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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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I want to send a romantic message to my fiancee?

He is living in China, and I am in Delhi. Last time I met him was in July


Calculate the days, hours, minutes and seconds from the last time he held you in his arms. Post the time to him and let him know that every second you miss him. Long Distance Relationships are hard and communication is the most important thing you can do to make the relationship survive. Take the time to create several messages and send them to him throughout his days.

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What can I send my boyfriend as a reminder that he is all that I love and need in my heart?

He has been doubting my love for him lately and he seems not to be trusting me


You could try this message:

My dearest [name or alias]! When I am near you, my heart is calm as it feels your unbreakable protection and care. I feel relaxed and myself as your feelings lave me with their virility. I never doubt our mutual feelings, and there is not a single element that can separate us.

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You could also try sharing an intimate secret with him that may excite his feelings or urge him to realize it. Write him later:

If you ever find yourself in trouble, I am there for you. Please let me know any of your wishes, and I shall endeavor for them to come true!

Then, you need to incite actions or answers for him and ask him a question or two. For example, "If we were living on the countryside alone, what place of Earth would you choose?"

You have to keep the conversation alive all of the time in order to gain someone's trust.

What message can I send for our Tom?

He's super busy now and I want him to feel I'm here


"Even though we have not seen each other recently, I want you to know that you are on my mind always." Give him encouraging messages and keep things positive. It is easy to get discouraged and lonely when our significant other is busier than us but do not take those feelings out on him. Instead send him uplifting quotes and love messages.

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Why didn't my boyfriend send sweet messages to me?

When I tried to send sweet things, he said OK hun, thanks hun, that is all. I tried by gift, surprises and everything, but nothing worked

Your boyfriend is not comfortable to portraying his emotions. This is common and over time, he may get more comfortable and verbal with you. Right now continue what you are doing and take his "thanks hun" as "you are awesome and I love what you do for me" because you may have to read between the lines with him.

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Not bother your busy boyfriend

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A cute message to send to my boyfriend who is at work to encourage him to continue working?

He is busy, tired and also smokes, but he is trying to quit because of me. unfortunately due to work stress he feels like smoking. I want to send him a cute message

" I know it is not easy to quit smoking and I know that you will do it because you are the strongest man I have ever met." Do not nag him about his smoking but instead, encourage him from the sidelines. This takes some thinking and planning because if you are over positive he may also take that as you nagging him to quit.

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I want a beautiful love message for my fiance?

I want a beautiful love message for my fiance, she is on her way driving down to work and she will be traveling a 7 hours journey after work

  • Each mile that you take further away from me is a mile deeper inside my heart.
  • Time apart makes me realize just how much you mean to me.
  • I appreciate all the traveling you do just so we can spend some time together.
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I need a lovely message for my busy wife at work?

My wife is busy, need a short message for her at work

  • Hi, honey just wanted to say I am proud of you!
  • Tonight dinner will be made by me!
  • Even though you are busy, I appreciate all you still manage to do to keep our home running smoothly!

My boyfriend is so busy with his friends and his own problems, he is studying right now, what can I do to attract his attention?

We are together for 2.5 years, but since 2 months he has changed, he doesn't give me that much attention compared to his friends and his own problems created by his friends, so suggest me what can I do to get his attention... I have tried: I tried to tell him but he doesn't understand, and our relationship is a long distance.... I think it was caused by: His friends are the problem

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Loneliness is his problem. His friends are just occupying his time while filling in the spots where he is lonely because you are not with him. At leas,t he is hanging out with his friends and not seeking attention from other girls but you still should plan a visit to him soon in order to reconnect. As he distances himself from you, the relationship is falling apart even if that was not his intent. Get physically in front of him and remind him of what he has with you. Depending on why you are in a long distance relationship, future plans to be together in the same location should be discussed to give you both hope that you will not be apart for much longer. Here are a few more VisiHow articles that can assist you further:

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I want to write a message for my busy boyfriend whom have been so busy to communicate with me?

I want to write an SMS for him, its been long time since we contacted each other, probably he is busy so I want to let him know I care and miss him as well

If it has been a long time you should start off a conversation with humor. Hi,, it's been awhile and I am wondering if aliens abducted you? Something like that to get his attention. When he responds you can then tell him how much you have missed him and hope to see him soon.

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Hi, my boyfriend and I are having a rough time with our relationship and I was wondering what I could do?

I just wish I could do something to help it but I just don't understand what to do. I have tried: I have tried talking to him but he keeps ignoring me

People can just shut down communication when they feel overwhelmed with a situation. You are experiencing a rough patch in your relationship. It may be time to put a pause on what is causing the issues and have a 48 hour "Just Us" time where you spend time with each other but do not bring up anything that may be an issue. Much like when you first started dating. Posted below are some VisiHow articles that can help your relationship.

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How to tell your husband you are busy?

I am going to work now, and want to tell him I am busy

Sorry that I am so busy right now! I promise to make time for you as soon as I get a moment. Using phrases like that will make him not feel dismissed abruptly.

I want you to tell me a nice mail to send to my new guy?

Lovely mail to send to my new guy I just met

Dear Ben,

I just wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time getting to know you the other day. Let's get together soon so that we can get to know each other even better. You were so entertaining and a breath of fresh air this past week.

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See You Soon!


My boyfriend is stressed out regarding his carrier?

My love relation is weak these days because my boyfriend is stressed out regarding his MBA study how can you help me. I have tried: I have tried calling him. I think it was caused by: Due to his further planning to do MBA in the United States

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I need to let this girl that I just met that am busy at the office but I care about her?

I need to let this girl that I just met that am busy at the office but I care about her

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We have been dating for 2 weeks and shes my friend we work together we always have mignites phone talk but I want to tell her that I love her but how to start?

How to start telling her that I have her feelings

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