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Get Your Girlfriend Forgive and Love Again After You Cheated on Her

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I love my ex-girlfriend with whom I recently have broken up?

This is the second time I hurt her by cheating on her, and I really love her, I just can't throw 3 years away as if it were nothing. I've been trying to talk to her and tell her that I am going to change and show her change rather than just say things that I am going to do, and she just doesn't believe that I am trying to change because she has heard all of it before. She is right, but I'm not ready to say goodbye: I want her and miss her so much that it's leading me to taking my anger out on walls and crying my eyes out. I need help, please.

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First, you have to make sure that your girlfriend still loves you, which is really hard to do considering your current position. Only in this situation it is best to determine the hope for her loving you by eliminating the signs of the opposite feelings, which can be done by using our article on telling if your spouse, or girlfriend, hates you. If you see no or very little signs from the article, then it is worth to endeavour to repair your relationship. Write an apology letter to her. Show, both to yourself and your former girlfriend, that you are doing your best in getting her heart back and start singing and devoting songs to her. You can write poetry and bring flowers or a plush toy to her door. Change yourself with creativity, and she will notice it. After that, a ring or a necklace with a heart will symbolize your feeling to her. Give a lot of time to repair the feelings. Please remember that you also have to learn to make any decisions cool-headed and not in anger: impulsive and hot-headed decisions will only worsen the situation. You may also need to get relationship advice or, in the worst case, which we hope will never happen, get over your broken heart.

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I have lost the love of my life?

We broke up five months ago and I just suddenly feel so bitter and there is a big temptation to get revenge, holding back hardly not to say bad things she thinks I am a monster probably but I am not and I cared for her and will care about her forever but this misunderstanding is killing me. I have tried: I was staying away and not communicating. I think it was caused by: I was insisting on being in a relationship and she said she didn't want one

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Why did my girlfriend loose trust in me, how can I regain it?

My girlfriend and I love each other very much. She was suffering from depression, and anxiety from the start of the relationship. In the beginning I was passing by other girls that knew me and she was asking me who they are. I told her that x,y,z was trying to do something with me. She wanted to eat pizza so I took her to the best place I knew, there the waitress was smiling and she asked me if I knew her. I told her that she always do that and other friends tell me she is hitting on me but I don't care. Now she is angry and doesn't understand why I took her to that place and tells me it was super rude of me. I truly wanted to eat the best pizza I knew with her, never thought about the waitress there. After some time she was gone with some business in another country and I had to work almost all of my time. We didn't had much time to talk on the phone, only text messages. After she came home she discovered I searched for some girls on my Facebook account. She was very angry about it and told me that I had time to search for other girls but no time for her. I have no idea why I searched for that girls because I truly don't remember. What I know for sure that I was not interested in them and probably I searched for a friend or something. Now she thinks I cheated on her. In the end I had to take a very good friends wife at home because he asked me to and had no other option. I took his wife and didn't know how to tell her so she won't make any wrong impression since she felt like I was looking for other girls. In the next day I told her because I didn't want to hide this fact from her. Now she say that she lost all her trust in me and that I don't love her enough. When she was ill, she asked me to get her medicine and some food. At first I told her no, but truly I wanted to (I have no idea why I told her that) and after 2 min I was on the way buying the medicine. She thinks now I am not capable to take care of her if she is sick like she did for me. I love her very much and never cheated on her and never even thought of that but she thinks the opposite. We broke up and she is saying she will never trust me again. What should I do? I never cheated on her, please help me with your advice. I have tried: I have tried to tell her the truth but she don't want to hear about it. I think it was caused by: She tells me I was hitting her when she was down telling her all about the other girls, when I had no time for her I did have time to search for other girls I think was 2-3 I really don't remember. I am just sure I was not interested in them and didn't talk with them at all. She say I can't take care for her and that was my final exam when she told me to get her medicine. And the last hit for her was not telling her the same day I got my best friends wife at home and why I told her only the next day.

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How to convince her to have trust and love me again as she use to do?

She found out that I am having an affair with my ex baby Mum after I had propose for marriage and she doesn't not want anything to do with me. How to get her back so that we continue with our plans, I love her so much and she is pregnant. I have tried: I have been calling her sending SMS's apologising and admitting my mistake. I think it was caused by: Its my dishonest to her by allowing ex baby mum to stay with me for more than a month without telling her

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