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Find the Signs a Girl Has a Boyfriend

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What do I do if I like this girl and she has a boyfriend and considers me as her brother?

I like this girl a lot and she has a boyfriend but considers me as a little brother


You really do not have a good chance right now to get out of the friendzone. She has a boyfriend and has you in the corner as a friend. There are other girls out there so start dating and maybe she will get jealous and maybe you will find that you like the person you are dating more romantically then her.

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Trying to read the signals if she has a boyfriend?

A woman at work always says hi when she sees me. She's mentioned a partner 2 weeks ago but not since. I ask her what she is doing at the weekend and she says nothing planned. Trying to see if she is single.

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She mentioned that she was in a relationship so she probably is still with that person. Just because she is cordial to you with greetings and has nothing to do that weekend does not mean that she is not in a relationship. Ask her how she met her partner and how long they have been together the next time you can ease it into a conversation. If you need to you can say that you are trying to figure out how to find a great person to date and want her female input. This way it seems less like you are interrogating her about personal matters while at work.

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I proposed to a girl on Facebook, she replied 'I have a boyfriend', what can I do to forget her? please help?

When a girl reply she has a boyfriend


For starters, girls do not want to be proposed to over social media, a phone call, or a text message. Ever. She told you she has a boyfriend and move on. Obviously, you were wrong about her interest in you. Start dating someone in person instead of chatting up girls online.

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I talked to a girl that I like today, but I only told her that I'm interested in joining her organization because I wanted to get her number, what should I do now?

What should I do now, I talked to a girl that I like today, but I only told her that I am interested in joining her organization because I wanted to get her number

You began a fantastic way to get to know her. Joining her organization will give you more access to her and you will be able to create a better acquaintance with her. She gave you her number so call her up and ask her to meet you for coffee or something else casual so that she can tell you more about the organization.

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Find the Signs a Girl Has a Boyfriend
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Why does a girl with boyfriend go to lunches with me. When she was single, I got an opening but acted late?

Asked her out but she was silent. Was she really interested or just used me

She did not use you but you are right you waited too late to express interest in her. Now she is seeing someone else so you should respect that. Tell her that you understand she is dating someone else but that you would like another chance if they break up because she should understand that you are interested in her as more than friends.

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How do people know if someone has a boyfriend?

I have a daughter who has been acting weird lately. I have tried: I have tried finding out. I think it was caused by: Don't know

If she has a smartphone, put a spy app on that phone. There are many reputable apps to choose from and you can read more about it in this VisiHow article Spy On Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend or Children's Text Messages and Emails from a Cellphone. It is time to have a conversation with her about dating and remind her that she can tell you anything will no consequences. Keep an open dialogue with her. It will not be easy but at least, you can get her to start opening up. Sexual consequences such as STDs and pregnancy should also be mentioned in this conversation that you have with her.

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Someone said my crush was taken but she acts differently around me?

I have a crush on her and I feel like she could be the one, but then recently someone told me she got a boyfriend but its weird because she acts flirty around me

You need to make a move and ask her out. She may have a boyfriend but only because you never initiated anything other than casual friendship with her. If you think she is the one, do not wait too long to ask her out or she will be deeply involved in that other relationship and it will be too late for you.

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Do you think she likes me?

I love a girl. I look at her everyday. She knows I am looking at her, she also looks at me. Do you think she has a boyfriend, and she likes me? Please help me. How to get her?

Stop looking and talk to her. She is giving you at least one signal that she has an interest in you. You do not have to outright ask her if she is dating someone but as you have small conversations with her you will get to know more about her and what her interest really is towards you.

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Did she have someone else already?

I've been a friend to her almost 10 years online (not so close relationship). Never met her once and then suddenly we met for the 1st time. After a few load of messaging, I just want to know her closely, but I'm afraid she already have someone else. Judging from media status. She already clashed with her EX-boyfriend long time ago. What should I do?. I have tried: Asked her if she gets married, invite me... then she said :nobody wants her

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Be honest with her. Respond that you know someone who would love to have her as his girlfriend and that person is you! It can't hurt to show your intentions toward her because she may feel the same. Even if she doesn't at least you will know that you did not miss an opportunity to connect with her into a relationship. Do not wait too long after the initial meeting to suggest you meet again but this time for a date. Because you have known her for so long online, go through her social media and try to design a date that you know she will be interested in. This will show her that you pay attention to what she says and want to make her happy.

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I've been chatting with my crush for a couple of months now. How do I find out if she has a boyfriend?

I feel it would be a bit awkward to ask her on social media. I feel it would be more decent to ask about her relationship status face to face someday. I don't know if I could directly ask her best friend or other friends. I would like act like an alpha male by the way. I've tried to arrange a meeting twice but failed. The first time I invited her, she told me that she was at Church and had no time. I text her every now and then and got polite replies all the time. But, the way she had no time to meet me made me somehow believe that she has a boyfriend. I'm not sure. I have tried: Trying to set up a date twice using my fake Facebook account before but not succeeded. But, I've shared genuine information about me with that fake account. Now, I've changed my mind, have started chatting with her using my original Facebook account and I'm planning to meet her in real. She is happy that I've started.chatting with my real Facebook account. I think it was caused by: Using my fake Facebook account at the first and chatting with her must have caused the problem. I was not serious about her first so I use my fake account. Now, I started liking her and begun using my genuine account.

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