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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You

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I met this guy for some time now, but we don't as much, its just a hi and bye, but Does this guy like me?

I see him about three times a day. He knows about me and my friend. But when he says hi to my friend its just a normal hi, but when I come after he says Hi, and shakes his hands also. Does this mean that I am something more for him? Does he like me?. I have tried: Nothing. I think it was caused by: Nothing I just want to know if he likes me

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Try to begin a conversation past your regular greetings. When he shakes your hand compliment him on how his shirt brings out the color of his eyes or if he is wearing a sports logo, ask him if he likes that team. He may be too shy to start a conversation with you so take the initiative and see if you can carry that conversation into asking him to go for a bite to eat or drink.

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If you say "it's pretty" to a boy and he's speechless?

I said it's pretty to my crush and he was speechless


Some boys do not know how to take a compliment. He may be shy like that and did not know how to carry on the conversation after your admission.

I noticed that this guy stares at me a lot. Does this means he likes me?

He finds a way close to be near to me, He makes eye contact when see each other.. and he often smiles when it happens. But why he isn't making a move?


He may be interested in you but in another relationship. Smiling is usually an invitation to approach for conversation so next time "make a move" and start a conversation with him. He obviously is interested in you so approach him and see if you can talk about a common interest. Ask him out for coffee but keep it casual. Shyness may have kept him back from approaching you. Do not hesitate to approach him instead.

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Does this guy like me, is he attracted to me?

I like this guy who plays basketball at my school. Unfortunately, we've never met. However, I regularly attend the games, and he began kind of noticing me shortly afterwards. We would exchange quick glances, and sometimes he would stare a bit longer. The problem with this limited interaction is that we have never talked in person, my assumptions are solely based on body language. So, does he like me? I'm worried about the entire thing because he has never been in a serious, legitimate relationship (we follow each other on social media). Where should I go from here, and is he into me sexually or for more, like a relationship?

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Since you follow each other on social media, message him and suggest that you hang out sometime. The worst that could happen is that he tells you no. By asking him, you open a line of communication that has not been there before. Obviously, he is interested in you at least enough to follow you on social media. He may be too shy to ask you out or in a relationship that he has not shared on social media. Just ask to hang out in a casual way and see what happens. Take the initiative and get answers to your questions regarding his interest in you.

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Tell by a Man's Body Language if He Likes You
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Why does he stare at me, but then deny it when I confront him?

There's this boy in my class ( we're both 12) and he would always stare at me from across the room. I look at him, and sometimes he looks away, but most of the time he just keeps on staring for minutes with a dreamy look in his eyes. this has been going on for over a month now, so I went to go confront him about it, but he kept denying it and kept saying, "what? hang on which classroom?" like as if he didn't have a clue (which I knew he did!) and kept changing the subject. He likes to make eye contact with me A LOT, and can easily spot me in a crowded room. Its driving me insane please help!. I have tried: I've tried flirting with him, by teasing him sometimes, and I think he might notice but I'm not sure.. I think it was caused by: I have no idea. one day I was having my hair braided, so it could have been my hair that made him stare at me every single day from then on.

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At the age of 12, a boy is not really thinking about whether he likes a girl romantically or not. He legitimately could not remember staring at you while daydreaming, also. If you are interested in him, suggest that you and his friends all hang out together. Big group social interaction would be fine but you are too young to begin thinking about a serious relationship. Even if a boy appears to be interested, they are not at the same emotional level of a 12 year old girl. At best, you can both be friends.

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Hi, how do I know if my peer has an interest in me?

Hi, recently I started paying attention to one of my peers, I think I have a crush on him and I do have the feeling that he has the same feelings towards me, how do I find out if he likes me?. I have tried: Smiling

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Strike up a conversation. Perhaps try to clue in on what his interests are out of your normal surroundings. Does he always wear a certain sports team's clothing? Or perhaps has spoken to another peer about an interest? Look for a way to start talking to him that shows you have taken a personal interest in him. The best way to do this is by suggesting you both have a similar interest.

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Does this guy in the class like me?

Well this guy in my class, I think he's cute. When he sees me in the hallway, he playfully pushes me and he is always near me in the class or at least tries to sneak next to me. Can you help me find out if he is interested in me please, and thank you

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He is seeking you out whether it is consciously or not. This means that he is interested in you. He has not tried to start a conversation with you and may be too shy. Next time you see him in the hallway, stop him and have a chat. Let him get to know you better through these little interactions and see if anything happens. You may have to drop several hints before he realizes that you are also interested in him.

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Hi, does my manager like me, how do I know?

He is my manger, we talk a lot but I don't know if he likes me?

Because he is your manager, you should not read too much into this. Unless you are willing to give up your job, there is no point in entertaining the possibility of a relationship. Because he is your manager the interactions could just be that he is trying to be nice and get to know you. Don't read too much into your conversations and be cautious of what personal details you share with him because at the end of your conversations he is still your superior.

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I want to know if he is really interested in me or just wants a Hookup?

I am going to explain it on details.. I am 19 years old and he's 21. I met him at the library because he's a really good student and so am I. That happened 6 months ago or more but at first I wasn't attracted to him. He sent me a friend request on Facebook 2-3 times until I accepted his request (6 months ago) but I wasn't interested in him. So he started chatting me and texting on Facebook but for me at first that was really annoying because I didn't like him. He always used to eye-contact me or look at me at the library or wherever we met, but I wasn't interested so I kept avoiding him. But he kept on writing even though sometimes I used to text him back after one day even though I was online and that he could see that I wasn't busy. Anyway things started to change maybe 3-4 weeks ago because I started to like him. I see him always at the library so one day when my mom called me I had to go out of the door so I could answer and right after that he came up so he could talk to me and say hi (Even though I had seen that he's there but was acting like I hadn't seen him). Anyway he started texting again and from that day I started texting him back but ON TIME. I really started to like him. So unexpectedly I liked him and wanted him to talk at me more. We started texting 3-4 weeks ago but he used to write me late because he is really busy and works the way too much but this is the part we have discussed about and now he writes me on time. But I am not sure if he really likes me now because he is following other girls on Instagram and that doesn't make me feel good. He texts me everyday but these last times he had too many exams and couldn't keep the conversation going because he had to learn. I know that 3 weeks aren't that much but he still is not asking me too much about my life, family and things like this even though he asked me 3-4 times if I had a boyfriend before (Moral things on my country). I had one and had a serious relationship with him for 2 years but we broke up. Anyway this isn't why I am writing to you, I am writing so you could give me an opinion what you think about him, if he's serious or not? He makes it clear that he likes me because he compliments me and I always catch him looking at me. Thank you very much for your time. For more details, if you want to give me a detailed opinion please contact me so I can tell you more. Have a good day

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He likes you. Obviously, he is texting you when he can. Just because he follows other girls on social media does not mean that he is not interested in you. After all, you two have not even gone out on a formal date yet. He has asked you if you are seeing anybody so the conversation is open for you to suggest you go on a date together once exams are finished or you both have a couple hours of free time. Don't worry about who he is following on social media until you are in a serious relationship with him.

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I almost clicked off. I think it was successful, what are your thoughts?

Hi! I had my first date with a gentleman who I thought was very kind and I believe has a gentle spirit, which is great. He smiled a lot as we ate lunch, seemed composed yet still a little nervous or it could have been excitement, I'm not sure. He made it known at the end of the date that he thought I was a quality woman and he looked forward to meeting again soon. After reading your article, his eyes are very blue and as I think back, I believe his pupils were large.

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Real gentlemen practice being courteous and kind yet composed. They strive not show their affection openly until they see any signs from the lady, which is polite towards the partner. It may mean that he waits for your turn or step now, and to show that you are interested, you have to invite him for another lunch or walk. If he brings flowers or another sign of affection, then it may be the right person for you. Being nervous when talking to new people is quite a wide-spread occurrence: the voice may shake, the words may be mixed up, and the actions might be a bit awkward. That means that the person at least endeavours to be at his best around it. Unfortunately, large pupils may be a natural state; and you have to watch them change, taking in account the change in lighting, to determine whether they dilate or converge.

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If a guy looks at your lips for more than 5 seconds while you're talking and he faces you with direct eye contact, what does this mean?

Body faces directly to each other and he focuses during the conversation and looks at your lips every 5 seconds

It means that he finds you interesting and/or attractive. Try to smile more the next time you speak with him.

If he tilts his head when you stare at him?

What does it mean a girl stares back and he tilts his head. I have tried: Stare or eye contact

That is an invitational gesture when someone tilts their head while you stare at them.

Is it from physical or emotional attraction?

I notice (and feel) him getting more serious around me and I see his pupils dilate when he first sees me. Is this enough information to determine whether this is a physical or an emotional reaction?

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When a guy barely knows you, there is no emotional love reaction. It is completely physical. Most people do not feel beyond a physical connection until several verbal interactions with a person. Immediate emotional reactions are disgust, anger, empathy. But all of those are also based on outward appearance/actions of a person.

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Could it be if I'm avoiding his gaze on purpose?

I sometimes notice his eyes on me but when I look at him his eyes don't move. It makes things really awkward on my end because I'm looking at anything else possible but I still see him staring. It isn't anything intimidating, and it isn't an empty stare. It happened multiple times and I'm scared to mistake it for the wrong emotions. Please help. Thanks.. I have tried: I haven't tried to call him out or anything because; what if I'm wrong?. I think it was caused by: I honestly don't know.

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If you sit in an area that is within his normal viewpoint on a regular basis, he may just be looking off towards your direction in a day dream mode instead of directly staring at you. Try sitting out of his viewpoint. If he turns several times to look at you then he is interested in you.

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He's always like I don't know but jittering(his legs) in class?

It's too complicated to explain over social media like THIS but haha anyways he talks to me a lot and matches a lot of the stuff here and I don't know how do I get him to like me, or how like in detail can I tell if he likes me as a friend or more? 😂

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If he matches most of the signs in this article, then he already likes you. Instead of waiting for him to ask you out, take up the action and ask him out if you want to get to know him. If you are nervous to ask him out on a date directly, then suggest that he accompany you and both of your friends to an event.

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What does it mean if a guy asks you if you're nervous around him? He never asked that kind of question before?

I was in a room with a guy I see only every few months. It's for a standing appointment. There was another person in the room too this time. He asked if I was nervous. He's never asked me anything like that before. We always have friendly conversations and easy going. After we end our meeting,he always walks close behind me and he'll repeat something he already said. He also touched my arm this time when doing something he normally does without ever touching my arm. He put my arm on his arm and that's when he asked was I nervous. Sometimes he'll act like he's totally interested in me, then acts like he's not. This can happen during the course of our meeting. He always goes out of his way to help me.. I have tried: I want to ask him why did he ask me that, but don't know if I should. I do want to know.

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Is he a peer or in an authoritative position in regards to you? He may feel responsible for you but not in a romantic way. If him touching you makes you feel uncomfortable then tell him to politely keep his boundaries. You should not bring up his past behavior though unless it happens again.

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Does he like me or am I just the rebound? What does sorta seeing each other mean?

So he told me that he liked me, but it is hard to know because he could be just using me as a rebound. He kissed me and then told me that it was misleading that he wasn't fully over his ex-girlfriend, but he liked me. That we could see where it would go. This was over a month and a half ago.. We work together. He likes to touch the back of my neck, because he knows I don't like it. He smokes and he knows I don't like the smell of smoke so he made a promise to himself never to smoke in front of me. He always asks me if I can handle some of the things that need to be put on the shelves or if I want him to do it. . He comes over sometimes even though he knows my mother doesn't like him. When he is over he wants to sit really close, he will put his head on my lap, hold my hand. . I started giving him the loser sign and he would give everyone the finger, but now he gives everyone the loser sign instead. He likes to stand really close. He will try to pick me up because he also knows that I don't like to be picked up.. Now he gives me hugs and still kisses me. . Last time he came over, he didn't get a very good hug so next time we were on break together he came and gave me a hug from behind saying that since he didn't get one last time, he gets one now.. He also told one of our co-workers that we were sorta seeing each other What does that mean?. Do you think he actually likes me or am I the rebound?? He told me that he liked me, but he still liked his ex-girlfriend when he confessed to liking me. My mother doesn't like him, yet he still comes around. He also told our co-worker that we are sorta seeing each other. I think he is pulling away.

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He smokes and drinks. I go to church. Never lite a cigarette or had a drink of alcohol. I have tried: We haven't really talked about it. I flirted, told him that I like him. stood closed, cuddled. now I'm going to pull back a little. I think it was caused by: Him and his ex were together for a long time. I'm very shy/socially awkward. Never had a boyfriend. My mother doesn't like him

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When he says that you are "sorta in a relationship" he is saying that he is interested in you but taking it slow. You should be grateful of this in that he is not rushing into something with you. This also means that he sees you as something special and not just a quick fling.

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I would caution though that your mother is not fond of him and you should take that into consideration. You appear to be naive when it comes to relationships. Your mother is trying to protect you from getting emotionally hurt. Take it slow with this guy and do not make any major life changing decisions such as deciding to become a party girl so he likes you even more. Do not ever change yourself for someone else. Is he polite to your mother when he visits? Or is it more of a rebellion appearance each time? These are some things to watch out for because they will tell you of his true intentions. Make sure that you are just not a game/distraction for the moment and that he is seriously interested in you.

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What does it mean when a guy pokes and tickles you?

He pokes and tickles me I don't know if he likes me back hes my crush

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