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Choose a Hair Color That Will Complement Your Skin Complexion

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My skin is not fair nor black, its medium. My natural hair color is black, I want the best and unique combination?

So can you help me find out my perfect match?


Keep your natural black but add in hints of blue and mahogany. This type of hair dye method has become popular and depending on how the light hits your hair, you will see different colors. You also can go total mahogany but keep it a warm tone and not harsh.

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Can the violet and pink suit the dark skin?

Can the violet and pink suit the dark skin


Those are lovely shades to contrast dark skin tones.

I was wondering if I would still look nice in honey brown?

My skin color is olive and I don't really know if honey blonde would look nice on me and if I do dye my hair how should I dye it?


Golden and Honey are two shades recommended for olive skin. If you are going lighter by three shades compared to your natural shade it is best to have it professionally done.

I have cool with ruddy skin tones. My eyes are brown. What color should my hair be?

My hair is 90 percent grey and I am in my late 50's. I have tried: I use Wella Charm 5N. Do you think this is the correct shade for me.

The shade you are using is fine but check out 347/4RG Dark Auburn. It adds just a hint of vibrancy that will compliment your skin tone.

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Choose a Hair Color That Will Complement Your Skin Complexion
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I have red hair, fair skin, look better in silver, and hazel eyes. What color would look good on me. Considering I can not use a red color or it comes out burgundy?

What color could I put on my hair to complement me

If the dye comes out burgundy then you are not using the proper color suited for you or you are leaving the dye in for too long. The 347/4RG Dark Auburn by Wella will not turn your hair burgundy but you should seek a professional before you go super light in hair color.

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Hi sir, I'm dark skinned guy, which color would you suggest so that I look brighter?

I need to know which color suits a dark skin guys

Dark skin guys look fabulous in tan, grey and blue suits. Look for a suit that fits well and highlights your features such as your shoulders.

I have a medium brown hair and would like to know if candy floss pink highlights would suit me?

I'm going to get my hair colored, I need to know if its a good color for me. I have tried: Mostly reds. I think it was caused by: And no problem so far just need a change

That would be nice also purple and blue would look great.

Can I have blue hair with a Spanish complexion?

I want blue hair now. Give me blue hair, I want it. I have tried: This website. I think it was caused by: I want blue hair

You can have blue hair with that complexion. For colors like that it is all about the drama and not the skin tone. You are making your hair the number one feature.

I have been told by makeup artist that I'm a cool undertone but my eyes are green with gold center and I'm very fair with red splotches or rosacea. I think my veins are greener but it depends on the light, and I prefer gold jewelry. Anyway I'm trying to find the best red tone to make myself look younger and to just flatter my skin tone?

I guess I'm confused because I seem to fall into both warm and cool but by looking at the pictures I would guess I'm a light warm. I have tried: I have tried a lot of things in the past but I now want to start coloring my hair again to flatter and give the appearance of youth. I think it was caused by: Again I feel I have attributes that fall into both light-cool and light-warm and I want to pick the best red tone with highlights, I would love to go almost ginger or light copper with a few blond highlights, can I pull it off and what colors to pick warm or coll?

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Pick neutral colors. Those work best when you fall between the warm and cool on the spectrum. You could really go either way for colors but neutrals like dark auburn would look great on you.

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