5. Then click "Gameshark" again then enter the fast experience gameshark code then again click "OK".

6. The fast experience cheat will now be enabled allowing you to gain huge battle Pokemon experience.

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Having issues putting in the codes to receive Pokemon?

How do I receive the Pokemon after I put in the cheat?

If you are having issues entering the codes, make sure that the codes are compatible to the version of your Pokemon game and it should be entered all in capital characters. In regards to your second query, you can properly receive the Pokemon after you successfully entered the gameshark code and searching the Pokemon in places where they usually appear like in desserts, swamps, grasses, dungeons or caves, waters etc. The next wild Pokemon that will appear in front of your character should be the specific Pokemon you entered in the gameshark and you need to actually capture it in order for you to receive it.

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Here's a short video presentation tutorial I made to show you how to properly put a gameshark code and how to receive the Pokemon:


How to cheat all legendary Pokemon in light platinum version?

Because my Pokemon is only one?

There are actually a total of 39 legendary pokemons in Pokemon Light Platinum version. Below are the specific gameshark codes to enable them:

1. Arceus:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

459823AE 3F1683A4

2. Giratina:




3. Palkia:




4. Dialga:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

8F4BE409 7110788B

5. Rayquaza:




6. Groudon:




7. Kyogre:




8. Darkrai:




9. Cresselia:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

EC4EB940 2C63CA65

10. Deoxys:




11. Ho-oh:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

437065EF 67DF37EF

12. Lugia:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

545C676A 51FFDC1C

13. Moltres:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

F8DEC3CC A014B094

14. Zapdos:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

83E25054 9C927E5E

15. Articuno:

39E924C4 4136A9DD


16. Entei:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

0C8037A6 BE1D9DB2

17. Raikou:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

43FF33D1 F368CDE6

18. Suicune:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

80755BDB E392B806

19. Celebi:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

4AEC27E8 A5FF1540

20. Jirachi:




21. Manaphy:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

9121060C 74B908E0

22. Shaymin:

39E924C4 4136A9DD


23. Regirock:




24. Register:




25. Regice:




26. Regigas:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

01EA07BF 793C86F2

27. Azelf:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

0922D9A2 C1E680BA

28. Mespirit:

39E924C4 4136A9DD


29. Uxie:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

9C0B5F02 A2857BBC

30. Mew:

39E924C4 4136A9DD


31. Mewtwo:

39E924C4 4136A9DD


32. Heatran:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

3AF8DB31 042E9DF9

33. Terrakion:




34. Cobalion:




35. Latias:




36. Latios:




37. Reshiram:




38. Zekrom:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

4F8D48EA 9336834B

39. Kyurem:

39E924C4 4136A9DD

3613AA25 2CC1B172

  • Here's how to enable the gameshark cheats using visualboyadvance emulator:

1. Click cheats.

2. Click cheat list.

3. Click gameshark.

4. Enter the specific gameshark code.

5. Click OK.

The legendary Pokemon should appear on your current location (in the wild).

Here's an additional gameshark code (easy capture cheat) to capture them easily:

Easy capture gameshark code:

6006D97C61CF 47C3AA0DF650

Take note that before enabling the easy capture cheat, you need first to enter this master code for it to work:

Master code:

97726CAE9184 8F7AAA5C15FE B85E5A770386

Here's a video tutorial on how to enable and catch Arceus which is one of the most powerful legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Light Platinum version:


The easy capture cheat will make your regular pokeballs and ultra balls into master balls capturing wild legendary pokemons easily.

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Why my cheat of walking through walls and trees isn't working?

I'm using GBA4ios 2.0, but I'm stuck and I need to use the cheat, but it doesn't work! Please help

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Can you give me a cheat for unlimited masterballs in Pokemon light Platinum?

Pokemon Light Platinum, Masterball cheat code, Action Replay, Gameshark

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How to add Pokemon on NDS platinum emulator?

I have code to get mew mew2 etc but I have no idea on how to get them to work on the emulator? cheers.

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How can I get through the mount Suen?

How can I get through the mount Suen

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Using walk through walls in skyner gym?

I'm currently stuck in skyner gym, I have beaten Rebecca but somebody on there skarmory is blocking the exit, how can I use walk through walls to get through?

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I went past the second GYM on Pokemon light platinum and can't get back to that GYM?

I was playing and I went to the second GYM and I died so I re spawned and ran back to the 2nd GYM and went past it and went on a boat and then I played a bit more and realized that I need that 2nd GYM badge, so now I need to walk through walls cheat for Android GBA emulator or help me?! please

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I'm stuck in the third gym, the bridge is gone, what should I do. I already beat the gym leader?

How do I get out of the third gym

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How can I enter the Mt icestorm?

I cannot pass through the Mt icestorm

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