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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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Please, I am trying to unlock without restoring. It is not recognizing any of my email or password after I reset them?

I just want to unlock my Android without losing data by restore


The only that you can unlock the phone its either entering the pattern or the password you have created on the phone. As per you have mentioned that you have tried to enter your email address but it was being rejected by the phone. Another way is to use ADB command for command prompt where you can by pass the pattern or password if you have enabled the USB debugging on your phone.

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If the above mentioned failed or not applicable for you. Unfortunately, you really need to reset the phone back to factory condition for you to unlock it an all data will be deleted except for the one's that are in the SD card will be left. At least some of it will be left but most will be erased. Even if you take the phone to a service center of the phone manufacturer they would ask you if the USB debugging is being enable nor you know the email address that you register and if your answers are "NO" then they will suggest that you reset it which they will be the one to

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In case that you change your mind and wants to reset the phone back to factory settings, you can try this generic steps but it may be different from your phone on how to reset. Anyhow, try it to unlock:

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1. Turn off the phone by simple taking the battery out or press and hold power and select turn off.

2. Try any of the following since you did not specify your phone brand and its model:

Press and hold the Volume Up the Power Press and hold the Volume Down and Power Press and hold the Volume Up + (Plus) Home button then power Press and hold the Volume Down + (Plus) Home button then power

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Let go of the buttons once you see an Android logo on your phone screen or if you feel a vibration then let go of the power but continue holding the other buttons on your phone. Some phone uses volume down only to navigate and power or home button to select.

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3. Look for the Wipe Data and Reset and select it then go to YES to start the reset on your phone then wait till it is complete.

4. Once it is done with the reset, just go back to the first on screen menu and hit on reboot then wait.

This may take a couple of minutes only then start configuring the phone same as when you first got it and it will be unlocked.

You could if you enter your email and password (this is a Gmail account you used to sync Google Play Store with) as it will reset the code/password only. But you need to be connected via data connection or WiFi. If not, you will have to do a Factory Reset. Do the following to do a Factory Reset:

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NOTE: This will delete all user data and apps

  • turn off device
  • press the following: (try different combinations)

power button

volume up/down or both

home button (if any)

or look for a reset button or hole

  • release buttons when you see the logo
  • use volume buttons to scroll and power to choose
  • choose wipe data/Factory Reset
  • choose yes--delete all user data
  • choose reboot now

Steps Two and Three confused me?

Step to just says Revoke the phone, so I removed it from the List which seems like a bad idea. And for step 3 I can't find Generate New Application specific password?


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Recover Android Device in case of Forgot password/pattern unlock an Android device

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